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Poll: Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld Episode 2 Discussion

Oct 19, 8:22 AM

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Finally, Alice puts back on her knights armor. It's about time. Goblins make their return his season...ugh. Alice's fighting skills are still sharp this season even with one eye. Not bad. I think she fits much better as a knight warrior in her character role.

About time Asuna showed up again in the real world.
Oct 19, 8:27 AM

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Goblins attack.

Father (leader of village) being stubborn and not escape, but sister suggested to escape. Now the old man who used her in previous ep. blamed on her for attracting goblins. She revealed herself that she became one of the knights. He finally listened to her and instructed the villager to run w. some men to support her.

She finally found a goal to fight, to protect what the two guys fought for in previous season. She used the power to tell goblins to go back.

After fighting, her eyes are not different anymore. They left the place the next day.

To the real world w. Asuna. They are hiding from the attack and trying to figure out who attacks them. Foreign and knows the project? They wants Alice?

Also understood his brain condition. His Haijin status is because he has no "self image" about who he is and no purpose.

ED is nice w. the proper ED clip.
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Oct 19, 9:34 AM
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That's. Finally PoH (Leader of Laughing Coffin) is back!
Oct 19, 9:55 AM
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First of all things; Good God, that ending!! I'm not an ending person myself, but this is the best one this season. LiSA + a beautiful animated ED with feelings in it? Sign me up and let me play it every day!

Hoho, Alice revealing herself to be one of the knights before the people of her village, bold, but everything to save them! When Alice was fighting the Goblins, now that was another beautiful OST.

Can't wait for the next episodes.

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Oct 19, 9:56 AM

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Absolutely incredible episode. Skipped some Alice monologue but we got her Knight Speech so its fine. The ED is absolutely incredible
Oct 19, 10:07 AM

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Man, this ending is so freaking gorgeous, besides the great song sung by Lisa, the animation is beautiful and minimalist, SAO still dazzling me as always.
Oct 19, 10:11 AM

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Good episode.

We got to see Alice in action with her gold knights armor.
Goblins are back.

I love the ED and its visuals.

Oct 19, 10:12 AM

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Really good episode.

Loved all the Alice moments, from her Knight reveal, to her decimating the goblins and eventually forcing them all back with her speech. She's awesome.

The real world plot seems overly convoluted with all these terms being thrown around, if not a little strange too with how Alice can't be ejected externally and other overly specific details. Doesn't it all essentially just boil down to the electric surge blacking out Kirito's mind? Not sure how they plan to solve this, is he just gonna recover with time? It'd be cool if they used another surge to jumpstart his brain. Would be kinda funny too. xD

The ED is incredible, just wow.
Oct 19, 10:14 AM

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A raid on the village huh. Despite the dramatic entrance its sad to see Alice not even get acknowledged by her father. In this case the law really is proving to be more of a leash than anything. Alice's reveal of her identity to the villagers though was just so impressive with her seiyuu's voice and the OST complementing each other perfectly. As impressive as Alice stand was the stand also showed just how determined she was to protect the people dearest to her and her desire to cleanse the shame that came from having served the admin. Asuna's brief intimidation sure was impressive though. Kikuoka's briefing sure provided some interesting info. While the situation is grim its not entirely unrecoverable though the fact that the enemy has back channels with the SDF was a nasty surprise. Kirito's innate sense of responsibility and the power cut imposed by the attack really ended up meeting at the wrong time for sure. Overall an excellent ep that featured a perfect blend of action, determination and world expansion of the underworld. Its so nice to see Alice in her knight armour again.
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Oct 19, 10:20 AM

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Very good episode, Asuna is here, she trully loves Kirito.
The ending is so great.
Oct 19, 10:30 AM

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Kirito is basically living nightmares on repeat and the attack is possibly an inside job black op.

All he wanted to do was get some money for college...
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Oct 19, 10:31 AM

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And as always great effects and music. Story is going prettny nicely too.
Oct 19, 10:34 AM
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Great ep.

Loved seeing Alice back wearing her armor and defending all the villagers. Things are getting interesting on the other side with Asuna and co.

The ED was beautiful, loved it.

