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Poll: Vinland Saga Chapter 165 Discussion

Sep 25, 9:46 AM

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Timeskip this long is the last thing I expected to happen. I really hope we get to see what happened in those two years of timeskip in form of a long flashback arc. If we don't get it somehow, then I'd be severely disappointed of being robbed of seeing Thofinn's travels through Rus and in Eastern Roman Empire (assuming trip went as planned), especially considering how long Baltic Sea War arc was.

Anyway, this chapter felt really short as always. Thorfinn's new look is great.
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Sep 25, 10:36 AM
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Surprised about the time skip. I had Hoped to see the whole eurotrip. The relationship of the group and the people who could have joined them during the time with the dream to start a new life at Vinland. Will see what happens next.
Sep 25, 10:39 AM

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he has new scars..
Sep 25, 10:54 AM

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That time skip was quite unexpected
Sep 25, 11:01 AM

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Ylva with the battle ready pose to defend was the best thing to happen over the years. XD
You go girl!
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Sep 25, 11:50 AM

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Wow Thorfinn looks so badass in this panel

Yalva looked so freaking awesome in that panel,warrior girl,i am pretty sure she is even more dangerous than Thorfinn himself. (laughs out loud)

I never expected that we will see a timeskip but anyway want to see what Thorfinn did in last 2 years.Gudrid and Thorfinn looks so cute together.Great couple.

I bet they will go on a journey soon.
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Sep 25, 12:28 PM
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Sigurd departs and Thorfinn comes home
Sep 25, 12:33 PM

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Wow, I did not expect a timeskip - was really looking forward to Miklagard and the Varangian Guard :(

In any case, this is interesting. I wonder why you'd do that at this point of the story.
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Stone Ocean adaption when?
Sep 26, 12:46 AM

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Its a good way for Yukimura to not be bothered by the research about Kiev Rus and Bizantine Empire. As much as I whanted 50 chapters about going down Dnieper and trading.
Sep 26, 3:47 AM
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Damn, I was really hoping to see Istanbul, or Constantinople in this manga. Yukimura better tell all the things about the journey.
Sep 26, 3:51 AM

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skipping trading subquest is always good,i prefer few flasbacks.
Sep 26, 5:16 AM
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Interesting a 2 year time skip. We are probably going to have more than a few flashbacks. I have never been the biggest fan of this way of story telling though I'll reserve my final opinion for now.
Sep 26, 6:51 AM

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I liked this chapter. From all the characters after the Farm arc. Sigurd is my favorite. Really liked how he found his resolve.

Thorfinn is back baby! I like his new design.

This chapter was a nice conclusion for Sigurds development and a nice build up for next arc.
Sep 26, 7:33 AM
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Chunchunmaru3 said:
Damn, I was really hoping to see Istanbul, or Constantinople in this manga. Yukimura better tell all the things about the journey.

Me too. I was looking forward to seeing Thorfinn kicking butt through Russia and all the way down to the Byzantine empire, but I guess Yukimura didn't want to go through all that. Maybe we get a flashback chapter or two?

This puts the Vinland trip right on the front burner now. He pays Halfdan and is clear to go almost. He even has a fleet
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Sep 26, 9:05 AM
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I wanted to see Miklagard and theodosian walls, really I am dissapointed but at the same time I am really excited about what comes next.
Sep 26, 9:37 AM
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Cant wait for thorfinn to introduce gudrid to his family
Sep 26, 9:53 AM

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Agree on the timeskip thing. If those 2 years are about his traveling yet we dont see sh*t about them and we go directly to Vinland it would be a massive dissapointment. It could even get out of my top 10 manga. All that thing could easily call for at least a 5 volumes arc. Cant wait for Bug eyes to vandalize Hagia Sophia. Im also concerned about Canute, Id like to know if hes gonna do something about Thorfinn coming to America and become the first ilegal inmigr... I mean, the father of european colonization in the new World.
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Sep 26, 10:22 AM
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I was surprised with the timeskip but as long as we see what happened in flashbacks during that time I'm fine with this. Thorfinn's hair looks good though I'm like "eh" with his new scars. Ylva's part was hilarious too. That woman is by far the manliest person in the village.
Sep 26, 11:59 AM

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Pretty sure there will be a flashback arc anyway, and this means that the manga isn't far off from ending because not much left to cover from now.
Sep 26, 12:17 PM

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gudrid clinging onto thorfinn’s back ticked me off - what happened to her being strong and confident?
AnimeFreak-San said:
is this a male gender issure...human issue...mental illness perhaps?
Sep 26, 1:11 PM

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photophobic said:
gudrid clinging onto thorfinn’s back ticked me off - what happened to her being strong and confident?
photophobic said:
gudrid clinging onto thorfinn’s back ticked me off - what happened to her being strong and confident?

It's most likely the prelude to next chapter where we find out that they've married or something
Sep 26, 11:23 PM
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photophobic said:
gudrid clinging onto thorfinn’s back ticked me off - what happened to her being strong and confident?

Wth what's wrong with people cling onto each other while some arrow just shot right up to them... At least she held herself shield

Just noticing but Thorfinn's cape in this chap seemed to be Hild's.. No?
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Sep 29, 12:05 PM

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Good way to dodge doing research, i don't mind it really, better to go the save way instead fucking it up.

I hope we at least get some flashbacks and it looks like we will since it say "next issue Thorfinn shows the fruits of the last 2 years."

Sep 30, 9:36 AM

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I prefer this timeskip. I don't want to wait for another 10 years for thorfinn to reach vinland :/
Sep 30, 11:34 PM

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Thorfinn growing out his hair once again, yaaaaasssssss XD
I didn't expect the time-skip either. I don't hate it. I'm curious to see if there will be flashbacks though. And I wonder if Thorfinn and Gudrid are finally.. dating...? ;p
Oct 2, 2:23 PM
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A bit sad that we didn't see Byzantium (yet?) but I'm actually also really happy he finally comes home...and with gudrid!
Nov 4, 5:55 PM

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Finally caught up... Have to say, I'm a little disappointed. The series started so brightly and was a thrill until Askelaad's death. The farm arc, though poorly paced, was solid overall. I thought the characters were interesting and Thorfinn's development was nice to experience first-hand. This 3rd main saga, however, was horrible in my eyes. It felt like it was written by a different person; it was just so bland. Thorkell reduced solely to comedic relief, Garm was as generic as can be - just an awful character, Sigurd and his gang of goons being thrown around everywhere like they're the Team Rocket of VS, and an overall anti-climactic use of the JomsV plotline... Hope the series gets back on track with what's to come. Not sure how I feel about a two-year timeskip but maybe that's what the manga needed.

Blah. Needed to get that off my chest.
Nov 4, 7:39 PM

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the baltic arc is a costant parallelism to the first arc,we see how much thorfinn grew and his new ideals are tested,we see how thorfinn struggle with his anger.
For me it has the peak of vinland saga and all the message that the author wanted to tell are in this arc

and this

this is the peak of all vinland saga for me. Plus Sigurd character development that is great.
Garm most likely is autistic,he's an interesting character,he does nothing with malice, he's pure and innocent.
Thorkell was always used as comedic relief.
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