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Poll: Babylon Episode 3 Discussion

Oct 11, 7:28 PM
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What an amazing episode. What began as a simple detective story became something much more complex. The last minutes of the episode left me in complete shock. That woman and the mayor are dangerous. The city will get out of control. The drug, the suicide drug, ... I had my suspicions, but I still can't believe it. I am looking forward to the next episode. This anime could become one of the top 10 of the season.
Oct 11, 9:04 PM

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I'm not sure about the chief or the politician dude, but at this point I'm betting that the series is going to mainly focus on the development of the MC and not worry as much about the other characters (which is fine if done right). I'm looking forward to what they do with the concepts they've given since they're interesting, but hopefully they are applied to the story in a way so that the story progresses in a natural way (i.e pacing). Overall though, I do think this has the possibility of being amazing, all depends on execution.
Oct 11, 10:00 PM
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crazy, this is misleading, your country legalizes suicide. why did you create an area that has gone crazy, legalizing murder, drugs and rape?
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Oct 12, 3:59 AM

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Anyone having informations on episode 4 release date? Which day should we expect it to come out?
Oct 12, 1:12 PM
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youthful said:
Anyone having informations on episode 4 release date? Which day should we expect it to come out?

It's like vinland saga, 3 weeks after the release of episode 3 will episode 4 be released. As of now, it's probably in two weeks. Need to wait for TV broadcast to catch up.
Oct 12, 1:42 PM

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THICCDADDY1234 said:
youthful said:
Anyone having informations on episode 4 release date? Which day should we expect it to come out?

It's like vinland saga, 3 weeks after the release of episode 3 will episode 4 be released. As of now, it's probably in two weeks. Need to wait for TV broadcast to catch up.

Thank you. I kinda lost track of the weeks passing.
Oct 12, 3:26 PM
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Definitely the best thing from fall season so far. It is the only one with three eps out already though
Oct 12, 4:43 PM
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Hey, Babylon was amazing so far, if you watch those 3 episodes several times youll pick up clues that you had no idea that they were there the entire time. While youre waiting for episode 4. Although just theory i though it might be fun to mention some of the things you might haved missed.

NO SPOILERS just theory

There is something with the Ventilation shaft
During interrogation of Magase Ai, Youll see 2 viewpoints from the shaft, first one coming at 9:08. Second 9:43. Its important to mention that exept one moment you can hear ventilation running entire time. Most notable moment is on 9:33, where Magases Ai attention shifts from Seizaki, onto the shaft. The reason she laught is most likely silly, as the shaft turning off added sarcastic dramatic effect to Seizaki question. I might be overthinking but with this much attention to something simple as shaft, there might be other reason than effect.

How Magase Ai makes people commit suicide
At the end of episode 3 it is revealed that there is drug called nyux that makes you die. The pill is almost certaintly not the way Magase kills people, because you would have to be a moron to take anything digestible from someone youre chasing/interrogating and our characters are better than that. Given that victims never write anything important in will, it is most likely hypnosis. The only victim we see still alive, and already under her spell is ocuda. episode 2 - 20:00. It has to be something close to hypnosis otherwise they wouldnt met at the same tower and jumped at the same time.

you can be pretty sure that the truth is more complicated than this with her able to change??? what if that sly bitch can change into men as well you never know.

Also at the end where seizaki saw her in crowd she wasnt there he, was just imaginating her with her last never before seen form possible being the true one.

I will be grateful if youre willing to share your opinion as well.

Oct 12, 10:10 PM

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If they keep this intensity up it'll get my vote for AOTS (not counting ongoing shows). We'll just see how it plays out. Still, great start!
Oct 13, 7:25 AM

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Well then... a shame about the wait to continue the story, but that's what happens with advanced previews. I just hope nobody forgets about it during the break. I can't wait for it to come back, and to see how the mysteries continue to unravel. I'd say I'm sufficiently invested at this point.
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Oct 13, 9:44 AM

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It took him long enough to remember poor Okuda. I wonder if that new drug has anything to do with making people suggestible or if Ai just needs to be taken out.
Oct 13, 1:26 PM

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This ending was great, Ai is really crazy then

Oct 13, 10:09 PM
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I didn't have strong expectations for this, but wow this is turning out to be extremely good and might end up being something special.

It's really well executed in combining elements of crime drama and mystery with intriguing philosophical themes. The cinematography in, especially in ep. 2, was unreal. I'm loving the political philosophy-infused dialogue that is really exploring tensions in liberalism and the existential questions they are pushing with the utopian/dystopian vision that they are pushing with Shinki is intriguing. This quickly jumped the gun to be my most anticipated series of the season.
Oct 14, 9:43 AM

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Oh man... oh man. This show has taken some real turns over the span of 3 episodes.

