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How many hours do you spend watching anime ?

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Oct 19, 7:29 PM
Joined: Nov 2018
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I've averaged at least 4 hours a day since I joined last November, nearly coming up to 60 days
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Oct 19, 9:41 PM

Joined: Aug 2011
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I usually watch 2-4 episodes a day, so I guess that works out to around an hour on average. Though sometimes it's more or less, depending on my mood and what else I have to do on a particular day.
Oct 19, 9:49 PM

Joined: Mar 2019
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I watch around 3 hours a week, but spend a lot more time looking at memes. Used to watch a lot more, seems like a trend in this thread.
Oct 20, 1:12 AM
Joined: Oct 2019
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Well 4 hour.It depend on mood and time.
Oct 20, 1:17 AM
Joined: Sep 2018
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This October:
Averaging 12 episode/day.

Generally 6-8 episodes/day.

I know anime watching is getting out of control nowadays. So, I am thinking about shrinking the allocated times.

BUT in off days I have records of watching 30 ONE PIECE episodes back to back.

So, no compromise about non-stop anime watching on my off days.
Oct 20, 1:19 AM

Joined: Apr 2016
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Currently, I watch maybe 1 or 2 hours a day, every few days. I don't watch everyday unless I'm ploughing through a series, in which case I watch for at least 2-3, maybe 4 hours a day.
Oct 20, 1:34 AM
Oct 20, 1:56 AM

Joined: Oct 2019
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3-4 hours a day? is that a lot or does people watch more?
Oct 20, 4:34 AM
Joined: Mar 2019
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I never watch Ongoing anime so I wait till the anime I'm more interested in it's finished and binge the whole season in 1-2 days (around 4 to 8 hours in total). With anime I feel less passion I just watch max. 10 eps when I feel like watching it.

Special Note: I've been watching anime for decades.
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Oct 20, 5:00 AM

Joined: Jul 2017
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I haven't been watching for a while too busy on reading manga's, manhwa, webtoons and other stuff. But if I have some time I watch about 1-3 episodes a week
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Oct 20, 5:04 AM
Joined: Apr 2019
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Umm... It's different on different days. But on an average, it should be around 2 hours on weekdays and 4-5 hours on weekends
Oct 20, 7:25 AM

Joined: Oct 2015
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Mine's highly inconsistent. It can be up to 3-4 hours some days and none other days. Usually none as of late.
Oct 20, 8:39 AM

Joined: May 2019
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4 hours on weekends and 2 hours and weekdays.and 2-0 eps depending on the exam i'm taking
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Oct 20, 10:22 AM

Joined: Oct 2014
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On average I watch around 2 hours of anime per day. On weekends sometimes I watch 5+ hours in a day, but I'm not a hardcore binger.
Oct 20, 10:54 AM

Joined: Sep 2016
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Animator4life said:
If you ask me ... In average 12hrs a day ( it can be less or more hrs, it mostly depends on anime and mood). So what about you ?

12 hrs a day on average is a LOT. Do you have a job or go to school or something? That sounds achievable if you don't do either of those.

On average, I would say 1-3 episodes a day.

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Oct 20, 10:56 AM

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Oct 20, 10:59 AM

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Normally 1.5 hours or less a day, I have a hard time sitting still enough for a marathon, and I have other things I need to do too, like games, drawing...not school of course.
Oct 20, 12:10 PM

Joined: Nov 2017
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0-2 hours each day on average, i'm terrible at binge watching series.
Oct 20, 12:16 PM
Joined: Mar 2018
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When I'm on the mood to watch something, I can easily watch more than 16 hours a day, but sometimes I don't watch anything for a whole month too.
Oct 20, 12:19 PM
Joined: May 2016
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i watch anime for 5mins every night.
Oct 20, 12:26 PM

Joined: Mar 2018
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Per day? 40 to 60 minutes at the most. Weekends sometimes one and half hours but often only one episode.

