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Oct 9, 1:10 PM

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How would you define a "Masterpiece" Anime?
Name some underrated Anime that you think are a masterpiece.

Thank you :)
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Oct 9, 1:14 PM
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Well, with the World Masterpiece Theater anime it's literally in the name so who could argue with that? They're all obscure and therefore underrated so there you go.

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Oct 9, 1:16 PM

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If it blows be away by its sheer quality or personally resonates with me in some way.
Oct 9, 1:18 PM

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This is such a hard question to answer.

For me personally...

A decent chunk would be how well the voice actors portrayed the characters... how good the sound/animation/artwork/etc worked well together,
and then besides that, it could have all of those things and I still hate it, it would really boil down to how much I enjoyed it overall.

I don't think any of the shows I have rated 9/10 are underrated either. :<
Oct 9, 1:22 PM

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A masterpiece anime would be something like this:
Oct 9, 1:23 PM

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lol that made me chuckle. Well played!

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Oct 9, 1:26 PM

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Anything that I rated a 10/10 is a masterpiece to me
Oct 9, 1:29 PM

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If it has ecchi, a harem and an OP protagonist then it's a masterpiece.
If it's not hentai it's bad.
Oct 9, 1:32 PM

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An anime that was pieced by a master.
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Oct 9, 1:34 PM

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Mariothedog said:
If it has ecchi, a harem and an OP protagonist then it's a masterpiece.

Okay, Thats some interesting definition. :D
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Oct 9, 1:34 PM

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Pretty much, I just want more and ignor the feeling of food hunger and the need to go to the bathroom.

As long as I enjoy it and got that feeling it's a masterpiece in my view.
That's why I got both trash and non trash very highly scored.
Oct 9, 1:37 PM

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Masterpieces animes doesn't exist.
Oct 9, 1:39 PM

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A series that not only keeps me completely invested as a viewer but impacts me on an emotional level.
Oct 9, 1:46 PM

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4d chess play right here
Never thought I would see a hentai with 7.91 rating.
Oct 9, 2:28 PM

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mmm yeah, the cover looks like a masterpiece

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Oct 9, 2:32 PM
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oh wow that is peak humanity and that goes to my list now
Oct 9, 2:56 PM

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Pick one.

Anime as an art form is inherently degenerate and the idea that it could ever produce something flawless is just silly. At best it can serve as a mediocre form of entertainment and at worst, well, I'm sure you shameless weebs are already more than familiar with the worst, so let's not go into details. Gotta have some class, you know. Something you don't see a lot of in anime.
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Oct 9, 3:33 PM

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Synchronisity said:

4d chess play right here
Never thought I would see a hentai with 7.91 rating.

On MAL, it actually is the highest scoring of its genre (thanks to episode 2) for the time being.

deg said:

oh wow that is peak humanity and that goes to my list now

Definitely peak humanity since it has MILF action.
Oct 9, 3:37 PM

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This is what I call a masterpiece. 10/10
Oct 9, 4:13 PM

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Has to have good character development , good soundtrack , decent story that follows through to the end and remains consistent. Also animation quality but I don't worry about that too much.
Oct 9, 4:32 PM
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I would say an anime that I go back and watch scenes from consistently and have rewatched more than twice because I liked it so much. Good examples of this are death note, pokemon(indigo), my hero academia and Tokyo ghoul.

Edit: I just read the name underrated anime I think for me tanaka lives a listless life and possibly Charlotte
Oct 9, 4:42 PM

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If it's a manga created by Chopin, Metalica or Bob Dylan, and drawn by Chaplin or Asimov ... Wait ... What?
Oct 9, 4:44 PM
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A masterpiece would be a favorite of mine, obviously.
Oct 9, 5:19 PM

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If it's a Cute Girls Doing Cute Things show then it's masterpiece
Oct 9, 5:22 PM

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Amazing start, amazing halfway, and AMAZING ending. Sadly I can only think about 2-3 anime that have been able to do that.

Most anime start off good and fall off. Some start of shitty but then get good. And others are good but the ending is absolute trash.
Oct 9, 5:23 PM

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I... like it!

I mean everything is so subjective why don't I just call the things I liked the best masterpieces. Nothing wrong with that.
Oct 9, 5:27 PM

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In one of two ways:

1st it offers the best in representing it's genres.

2nd goes above and beyond all criteria you may have set for what makes a good anime.
Oct 9, 5:33 PM

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For me a masterpiece would be an anime that is well received by the audience and critics alike and that has stood the test of time.

