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Poll: Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Episode 2 Discussion

Oct 13, 3:17 PM

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LOL i didn't expect this!
I thought Iruma's gonna summon a dark divine dragon as his familiar but it turns-out he summoned another devil! quite clever! aaaaannnd it's none other that Kalego! lolz
Oct 13, 5:12 PM

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There's the hint of certain Idol in these two episodes, last week was holding a paper and now was on it, will we see her in this adaptation?
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Oct 13, 6:01 PM

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this show is ADORABLE, i'm dead watching it. what a surprise, i had no idea this was even coming out and i'm so glad i gave it a shot
Oct 13, 7:08 PM

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The familiar thingy was hilarious, that was a rather interesting outcome all in all. Basically everyone who dares pick a fight with Iruma ends up having their asses handed back to them in amusing ways, even if he doesn't will it.

I'm curious about the blond girl that has the hots for Iruma, she doesn't seem to be mentioned much eh?
Oct 13, 8:56 PM
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That was so funny! Did not see the summoning of his teacher as his familiar coming until just before it happened. Also LOL’d at the fact that the teacher and the grandfather are old rivals, and GG is the one who made him use that cutesy training demo, lmao. Laughed again at the end when they showed the black cat & broken mirror again, and how it foreshadowed that teacher having a really bad day!
Oct 14, 4:50 AM

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HAHA I love how Demon Grandpa Sullivan just took care of Iruma, like he never cared about his wellbeing, especially towards Iruma himself, still being pretty much a pushover. First steps of a parent I guess.

First steps in school, and a necessity: summoning familiars. While Asmodeus's one was flashy, Iruma's one...was his own teacher...WOW HAHA! Didn't think that he and Sullivan were rivals, but it definitely felt like instant karma.

New girl Clara seems that usual school weirdo... definitely there's some quirk to her.

Looks like Iruma is in for more trouble that lies ahead. Simply can't wait.
Oct 14, 12:09 PM

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el_morris said:
There's the hint of certain Idol in these two episodes, last week was holding a paper and now was on it, will we see her in this adaptation?

I actually like all original content that anime have. That content is really well done, and it actually develop characters and universe even a little bit.
Oct 14, 7:06 PM
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Hahaha, I didn't expect that. The explanation of why Iruma invoked Professor Kalego makes sense to me 😂.
The familiar beast of Asmodeus is great 👌.
Oct 14, 8:47 PM

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Something must be wrong with me. This series is supposed to be hilarious, but I just don't find it funny at all.
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Oct 15, 8:56 PM

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thoughts on episodes 1 and 2:

this anime is wholesome

the scenario is almost the same as Rosario Vampire, but this seems to be less trashy so far

I like this fox / cat girl and Clara
Clara looks like she's going to be fun
In preview she has a pitchfork, and ofc she has ram horns. A genki Western demon?

Best girl is still Iruma-kun though
I'm too attracted to Iruma-kun already, he's just too cute
Oct 16, 11:45 AM
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This anime feels like the early 2000s anime which I LOVE! Also rip Iruma's teacher lmao
Oct 16, 5:32 PM

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I think this is gonna one of my top openings of the season. THIS IS PRETTY GREAT... THE ANIME IS TOO, This is looking like it's gonna be a whole lot of fun off of just the first two episodes, and the new girl is looking like she's gonna be wild next episode, I'm excited.
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Oct 16, 7:01 PM

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lol I cant turn my head away from this anime at all. It's so fun, hilarious, and lol all the time. Azz kun especially but also the other characters and their moments.

Iruma is a great lead too, I love how he's a push over with all these epic stats and dodge moves and all. Also the way things get is interpreted by the classmates. Fun.
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Oct 16, 11:49 PM
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I enjoyed it , even my Bf and he does not like anime so much! We laughed so hard.. it had this nostalgic feel about it what makes it great also.. i read the manga a little and i have high hopes for this one.
Oct 17, 9:35 AM

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I can't stop laughing ^
i didn't laugh at anime so much since Asobi
Oct 17, 12:45 PM
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LMAO, Professor Snape just Yamcha-ed himself.
Oct 18, 6:27 AM

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damn i cant stop laughing when iruma summon that sensei as familiar..

Oct 18, 8:14 AM
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Oh my god I was in the university library watching the episode but I have to contain the laugh when the summon started XD. I kind glad the explanation of the summon and their differences between the demons and humans. Now Kulago is a cute little bird familiar of Iruma for one year XD. Great episode for me.
Oct 18, 10:11 PM

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This show actually continues to impress me, it's a lot of fun
Oct 18, 11:39 PM
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This episode made this anime something I am going to stick around to watch. There were a lot more laughs in this episode, and even though we only get to see a little bit of Clara, her introduction is exciting for me.

That shrieking alarm clock was hilarious, but so disturbing. I think I will enjoy the rest of the episodes now.
Oct 23, 3:37 AM

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Wow. I can't get over Iruma summoning Kalego as his familiar. I can tell already that Clara's going to be quite a handful.
So good.
Oct 24, 5:03 PM
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Anyone else think the last demon king was a human or a human demon mix?
Oct 26, 12:39 PM
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Iruma summoned the teacher Becouse he's humen and has no magic power and the summons circle was the teachers seal lol so it reversed/bounced back at him .
Oct 31, 7:11 PM

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Demons summon familiars, future demon king summon demons
Nov 23, 10:31 AM

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That was pretty funny when Sensei had a little bad luck.
Dec 2, 7:02 AM

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it's strange, this anime created me mixed opinions, on the one hand it is an anime filled with ideas from other old series like rosario + vampire, it doesn't do anything new, but I can't say this is bad, it's really pretty good
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