I'm hoping this transcends murder mystery thriller into Psycho-Passian, at least surface-level philosophy on life and death. Will Itsuki -- the mayor; excuse me if I'm confusing names -- present an argument for controlling death as a necessary counterpoint to life, valuable in its time for socioeconomic purposes, as Seizaki, a firm adherent to the innate value of life, engages in a battle of psychology and philosophy with him?

There's definitely a way to portray this without painting the mayor as an unsympathetic villain, but the unsympathetic villain route may work too depending on how it's pulled. I suspect some heavy sci-fi or even supernatural elements will creep into the show as we begin to understand Magase's nature and how people are being manipulated into suicide en masse.

I'm really psyched. I haven't seen a good anime mystery/thriller in several years.

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Oct 15, 6:57 AM
Yare Yare Dawa

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These first 3 episodes were fantastic, I'm hooked now. Waiting a few weeks until the next episode hurts a lot, but I feel like re-watching the episodes now and pay attention to subtle hints.

My favorite of this season by far from what I have watched.

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Oct 16, 3:17 AM
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Fantastic so far.
Oct 17, 8:14 AM
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Well the right to die is definitely a real thing, and I don't necessarily think that's wrong per se. I mean if a person for whatever reason really is suffering to the point of finding life too miserable to continue no matter how much help or therapy they get then who are we to prevent them from taking their own lives peacefully?

However, when you're using drugs and whatever strange manipulative abiltiies that Magase Ai seems to have then such a system naturally becomes insanely abusable and can be abused for nothing but evil actions too

It's an interesting premise though. Can't say I've seen a mystery thriller quite like this before

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Oct 19, 10:47 AM

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Damn, this is quite something! A little worried that Ai Magase's whole "becoming someone else entirely" will come to a tame end though but that aside, this is truly quite some thriller that I'm definitely hooked to!

Seeing those people jump off glee and in synchrony plus some really powerful shots there to amplify the scenes was just fabulous! Coupled with this the cinematography from the last episode (and the perfect VA to boot of course), oh boy this might just end up an expected dime! I wasn't expecting anything of this sort one bit but I'm not complaining one bit either, the later episodes better keep this up! Looks like the Detective's fears came to light after all, I wonder how they're going to stop this formidable duo of the mayor and Ai Magase.

One more week from now, it's a good thing I was too busy these days to shorten the wait span lol. Will definitely rewatch bits and pieces before the next episode though, I feel like the moment I lose track of things it'll bite.
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Oct 19, 12:40 PM

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After watching this episode I can truly say the F word. Females are the most fearsome figures in the world. I remember reading a story back in my childhood titled 'Never trust a Lady', which haunts me till date. This plot seems similar to that. How compelling and controlling can a woman be to incite the minds of people around them to commit suicide of their own accord? Truly diabolically mesmerizing.
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Oct 19, 5:47 PM
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Mormegil said:
This show got so silly and over-the-top in the span of three episodes. Should've kept the tone of the first episode.

Agreed. Episode 1 was great, episode 2 started heading in a slightly different but still not bad direction, but I was disappointed with this episode's lack of subtlety. If episode 4 is similar to episode 3, I will drop.
Oct 20, 4:49 AM

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Woof, what a ride that was. Don't think I've been invested in a thriller like this since Psycho-Pass.
At the very least, now I can understand why the title is called so...

Just needs a Jackass King throwing unlimited weapons at people like a dick, and we'll be all set.

Certainly looking forward to more!
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Oct 20, 11:14 AM
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I haven't been in love with a Psychological/Thriller this much since I saw Monster for the first time, about 7 years ago.

Does this make anyone else just as nervous that it is going to be only 12 episodes? I would be heartbroken if it ends at 12 and then never has anything more coming out! q_q
Oct 20, 3:33 PM

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We’re watching the beginning of a modern masterpiece folks. Sucks it’s on prime and that’ll hamper the number of people who watch this but this is fucking amazing. Guess it’ll stay niche. Also, anyone find Magase extremely sexy? Jesus she’s my dream
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Oct 20, 5:32 PM

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Wow, I think those 3 episodes are only behind the first 3 episodes from SNK S3 part 2 of all shows from this year. Really amazing start, and I hope it keeps this quality until the end
Oct 20, 7:10 PM

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It was awesome. How deep this conspiracy goes? Ai Magase, looks like we have an awesome antagonist.

To sum it all up, it is quite interesting. Cannot wait for more.
Oct 21, 4:55 AM

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LTU_EiMs said:
Koito91 said:

If you like Psycho-Pass or Zankyou no Terror, this is def. something for you.

Oh yes Psycho - pass 3 is going to be Amazon exclusive too it seems this season I would need just Amazon account. + Blade of the Important if it's not rushed could be great.