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Oct 9, 5:35 PM

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When I give it a 10 out of 10. That’s how I know the anime is a masterpiece.
Oct 9, 5:36 PM

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its the anime that get me fapping the most
Oct 9, 6:44 PM
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Well the term itself is subjective and everyone has their own criteria. For myself, here are a list of bullet points that I think would generally earn an anime that title:

1) It takes risks and doesn't just play by the book.
2) It has its own unique plot, tone, voice, or message. It doesn't feel generic.
3) It has a clear and structured plot. Episodes don't just follow the everyday lives of the protagonists.
4) No wasted episodes. Every episode moves the plot forward and feels important.
5) Cast of characters is extensive, diverse, and important. The world doesn't revolve around the MC.
6) Minimal usage of CGI if any at all. Music enhances the emotion of the scene.

Most of the anime I consider masterpieces are already critically acclaimed and well known so no need to mention them. The only one I can think of that everyone else seems to hate is Shakugan No Shana III.
Oct 9, 7:21 PM

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Defining a medium where the subjective experience is one of the most key aspect of it means that you'll never get a concensus on this question mate.

By my own criteria, even if I gave 10/10 to an anime, this doesn't mean I'd would consider it to achieve masterpiece status.
Doesn't mean I don't have a few that I could elect right away as such tough ...
Oct 9, 9:41 PM
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Something which got me by surprise, and adds to its meaning everytime I rewatch it.

Something which I misunderstood/overlooked watching first few episodes, but understood later.

Something that makes me do research, search for references and symbolism. Something which was unpredictable, and well above my expectations.

Something which has deep story not only for main character, but for the supporting characters too.

Something which the character did better than my imagination. Something which is able to explain with least episodes without fillers, and something which doesn't have a weak start.
Oct 10, 1:51 AM

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Depth,complex and detailed in story and charatcer, interesting, great cinematography, somewhat original and some personal shit thrown in there.Sadly anime is trash and thus does not have much to write home about.

At least we got Hentai.
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Oct 10, 2:15 AM
Blade Runner

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For me, you need only two things.
1: Resonate with me personally on an emotional and critical level which can be done in a variety of ways from minutia (good world building) to characters that make me want to write 40 page long articles about them.
2: Be so good narratively I can either ignore any flaw it has through the sheer impact the show is giving me, or only find one or two. And I will find those flaws.

Basically it. Sounds easy on paper, but is an extremely hard thing to do.
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Oct 10, 4:59 AM

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When the great council of anime phd professors meet, they officially vote on whether this or that anime is a masterpiece. There's about 7 of them worldwide.
Oct 10, 5:16 AM

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Freshell said:
When the great council of anime phd professors meet, they officially vote on whether this or that anime is a masterpiece. There's about 7 of them worldwide.

Crunchyroll's 'The Anime Awards' don't actually take votes into consideration, it is just the seven of them sweating over which anime were best of that specific year.

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Oct 10, 6:04 AM

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I knew this will definitely be brought up when this topic came about, it's just only a matter of time.

Really enjoyed that one. I highly recommend.
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Oct 10, 6:09 AM

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How to know if something is a masterpiece:
Is it called Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? If yes then yes, if no then no.

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Oct 10, 9:24 AM

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Great artwork, interesting plot, developed characters with whom you can connect with
Oct 10, 8:39 PM
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A masterpiece anime to me would be a show so good that all other anime looks unappealing to me and I’m completely uninterested in starting any new shows afterward. The Promised Neverland did this to me. I couldn’t watch anime for weeks.
Oct 11, 1:56 PM

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An anime which does not have any flaws. In other words, there were no parts in it that you did not enjoy or wanted any differently. I think that's impossible tho, nothing is perfect. But the only thing I rated as a masterpiece (a 10) is One Piece, because of the meaning it holds for me, because it's my all time favorite and I love it more than any other anime that I've ever watched.
Oct 12, 10:21 PM
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when the manga for it is good and the anime follows the manga religiously. or the other way around
Oct 12, 10:32 PM
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Great characters, great plot, characters deaths, and mind-blowing ending.

Example: FMAB.
Oct 13, 3:59 PM

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Something that is both well-made and extremely entertaining or meaningful that leaves you feeling very satisfied.
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Oct 13, 7:29 PM
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An anime that leaves an everlasting positive impression on you.
Watch FLCL. Got it
Oct 13, 7:50 PM

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a piece of master, something you think is amazing i think