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Oct 7, 7:37 AM

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I have not posted in a message board like MAL for a really long time but I want to make sure it is not too late for me to introduce myself. I’m Shiny-Blue and I like anime and manga a lot. My preference for anime is considerably less now because of my current responsibilities but I try to aim for that balance.

I am still following manga like One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, HunterxHunter (waiting..), Hajime no Ippo, Vinland Saga, and A Trail of Blood (unsettling story). I am picking up One Piece. Most of these titles are good for me because their stories are captivating and hard to put down. I am looking for more manga titles to read.
What titles for you are really hard to stop once you start reading them?

I love fiction books too. I am currently reading the Stormlight Archives by Mr. Sanderson.

I used to play a lot with image editing programs for making avvys and signatures because I like tweaking colorful things and making people happy with their requests, ( are these still popular today like from the past decade?) Now, I often sketch on paper and write stuff reflecting.

Please share me the things how can I contribute to the MAL society.


Oct 7, 7:57 AM

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You sure took your sweet ass time to introduce yourself lol but hey these be the forums.
Oct 7, 2:10 PM

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Hello Shiny-Blue, nice to meet you and welcome to MAL forums

I hope you will enjoy your time here.

Feel free to add me if you wanna talk about Anime, games or whatever ^^
Oct 7, 7:04 PM

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Welcome to the Forums !

I hope that you enjoy your stay here.
Feel free to add me~~

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Oct 7, 8:33 PM

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Yahallo shiny blue ! Wow, you've been here a long time, welcome to the forums now !

Oct 8, 12:12 AM

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Hi aye ShinyBlue, welcome back on MAL! have fun on the forums =)
Oct 8, 5:45 AM

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Hello and welcome to the forums. :)
Oct 8, 11:43 PM

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welcome to the forums!

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Oct 12, 10:33 AM

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Welcome to MAL bro!!!

Oct 12, 9:35 PM

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Hey how's it going?
I like Vinland saga too
Oct 13, 8:30 AM

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Welcome! Enjoy your time here. Took a while to find the forums, eh?
Oct 13, 9:40 AM

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Welcome to MAL and enjoy your stay here :)