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Poll: Kabukichou Sherlock Episode 1 Discussion

Oct 18, 1:03 PM

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>deduction rakugo

Pretty strong start, classic characters like Lestrade and Jack were perfectly mixed with the Kabukichou locals and peculiar atmosphere. Solid key animation and chara design. If the story keeps being decent this could be a real little gem.
Oct 18, 11:50 PM

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I hope future eps slow down the pace a bit.
Oct 20, 9:38 PM

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It was ok, nice character designs and animation, i hope it slows down a bit next episode.
Oct 22, 5:59 AM

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Certainly a peculiar start, but a good one nonetheless. Entertaining, humourous, with mystery thrown in there as well. This should pan out quite well.
Oct 26, 8:55 AM

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Not bad so far, let's see
Oct 26, 2:35 PM

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what was up with that final scene in bed.

Moriarty is cute, watching for him.

Also i kind of love that gay couple they walked in on.
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Nov 9, 3:08 AM
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First,i think this shows will shown detective who inspirated from sherlock holmes

But,everything is copied from the novels
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