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Poll: Vinland Saga Episode 12 Discussion

Oct 6, 12:41 PM
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Maitreyi said:
Is no one going to talk about the animation?

Yeah, the character drawings aren’t the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. But, it’s also not the worst. They also have a lot of people on screen most of the time, so its understandable to cut corners
Oct 6, 7:30 PM

Joined: Oct 2016
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Bunch of crazy stuff going on this episode. Good to see Leif again at the end!
Cnut seems like he's living in a whole other world. Ragnar needs to toughen him up.
The struggle we see the vikings going through in their trek was also very well done.
And as always, the scenery was amazing.
Good episode.

Oct 12, 1:53 AM

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At first I thought Knut was a soon to be leader (he looked like griffith), then I thought he was a girl, now I see he's just a pretty boy. Very confusing stuff, all in all great episode and the Wales land and politics was a nice addition to the overall story.
"Even if there's a wide world and stories
beyond the main focus, I don't think
it's necessary to end with the protagonist having
been involved in everything." - Yagi Norihiro
Oct 16, 4:56 AM
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I love that Thorfinn was mistaken for the prince because he was the right age and carries himself the way one would expect a prince to do. You could fucking feel the disappointment when Askeladd was like "uh no, the dainty thing hiding behind the fat guy is actually the prince lmao sorry."
Oct 31, 7:40 PM

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Canute finally said something louder than whispers from before. :D

The discussion about religious and cultural differences between a Christian and pagan Normans was nice. Good addition to the previous scene in which them vikings talked about how they find Christianity to be like in their eyes, basing their knowledge on what they heard or saw during their adventures.
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Nov 2, 11:46 AM

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Okay, it is clear that Ragnar really have to be killed ASAP to allow the maturation of the bitch Canute.
Nov 5, 5:54 AM

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I thought after showing Canute's face in the previous episode, they will reveal this time that he's actually a she. But turns out he's just an Inosuke. This is becoming a trend. Also for some reason after seeing that commander's face, just his face, I knew he's Roman. I mean it was just so obvious.
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