Psych Pass 3...I am sort of dreading it but great news that it will be on Amazon. Amazon has a much better track record by now compared to Netflix when it comes to choosing exclusives. Currently watching Sirius on Netflix and it is pretty dire.

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Oct 21, 11:45 PM
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I was expecting this one to be a wild ride the moment I found out it was from the author of Kado, and the madman delivered. Hopefully, it doesn't go too wild by the end this time.
Oct 23, 2:51 AM

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It might just be me, but it doesn't look like the rest of the Shiniki Initiative was in on the mayor's plan. They look like they just realized that they'd been played for fools. Nomura, especially, looked like that.

Minor nitpick, but, like, if Itsuki wanted to popularize the right to die, why did he have all those people jump off the building? I feel like there'd be a less spectacular way to get the people on your side. The dude went full evil villain when he stretched his arms out like a megalomaniac. Haha.

Anyway, that twist was super well executed and I can't wait for more episodes. Also, I really hope the suicidal people standing on the building was an homage to Ghost in the Shell.
Oct 27, 7:16 PM
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Mormegil said:
This show got so silly and over-the-top in the span of three episodes. Should've kept the tone of the first episode.

yes, i thought so too. Got too silly real fast. That woman was the key since the beginning too, which is interesting.
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Oct 27, 9:22 PM

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Strange that I stumbled upon this series' official PV on YouTube, and I'm now really grateful for that. :)
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Oct 27, 10:51 PM

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When is the new episode going to be out?
Oct 30, 1:41 PM

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this is definitely AOTS
Nov 3, 1:12 AM

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I am definitely HOOKED. This series just gets better and better with each passing episode.

Not gonna be that person that goes "I knew this and that was gonna happen" but I had a strong feeling that the first woman that was seen with Ano and the short-haired woman that saw Fumio before he committed suicide were the same person but in disguise. However, i didn't think that the woman they interrogated plus the two women I mentioned were all the same, I thought Emiko was an entirely different person. It's because they have different body shapes, facial features, etc.

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Nov 4, 12:36 PM

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Ai Magase.

Welcome to the new world.
Nov 4, 9:23 PM
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press F to pay your respects...
Nov 5, 9:21 PM

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I fucking knew the woman was dangerous af.
Nobody one their own senses would want to die. She used some kind of hipnosis and/or drug to make them that way.
Nov 6, 1:15 PM

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According to Mitori, the drug only made people who took it sleep and never be able to wake up again. But people willingly jumping off to their own deaths? That's creepy af and waiting for the supernatural element to unravel itself. It would've been much better if the over-the-top death jumps were replaced by subtle deaths after swallowing the drug and hence would put the emphasis on the new literally drug. But fascinated how the story goes from here onward.
Nov 6, 5:39 PM

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I feel like this is either going to be amazing or a trainwreck

the first three episodes overall actually really scared me.

First is the casual way the election is thrown, but then Itsuki's speech. Eco-fascism is one of my adult nightmares...I could easily see a 1970s dystopian future movie happening in the future irl where it becomes fashionable to commit suicide or government makes death camps for people over a certain age as one of the responses to climate change.
The idea of Shiniki as a neoliberal zone for Big Pharma is kinda surprising, both in its timeliness as an American living through the killer opioid epidemic, but also in that Japanese characters like Seizaki's police friend doesn't seem to have gotten the memo from 2010s America that rushing drugs to market is bad for society, mmmkay?
Nov 11, 7:04 PM

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That was crazy, holy shit!

Neat directing and soundtrack but I think this whole philosophical idea behind 'the right to death' requires some amount disbelief or perhaps that just my own philosophy standing in the way of being able to accept what Itsuki was going on about.

The idea that Ai Magase was able to just brainwash people into taking their own lives is a little too crazy for a show that seems to be grounded in a more realistic modern setting but let's see.

Curious to see how this is gonna proceed from here.
Nov 12, 9:02 AM

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OppaiLover-_- said:
Damn, releasing 3 episodes at once made this so much better, watching episode 3 makes episode 1 and 2 look better in retrospect. Can't wait until episode 4 airs, leaving it off at this point is such a cliffhanger yet at the same time builds up a lot of hype for what's to come.

yeah, this, totally this.
Nov 12, 12:06 PM

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Ho. Ly. Shit. This anime just keeps getting more and more gripping each episode.
A character who drives people into committing suicide...yeah, the woman is a Johan Liebert ripoff.
While I think the plot twist is incredibly fascinating, I feel as though it's a bit...over the top? I mean, so far, this anime was extremely down to Earth, with nothing insane happening, so for it to be revealed that Shiniki's purpose was to legalize suicide is...kinda crazy?
But still, I'm loving this anime. It's strange how so many anime fans complain there's a lack of mature anime, yet this anime doesn't seem to be getting much attention.
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