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Poll: Africa no Salaryman (TV) Episode 1 Discussion

Oct 8, 9:56 PM

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A pig with a pet pig. What a society. Also Toucan did what to his wife!?

I was expecting this to be a short. Also I wasn't expecting the dirty jokes. This first ep was a bit awkward, but this'll be a nice contrast to the darker Beastars that's also starting this season.

I'll have to remember to watch it when I'm not tired though, with how fast paced it is, and that Funimation quality typesetting doesn't help.
Oct 8, 11:15 PM

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I legit laughed the entire time, this looks like its going to be one of my favourite shows this season
Oct 9, 3:00 AM

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I wonder if that lioness high school girl is the daughter of our lion protagonist.
Oct 9, 7:11 AM

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Society is now made up of animals from Africa told from the perspective of middle aged business men (lion, lizard & toucan). This anime focuses on adult humor in contrast with the kid-friendly character designs. I have to say though, it's just not funny, I didn't laugh even once. There's nothing else going for it either, it's just a straight up comedy through and through. If the jokes don't land then there's nothing.
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Oct 9, 7:13 AM

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This show is a pleb filter, pretty fun.
Oct 10, 6:19 AM

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A fantastic start. I really, really enjoyed it.
The animalistic twist on the modern salary man makes for a unique setting that's been filled with humour.
I'm surprised that it was a full 20+ min episode, I was only expecting 12, but I'm certainly not complaining. I'm sad to see it not rated too well, but hopefully that'll change as time goes on.
Definitely my favourite this season so far.
Oct 13, 3:46 PM

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This show is funny but the subs are terrible. Funi should be ashamed at their localization, felt like I was in the 90s. People probably hate this because they're reading the subs
Oct 14, 12:45 PM
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Why do toucans like school girls? I don't get the point..
Oct 20, 7:20 PM

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Worst episode i've seen this season, i honestly expected more, i was expecting this to be funny in the most absurd way, but i just thought everything was bad and the humor didn't hit once, plus having to hear Zenitsu in annoying tucan form is the worst that could happen, Solid Snake as the Lion was cool though.

4/10 instant drop.
Oct 21, 8:45 AM
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phantomfandom said:
The Lizard is so hot!
the CV is Tsudaken and he is known to have a raspy sexy voice 🤣🤣🤣
Oct 21, 5:04 PM

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Insta-drop. Terrible humor. And that toucan is so annoying.
Oct 25, 9:24 AM
Treasure Hunter

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Nah, definitely not good. The animation shifts were nice (the opening few bits especially), and I'm kinda surprised Toucan didn't grade on me more than he actually did, but the jokes were very one-note. Toucan likes perving on girls. Lion is a nice guy who looks scary. Lizard is... there.

Plus, not a fan of seeing a jackass character who gets away with it because everyone else is just like "welp, that's just how he is".
Actually kinda suprised so many people like it. I didn't hate it or anything, just kinda indifferent.
The voice actors are doing a very good job though, I'll admit that much.
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Nov 3, 1:57 AM

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This got some laughs out of me, but I don't know if I can keep up.;; Also, I feel like Lion was supposed to be our lead and he kinda had his spotlight taken by Toucan, who is kinda a dick.

Enjoy your anime!
Nov 9, 12:29 AM

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Hmmm, wasn't feeling this quite as much as I expected to for some reason. Much more adult humor, which is fine I guess, but eh just wasn't clicking with me. Best part was the mouse mother and child's reaction to lion dude and then the post credit anime schoolgirl with the toast in her mouth parodies. Also, so is lion's wife just randomly confirmed cheating on him with toucan, or was that a joke? Not that it matters in a series like this but that line made me do a bit of a double take, not gonna lie. Felt jarring but then considering the stuff that followed it I guess that's just the tone in general.
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