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Poll: Yuru Yuri, Episode 1 Discussion

Oct 6, 5:22 AM

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Well this OVA was hilarious and now I'm only looking even more forward to the next season.
The first half was really funny and I enjoyed the janken part the most and the scene after that with akari's surprise birthday party was so sweet <3

I wish Akari's sister would share her akari collection with me.

Oct 6, 5:41 AM

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seeing Akari got hype is the most gorgeous thing I've seen this week
Oct 6, 6:17 AM

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OVA was 30 mins long damn
Oct 6, 7:24 AM

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Wasn't it supposed to be released in November?

Lmao more than Akarin herself, her outfit was shining.
Himawari looked at Sakurako as if she was asking for permission from her girlfriend.
Chinatsu's cookies are fearsome.
Akari's wig. I'll pretend I didn't see that. for her sake too.
Maid Himawari was cute.
Sakurako loves Himawari so much lol. And its mutual too. Best ship of this series as always.
Ikeda's tsukkomi was cute.
+1 hyper Akari is so cute. +2 even cuter. +3 and she became dark I loved that too. +4 is crazily lovable. +5 and wow. Someone save her. It's alright Akari you are best yuru yuri girl.
Oh I am glad she got the spotlight she deserves. Great OVA.
Oct 6, 9:28 AM

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A Blu-ray Disc of the OVA was delivered on September 18 to backers who participated in a related crowdfunding campaign.
It's retail sale started on November 13.
Oct 6, 12:03 PM

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so good to see our girls back...had a lot of fun while watching it, definitely missed Yuru Yuri, although Mini Yuri is still on going but not really the same.
Kyouko always with best party ideas, I need to use that in my parties too
Oct 6, 2:29 PM

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This was great. I had a smile on my face during the entire episode. I really missed Yuru Yuri, we need a new season.
Oct 6, 9:52 PM
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They didn't mention any new season for akari!? Mooooo ❜( ” 3 ”)❜

Himawari's voice is the same? I heard that the person who lent him the voice is now happily married.
Oct 7, 9:35 AM

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Gosh, my sides... I lost it when Akari acted like a broken retard in that rock-paper-scissor punishment game. Her VA should get some award for her performance with that. Even Kyoko and Sakurako couldn't handle her lol

And why dafuq is this "Status: not yet aired"? Go home MAL, you're drunk.
Oct 7, 10:12 AM

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was some good shit. the quality was even better than i remember it to be. also, a pleasant surprise to see it being out earlier than it should be, really nice

the scene with the reminiscence of all the previous seasons kinda hit me in the feels. mini yuri is just not enough right now, so look forward to s4

Oct 7, 7:14 PM

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it's been 10 years damn looking bad we had a lot of yuru yuri so this was still a nostiagc treat

was decent until hyper Akari it made me lose my shit i was dying and turns out she was too! lol animation was real good so it sold a lot of the bit as well.

nice twist after all theses years to finally acknowledge Akari
Oct 7, 11:00 PM

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Andres_creig said:
Himawari's voice is the same? I heard that the person who lent him the voice is now happily married.
Himawari's voice actor is Suzuko Mimori.
She got married a few months ago.
She is still active with roles for Revue Starlight (Hikari) and Love Live (Umi) with live events for both confirmed on Nov 3rd, Mid Jan and early July.
She is also currently acting in a stage performance of West Side Story.
Oct 8, 12:36 AM
Hug Addict <3

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If anime time proceeded like real time does then these girls would be in their mid 20s by now. Feelsweirdman

Always nice to see them back though, however briefly it may be. Still arguably the best CGDCT show out there

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Oct 8, 2:58 PM
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Hyper Akari is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in anime.
Ichigo did nothing wrong.
Oct 10, 12:41 PM

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So much waiting for only 30 more minutes of Yuru Yuri... yes, every second worth the damn grief. Happy 10th anniversary 💗
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Oct 10, 6:00 PM

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I wonder how hard it is for the VA to portray Akari going crazy and still having a cute comfy voice.
Oct 11, 7:15 AM

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It was so much better than that borefest 3rd season by TYO. Of course still far from GODa Kobo level.
Oct 11, 11:59 PM

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Kyouko's smile always gets me.
Fun things are still fun.
Oct 12, 12:49 PM

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I NEED MORE. don't they make 10mil yen from the campaign or something
Oct 19, 1:02 PM

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A K-On reference !!! In 2019 !! Wild.