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Oct 20, 12:36 PM

Joined: Jun 2016
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If I was watching anime like when I did back in 2016-17 I would have already completed over 500 for real. but nowadays only 3 episodes per day max.
Oct 20, 12:52 PM
Joined: Sep 2019
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I usually watch about 6-8 hours on a weekday and 3-4 on school days, if I'm in the mood. Sometimes I just wanna watch ytube and read other people reviews on MAL to keep me entertained, tho
Oct 20, 12:58 PM

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When I have a time, like there's no college schedule upcoming, or holiday, I can watch around 10-15 hours (or 2-3 anime series with 12eps x 24mins length). But, if I got any activities, it would take around 4-5 hours (or 1 season with 12eps x 24mins length).
Its crazy right? ;-;

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Oct 20, 1:23 PM
Joined: Oct 2017
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Sometimes none! But usually 1-2 hrs a day. 3-6 hrs on weekends
Oct 20, 1:33 PM
Joined: Aug 2017
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it depends on the mood and the anime, but usually i watch 1-2 episodes per day, i call "a lot" when i pass 5-10 episodes a day
Oct 20, 1:33 PM

Joined: Sep 2017
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I can't really watch much anime during the weekdays because I got highschool and work. On the weekends, I like to do other things such as play games first since I can't really do it anymore on the weekdays, so if anything I only get to watch 1 episode or 2 per week. HAha
Oct 20, 1:38 PM
Joined: Aug 2018
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Earlier it was around 3-5 hours.
Nowadays its around 1hour.
Oct 20, 1:43 PM

Joined: Apr 2019
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1 hour at school days, at weekends 2 hours
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Oct 20, 1:50 PM
Joined: Aug 2019
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Basically, I don’t sleep, I just watch anime or read manga. I use my timeline of sleep for watching anime. So, I sleep only 2/3 hours. I watch anime for 6 hours. In the weekends, maybe more. I admit is not good but I live and breath anime.
Oct 20, 2:17 PM
Joined: Jan 2017
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I go to an amazing school where we are allowed to use massive tvs and projectors during breaks so my friends and I watch anime at school and at home... so about 10 hours on a weekday and 15~16 hours on weekends
Oct 20, 3:21 PM

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Recently (this year) only up to 2.4 hours (6 episodes) at a time. I need to watch for longer than that to meet my goal.

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Oct 20, 3:24 PM

Joined: Dec 2018
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If it's just on a daily basis then not that much. 2 hours at most usually unless I am purposely trying to finish something. I read way more than I watch tv.

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Oct 21, 1:42 AM

Joined: Oct 2008
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Gone were the days of my high school vacation, where I'd binge a two cour anime in one day, sleep for like two hours, and then start the next one lmao.

Now I spend probably around 2 hours a day, but not everyday. Adulting is hard. I just wanna curl up in bed and watch my husbandos gfdi, but I gotta make a living TuT

Lately though since I've been watching anime with my mom, we usually watch an average of 3 episodes per night - maybe more if we're super engaged with the story, though the maximum number of episodes we've watched on a weeknight is 5 episodes. On the weekends, we can finish a 1 cour anime in its entirety.
Oct 21, 2:41 AM

Joined: Aug 2013
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I was watching a lot when I was younger, but theres so many shows to watch that it feels unsurmountable. Occasionally I watch more than a few episodes a day.

I also watch during lunch break like 2-3 episodes at 1.5x speed, just so I can keep my pace. Also comedy anime are even more ridiculous when everyone speaks at breakneck speed. I'm always thinking of Manzai comedy when I'm doing that.
Oct 21, 3:30 AM

Joined: Aug 2018
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A few hours a day but 15h+ during marathons
Oct 21, 3:45 AM
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I don't know actually.
And frankly... I don't think I want to know. o-o
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Oct 21, 4:31 AM

Joined: Jun 2019
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it depends on the anime if i have alot of anime episode,then i will watch it all
Oct 21, 4:40 AM

Joined: Feb 2018
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Some days its 12, some its 6, usually an hour a day because I'm head over in schoolwork this year.
Oct 21, 6:30 AM

Joined: Oct 2017
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Maybe three hours a week, since I keep up with the weeklies and haven't started any older ones in a while.

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Oct 21, 7:07 AM
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Joined: Aug 2015
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No more than 3 hours. Usually just an hour and half.
Oct 21, 7:19 AM

Joined: Jan 2017
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6-7 hours a day, when I enjoy the stuff I watch and currently I enjoy it a lot.
Oct 21, 7:57 AM
Joined: Nov 2018
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I don't really watch anime on weekdays, I try to avoid that. But if I do then 1-2 hours on weekdays and 4 on weekends.
Oct 21, 9:49 PM

Joined: Jun 2016
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averaged out over the years less than an hour a day
Oct 23, 6:58 AM
Joined: May 2009
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Depends on the day. But on average I can finish a 13 Episode series in one sitting.
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