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Poll: Ahiru no Sora Episode 2 Discussion

Oct 10, 1:55 PM

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Better then the first episode but them peeping on the girls. That just grosses me out.

Blond guy seem the best guy so far and Madoka
Oct 10, 3:55 PM
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This anime looks good already. Can’t wait for next weeks episode.
Oct 11, 2:35 AM

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Demon Slayers ♤♡◇♧ 鬼滅の刃
Oct 11, 9:11 AM
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This anime continues at a good pace, the challenges have not yet begun and I am already very excited. Sora doesn't know when to give up and that's what I like about him. It is amazing that he makes more than 1000 shots of the ball a day. Momoharu also had a difficult history in basketball, but Sora will change everything. Sora's mother, was a good mother, never discouraged her son, saw opportunities in disadvantages 👌. I liked that about "depth perception."
I love this anime 😁🏀.
Ps: I like Madoka ❤.
Oct 11, 10:00 AM

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Kind of predictable how this whole thing will play out. It's done decently well though I suppose. One thing that I found interesting is that Sora is actually an alpha-male despite showing a lot of characteristics of being a beta-male (short, getting bullied, etc.). He is doing what HE wants to do and not trying to follow the status quo. We get a little bit of Momoharu's backstory, yeah we get it, he's got a reason for turning into the bully, he's still a bully though. Whatever they'll eventually just pretty much ignore what happened in episode 1 I'm guessing, I know I'm probably taking things a bit too seriously. Also, Madoka is way cuter with her hair up, just saying.
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Stream of conscious ramblings.
Oct 11, 9:34 PM
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definately gonna be a lit anime.
Oct 12, 8:03 AM
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The kid is bringing the boys back to basketball
Oct 12, 1:02 PM

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Another good episode. this show's getting more interesting quickly than I anticipated.
Oct 13, 7:45 AM
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This little man has some determination that many shots every day! Woah.
Oct 13, 10:49 AM

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The gang plot needs to get dropped or resolved quickly because its so lame and done so much in animes that there is nothing unique or interesting here with it that I can't get past the feeling of just skipping through it. If only Momo's character development moments didn't happen during those moments :(

Easily, Momo plot is the more interesting and compelling part of this anime.
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Oct 13, 9:03 PM

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NOOOOOOOO IT ENDED! now I gotta wait... Really digging this show, I am excited to see Sora progression, Madoka's and the blonde guy.
Oct 15, 6:57 AM

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A good episode. Some good character development going on, along with school life being fleshed out.
I have a feeling Maru High will show up as a potential basketball rival team down the line.
Wow, seeing a young Momoharu without the croissant on his head through me for a loop. Nice to see he had a similar determination to Sora back in the day. That's something I imagine we'll see reignited pretty soon.
Oct 15, 9:53 PM

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Everyone seemed pretty tropey, but Ep. 2 sold me on Momoharu.

He's giving me those Mitsui and Aomine vibes.

It also looks like Sora and Momoharu are gonna be like a Kuroko and Kagami duo? I'd like to see their friendship/partnership grow at least. :D
Oct 16, 10:42 AM
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It got to be quite good. I enjoyed this episode. Still, character design puts me off though. By the way, when I was at school my classmates and I stared at girls' asses, which is understandable. They got matured over the summer and gained boobs and asses. But to steal a bra it is really creepy and perverted. What will you do with it? Make a collection?
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