I love these girls so much. I'm glad we still get content. I laughed a lot while watching it.
Also it had some good bits of animation, especially during the rock paper scissors part, which was also very cool.

I loved this OVA. It was a great celebration for its 10th anniversary. Happy birthday, Yuru Yuri !
Oct 24, 12:03 PM

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Season 4 when????
Oct 26, 9:48 AM
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It was quite a good episode. I've enjoyed it even tho it wasn't anything special but seeing the old yuru Yuri makes me happy :)
Oct 29, 6:38 AM

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Truly one of the few series of CGDCT I can enjoy nowadays.
That caveman part was so cute !

Uho, Uho Hoo~ !
Nov 3, 3:45 PM
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Wow! This OVA resembled much more to the first seasons then the third one!
I'm so happy I was able to watch it, and I would even like to donate, even in retrospect, to the creator of this great OVA.
Do you know why it only got 7.6?
Nov 8, 11:26 PM
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I remember making a blog post on this OVA when it was announced and it had previews. I was mostly talking about the art style that the new studio would use. In summary, TYO did a good job with the previous season and OVA movie, but Doga Kobo's simplier character designs somewhat just fits this anime better?

Seeing the first few seconds of this OVA and I can already liking the current studio's (Lay-duce) job. Which is actually something that I've expected since I've seen an episode or two of Release the Spyce, another anime produced by that studio with Namori as the character designer. I've thought to myself: "Hey, I think the character designs here would be pretty perfect for Yuru Yuri. Just a little less dark (the anime had a 'darker' design than YRYR)." Anyways, back to YRYR. I think Lay-duce's designs are a perfect balance between Doga Kobo's and TYO's character designs? I mean, I can definitely see that it's adding upon Doga Kobo's.

Yui and Chinatsu playing cavemen is a little surprising, lol. Kyouko must be so powerful!

"Sounds a bit too normal." Ah, that's the Kyouko I know and love.

Honestly, I'll probably never get tired of the boob jokes this show has.

Oh, and they apparently have smartphones now, not that I've noticed if they had those in the previous seasons.

Damn, they've actually broke the 4th wall here twice. I mean, they did so in the previous seasons as well, but they explicitly say that it's the 10th anniversary. Just saying.

Even Kyouko and Sakurako are both afraid! In all seriousness, yeah, I'd expect them to be the least afraid of Akari while playing that Rock, Paper & Scissors game. That makes me wonder, what if it were Kyouko and Sakurako losing instead? I can just imagine. Also, it's nice to see they've actually reused an insert song from a previous season finale (I think), which is called "Minna Daisuki no Uta". Also, it's nice to see that the previous seasons are being referenced as well (i.e. Sakurako showing a flashback to Akari). But that makes we wonder if the studio animated those scenes again or if they just reused and edited the clips. I think it's more likely that they've animated those, again? Since that would have been a copyright problem?

This means that this episode canonically happened on the 23rd to 24th of July or so, since that's Akari's birthday. Also, damn. Such a nice OVA. Hope we see more of Yuru Yuri in the future! Definitely my favourite anime in the kirara-kei (CGDCT) genre, if not, of all time!

Yeah, I knew it! I knew it was Akane that volunteered when Kyouko said that. Also, this confirms that she and Akane talks to each other. Since I believe someone in the YRYR wiki speculated that they talk to each other.
Nov 19, 2:31 PM
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This was the BEST YY episode ever made! I loved 100% of it from start to finish! What an animation budget! They did the "silent" episode opening again, and it was great again! I will get on my knees and please whoever it takes to get season 4 made.
Dec 2, 2:28 PM
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It definitely brought some nostalgia, been a long time since I started watching the series, and at least 2 years since I finished S3, enjoyed this more than I thought, despite some really silly animations (was done on a budget probably, more so than previous seasons).

It feels odd to hear them acknowledging it has been years.
Also on the topic, this series 10th anniversary was last year, not this one!

Would love an S4...

8.1/10 = 8

bastek66 said:
It was so much better than that borefest 3rd season by TYO. Of course still far from GODa Kobo level.

S3 was the best season yet, I dunno if I would recommend the series to someone that seems to not like yuri, cuz S3 was heavy on it, and I can't really see a fan of that, saying it was boring.