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Poll: Z/X: Code Reunion Episode 1 Discussion

Oct 8, 7:21 AM

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It was okay I guess. We got the main girls introduced in the first episode as well as the academy.

I really hope they spend some time developing them as their personalities seems kinda dull. The tiny girl attacking Shuri sure got some guts though. Also, seeing Ayase as the class president, maybe she's going to have an important role this season.
Oct 8, 7:29 AM

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Do I need to watch the other Z/X TV series to understand this one?
Oct 8, 7:48 AM

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what is this?

the art and animation aren't shit?

FUCK... YES....

already found best girl<3
Oct 8, 8:44 AM

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Can you watch this without ignition?
Oct 8, 8:51 AM
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Yes you can. Ignition and reunion it two different anime that are connected just by title.
Oct 8, 9:01 AM

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This is so bad, where are the true Z/X ? the first season was so much better
Oct 8, 9:04 AM

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This starts really bad, the Z/X designs that were one of the main qualities of the first season looks like they have will never show up again.

Oct 8, 9:21 AM
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To be honest.. This anime kinda looks like Date a Live remake. That bothers me a bit but animation looks great. We'll see what is gonna incubate from this.
Oct 8, 11:13 AM
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It's not that I dislike this... But... I liked Z/X because of the first season and yes, I knew this would be different but still confused as to why exactly.
I just wanted to enjoy some more Ignition, was that really too much to ask? ;_;

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Oct 8, 11:25 AM

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Really enjoyed that ,, Super cute girls and some lesbian flirting,Very soft and appealing animation .And even a warrior loli how fun!!!

Glad to see all the Yuri vibes, we need more lesbians in anime .You get 8/10!! I'll will be watching next week!!

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Oct 8, 11:42 AM

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Seriously, they made a knock of from the Ignition series????
Oct 8, 1:05 PM

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It's really the same bunch of Z/X Ignition huh... Azumi, Rigel, Ayase and even Chitose. Glad they kept the same voice actors. I wonder if these events are before/after ignition? At the start of Ignition Azumi and Rigel were already together so maybe before. Perhaps a parallel universe? I'm okay with either nonetheless. Not a fan of the cutesy moe style tbh... but essence is still the same so imma stay for now.
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Oct 8, 2:17 PM

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What is that driving lmao! Making full use of having a humvee i see...

Continuity and stuff is bothering me... I was really hoping for a continuation of where we left off in season 1, cuz it was pretty hype with a lot of escalation. It definitely seems like alternate reality or something, this is annoying. It can't be prequel because Ayase wouldn't be here, and it can't be sequel because Izumi & Rigel are newly introduced to eachother...

The art style is too soft and cutesy for the chaotic world of Z/X, it's messing with my head. (honestly Izumi was actually cuter and Ayase prettier, and even Rigel looked a lot better in original Z/X ignition than this)

I recently rewatched Z/X Ignition cuz i remembered enjoying it, and i did so on the rewatch. The characters, the tone, the progression of the show was all very interesting and fairly unique. There were so many team/ally-switches, politics, so much going on; it was like everyone was trying to find their own way of solving all of the problems. The art style was sleek and purposeful, the themes and tones were cool. I wanted to see what more came of that dude's conquest and the greater faction strife and so on... Even the op/ed were way more memorable.

I'll most likely watch all of this just because, but already not as fond of it sadly.
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Oct 8, 3:54 PM

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I don't know if it is a sort of moe yuri version of Infinite Stratos but I'm watching it. XD
I liked this first episode.
Oct 8, 5:44 PM

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Bruh i didn't even realize this was a sequel or spin off of Z/X ignition hardly remember anything about that( it was 5 years ago) but i guess i can't feel too bad since the extremely cutesy art design with a bit of a serious opening made me confused on what this show actually was.

i didn't hate it guess? Rigel is the pikachu of this world refusing to go into her card she has her own free will damnit not gonna be held down by these Z/X laws!
Oct 8, 6:06 PM

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I enjoyed the 1st episode, I like how there is some serious action to end with, makes the start of next episode rather exciting to see what happens next.

I like Fujima's art being in the ending, always like his Nanoha work.
Oct 8, 7:50 PM

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I don't really like Z/X:IG but this one looks fine to me.
Oct 8, 11:06 PM

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Well that was a bit okayish!...but the ED visual art was extremely gorgeous! i wonder who artist is responsible for the ED visuals???
Oct 9, 6:06 AM

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Okay I barely remember Z/x ignition,I remember watching it as it aired waaay back then

Well enjoyed this first ep.

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Oct 11, 12:58 PM

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This was great! Gorgeous art style, the character designs in particular. After Granbelm last season, I needed another colorful cute girls action anime and this fits the bill alright.

I watched it without knowing there is a "prequel" but people are saying this is basically an alternate timeline type deal so I guess it's fine... Still a little concerned they will gloss over a lot of worldbuilding that was established in the first series, kind of like most Fate spin-offs.
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Oct 14, 4:40 AM

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feels like a Hina Logi with war still going on..

nothing interesting yet. But I'm interested on why the main character suddenly got sick?

will keep watching for now..
Oct 14, 7:25 PM

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Since I can't remember shit on the Z/X original, I am just going to watch this one like a pure new anime series...

Well, it's not bad, quite a bit of questions atm, like why suddenly a school? And apparently the school is already under attack even before school starts... lol

Tho somehow I seem to remember the weird bird-shape eye pupils (suppose to be the "shine" in eyes)... which still looks weird.

Hmmm.... so I wonder if the MC will have some sort of Power-Up Plot ARmor.

Also, the ED has some nice high quality pics that's perfect as PC wallpapers. Except need the NC version to remove the text...
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Oct 14, 8:27 PM

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Well that was top tier garbage.
Oct 15, 2:23 AM
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Stahp that Arifureta CG hummer epidemic spreading...
Awful dialogues but ok action and great ED art. A bit too much happened around the school rip.
Oct 18, 8:21 AM
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.I'm a fan of Ignition and this is not worth waiting for it's like a fan service for some guys

Much better if they continue the first season
Oct 24, 11:41 PM

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They make "Pacts". It says is that they make pacts to fight together. How does this "pact" thing work and why do they need to form them to fight together? What happens in this "pact" and what are both sides getting that the other needs. Is it magical? Can the Human control the person from the other dimension or something? I might have missed something but I doubt it. Someone explain.
Nov 6, 8:37 AM
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So does this series have a male protagonist?