Very much looking forward to the next ep.
Oct 19, 10:35 AM

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Alice's Intregity Knight flex immediately shut everyone up xD

Lelouch0202 said:
The real world plot seems overly convoluted with all these terms being thrown around

I had to pause and replay some parts,which was honestly kinda annoying. Aside from that another solid episode.
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Oct 19, 10:41 AM
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I was a little bit worried because of the end of the previous episode, cause i thought that the Rulid Village was totally on fire, but Alice saved everyone's day. I also liked the scene where Alice took off that thing from her eye and it was red.
Well, how about real life. It was interesting to follow what was happening on the Ocean Turtle and it is nice that we get now some kind of info about it. It was also time to see Asuna again and it`s kinda cute how Asuna was holding Kiritos hand cause she`s so worried about him. <3 Maybe it would be time to Asuna go to underworld soon?
Now i am just waiting for the next episode and i wanna see what will those gunpeople gonna do??
Plus the ending song had so pretty art style!
Oct 19, 10:46 AM

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This is really going great, loving it. Alice finally revealed that she is a intregity knight to the village and fought those goblins. I'm really liking Alice in this part. Also that last scene before the ed, looks like Asuna is gonna appear in the game soon.
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Oct 19, 10:47 AM

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Alice was a badass this episode and i loved it!
Oct 19, 10:56 AM
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I didn't really understand the real world plot. Without spoiling and using only info from this episode, could someone explain it?
Oct 19, 10:59 AM

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manugarciac said:
I didn't really understand the real world plot. Without spoiling and using only info from this episode, could someone explain it?

Bad guys want to steal Alice.

- who are they
- why are they doing this

^ this is gonna be explained later

What else is there to understand?
Oct 19, 11:02 AM

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Alice is an awesome character! The best character by a mile

She alone can make this enjoyable

Also, it's nice to see that Reki Kawahara has learned from his mistakes, as Alicization is heads above the rest of the series.

If only he can learn to make a good villain now

And as already said, the Ending is incredible!
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Oct 19, 11:05 AM
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it feels like the quality of the animation and art dropped slightly from the previous season... am i the only one thinking that or are there others who agree with me
Oct 19, 11:16 AM

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Alice - new goblin slayer :D
But well this season regained it's quality after ruined last season. I like it so much can't wait for another episode.
Oct 19, 11:17 AM

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Vector is truly fucked up. Seems like they're gonna skip his backstory where he
but oh well

can't wait to see
Asuna animated though

And man the art is absolutely amazing if only the animation can keep up
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Oct 19, 11:20 AM

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So is Asuna gonna join in? If she does I doubt she'll find Kirito immediately..

Alice standing up there and beating these goblins or whatever was sick ngl

I find the whole overworld situation way too farfetched... The attackers aren't terrorists, they seem to have at least one expert and figured out where the team is already. They took over everything except this sub control room? Does sound like it.
Then Kirito is also stationed up there? But the attackers aren't able to go to them? Why?
Maybe my IQ is too low to watch this. Maybe the telling is just bad. Either way, I have these questions.

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Oct 19, 11:21 AM

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that ED is beautiful

so I guess Asuna gonna dive into the underworld eh
how about Alice feeling toward Kirito later?
Oct 19, 11:21 AM

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Great first half when Alice show the entire village who the boss. Boring second half on info dump regarding the whole situation.
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Oct 19, 11:23 AM
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ok how convenient that the only way to extract the artificial intelligence of Alice is to go to the underworld too lol so they ye they gonna fight there eh

so Kirito short circuited lol

the character design drawings are good and also the digital colors/effects but damn there is no sakuga fights so far
Oct 19, 11:33 AM

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Alice's revelation as an Integrity Knight was bloody amazing and the way she called Amayori to wreck havoc just about topped it for me really! Awesome little "Senbonzakura" moment too, she's really at the top of her game no matter how you look at it. Damn, those eye color changes though, was she controlling it herself or something?

And back to the real world for the 2nd half. Had to replay certain expositions a few times but I'm still a little unsure on the structure of this turtle base more so than anything else I suppose. I get that they don't want to go around destroying stuff but they clearly seem to have a grasp on the surroundings so it's a little baffling why they aren't pushing a tad bit more to ensure a victory of theirs. Also, weren't they close to getting shot in Part 1's finale, so how come they're all of a sudden in stalemate now.

Poor Kirito, he's been through a lot and this current state of his goes to show that. Asuna into the Underworld seems to be rapidly approaching, whoo-hoo! Dat ost with the rebel leader though...

Awesome ED right there, by the way! Visual-wise, it's an absolute treat but you really can't put LiSA out of the equation here can you? Definitely one of my top ED from the season and franchise alike. And similarly with the Op too!
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Oct 19, 11:48 AM

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Another surprisingly good episode

I like this season so far
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Oct 19, 12:01 PM

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Lmao, Kirito's brain literally got turned off by a power outage. Dude's breakers tripped.

Better, but the antagonists, like that annoying fat fuck, always, always feel so cheap. Like a caricature, not unlike some redneck hating on black people or gays.

