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Oct 11, 2019 3:10 PM

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Ya know what? Imma try this out too;
I could get some interesting feedback from it
Since I'm in more than 5 clubs already, might as well create this.
Fairly new to this, so I just hope everything is correct
and really easy to understand.

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1. They are going to be +1 (yet).
2. Applies to any edition I participate in, unless stated otherwise.
3. Use spoiler to show me the slip; It's hard to dig in blogs and forums to find them.
4. You can request 1. BUT you can add another slip if you show me three (3) cards made by me, with your name on it.
5. Please, write your full username in format below, and if you change it on MAL, hmu to change it on your card too.

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1 - - - 2 - - - 3

4 - - - 5 - - - 6

7 - - - 8

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[size=85]❖ [b]Full Username[/b]:
❖ [b]Deliver in[/b]: [please, link you delivery destination]
❖ [b]Cards by me[/b]: [show me cards made by me, with your name to get +1 slip with basic one (1) slip; otherwise delete this segment]

❖ [b]Slip β„–[/b]:
❖ [b]Second slip β„–[/b]: [only if you showed cards; otherwise delete this segment]
❖ [b]Comment[/b] [optional, if you want to say anything][/size]
Post the format
β–Ί HERE β—„
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