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Oct 17, 3:17 AM
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Imo Rewinding City was the best D. Gray Man Arc.
Of course it's barely continue the main plot expect of introducing Miranda Lotto, but the great genre mix between Horror, Mystery, Dark Fantasy and Drama maked it to the best Arc imo.

Do you feel the same?
Oct 17, 3:22 AM

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Rewinding City was by far the best arc of the beginning of the series (the other arcs were good too, btw). It introduced Miranda, the Noahs went into action for the first time, bringing more mystery to the series, we got to see more of Allen and Lenalee together, and introduced Lavi at the end of the arc.
But, in my opinion, the arcs that were adapted from the beginning to the end of the second half of the first anime (Fallen One, Edo, Noah's Ark and Black Order Invasion) were easily the peak of the manga.
Oct 17, 6:02 AM
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