Can't say I'm surprised Kirito is being shoe-horned into the hero role again, and everything is going to occur in the underworld.

SAO is again starting pretty well, but I can't help but doubt it'll last.

Oct 19, 12:04 PM

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Oh man, when the villain goes 'hmph' not once but twice, you know shits about to get serious.

Oct 19, 12:06 PM
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As much as I like Asuna, I just want more Alice

I hope Asuna isn't going in there to steal the new best girl's screen time...but yeah she definitively going to :(

Half of the epi was on the real world but I guess that was necessary to assert what is going on. Still. Need. More. Alice
Oct 19, 12:11 PM
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Kayanons performance was splendid, I'm rewatching that monolouge part over and over
Oct 19, 12:11 PM

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I hope Asuna doesnt go in here. like. Let other characters have a role, like thats what made pt 1 so amazing. Eugeo was the perfect one and we had no Asuna intervention.
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Oct 19, 12:13 PM
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God, that ed was incredible!
Still waiting for the epic fight!
Oct 19, 12:15 PM

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Goblin Slayer would be proud.
Oct 19, 12:28 PM

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I hope Kirito won't stay AFK that much otherwise he will get banned.
Oct 19, 12:44 PM

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I loved this episode, especially the first part. The second part touched me even though I already knew it. How nice is when Asuna bullied Kikuoka, she should do it more often! xD
Amazing ending, both visually and to listen. LiSA did an awesome job, but A1-Pictures did an amazing job too!
Oct 19, 1:06 PM

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I feel like Asuna is going to dive now
Oct 19, 1:21 PM
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The episode was good but man I hope we get longer fights because the animation is top notch. Also the ED was splendid.
Oct 19, 1:56 PM

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I’m surprised they’ve gone so long without showing us

The ocean turtle and fight scenes were pretty disappointing ngl, reading volume 15 had me hype af for Alice to save the village, but it was a bit meh in anime.
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Oct 19, 2:38 PM
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I'm liking this a lot more than the previous season for some reason I cannot quite explain at this point.
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Oct 19, 3:00 PM
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holy crap I got the chills Alice revealed herself as a integrity knight, feels bad for Asuna and that ending song is just amazing
Oct 19, 3:05 PM

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I'm really in love with the ed its so beautiful.

Alice was gorgeous as ever, also the animation was top tier.

Asuna is more damaged than Kirito himself such a good girl.
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Oct 19, 3:16 PM

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The Golden Goddess strikes again to protect Rulid Village so no need to call Goblin Slayer. It seems like the who invaded the ocean turtle have found a way to control the Alice program.
Oct 19, 3:27 PM

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Alice back in armour, that's a win! Loved how she gave that speech about being an Integrity Knight and everyone did listen to her. She managed to make the goblins (and orcs?) retreat.

Finally we get to see more of the real life side of the story, how the situation is there. They seem to be quite in a pinch themselves. Only a matter of time when Asuna will join that world, cause she's been looking at that spare machine for many times now..

Edit: That ED is just beautiful! So fucking good!

FMmatron said:
Alice's Intregity Knight flex immediately shut everyone up xD

Lelouch0202 said:
The real world plot seems overly convoluted with all these terms being thrown around

I had to pause and replay some parts,which was honestly kinda annoying. Aside from that another solid episode.

I am actually glad I am not the only one that has to pause and replay parts, I can get so lost with the terms that SAO uses. Fate is another franchise where I have to do that often.
Oct 19, 3:47 PM

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Yo that animation on the ED is amazing.

It's that time of the year again :)))))))))
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Oct 19, 3:49 PM
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It was a good episode, though she should have killed all the goblins when she had a dragon to toast them with. After watching Game of Thrones season 8 I'm afraid I'll never get to see a dragon being used right.

I forgot what was the matter with Alice's eye. There was the pain that came with breaking the command, but why did the image in the eye disappear now?
Oct 19, 4:53 PM

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I nearly forgot how strong Alice was until I saw her annihilating the goblins.

More outside which I didn't expect. It seems that they aren't going to get help anytime soon.
Oct 19, 5:12 PM

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Alice being badass and finally with both eyes (I hate eye-patches). Asuna being cool threatening Kikuoka again. Best girl. <3 Looks like she'll dive into Underworld soon, can't wait for that. Can't wait to see her new outfit. <3 It's shown too briefly in the opening.

Ending is nice. I don't like how Alice seems to care so much about Kirito, while she knew him how long before he became a vegetable? 1 day? That's totally LOL when compared with Asuna's/Eugeo's time spent with Kirito and I can't accept that she cares about him so much, it's totally fake to me.
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