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Poll: Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka??: Sing for You Episode 1 Discussion

Sep 25, 7:13 AM

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What a great OVA episode! I wish Rize would train me too and it was really nice to see them sing and seeing them wear some costumes. The highlight was Chino's perfomance at the end such a beautiful song and I'm part of the fanclub.

Can't wait for season 3 and I hope it will have at least the same quality as this OVA episode.

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Sep 25, 2:16 PM
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Cocoa remains the best, though Chino probably still wins out in kawaiiness.
Sep 25, 9:21 PM

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Chiya can sing pretty well, Chino too much like her late mother and Sharo should seriously consider becoming an idol.

Sep 25, 11:49 PM

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Has this been subbed anywhere yet ?
Sep 26, 6:10 AM
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astupidfreak said:
Has this been subbed anywhere yet ?
Same question, the only sub I've found is Chinese
Sep 26, 7:06 AM
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Oh yes, anyone knows where will this be subbed? Animeflv? Crunchyroll? I need my dose of diabetes!
Sep 26, 9:55 AM

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lol everyone trying to be idols (lots of INs, I think not all are listed at the ED credit).

Father cheering his daughter by telling about mother who was nervous before singing, too.

lol @ their handmade cheering goods.

Minase-san and Mizuki-san (as their characters) duo for ED. "Gin no Spoon ~Blend of Memory~" (銀のスプーン ~Blend of Memory~)"
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I Two Syaorans from Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and TRC!!!
Sep 26, 10:56 PM

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loved this OVA. Everything was so cute.
Started with a little Chino, she was so adorable...The music was really great, they literally sing for us. Love their songs!
Oct 4, 11:23 PM

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I think im having diabetes right now dem its full of sweet stuffs.
Oct 5, 3:54 AM
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It has been released on kissanime subbed, but the subs are a bit off. Made me laugh though lol
Oct 5, 7:19 PM

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Lovely to see young Chino, the adorableness just sky rocketed for me, I think I had a nose bleed!

Beautiful singing by Chino, and I also loved the singing of her mother at the end ( truly soothing). I also liked how Cocoa and the girls overly cheered for her, it sure made her happy even though she hid it to her friends.

Can't wait for the sequel series!

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Oct 6, 2:19 AM
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The Mom and Chino singing together really hits the heart strings T-T
Oct 6, 5:02 AM

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Wondeful OVA.

Its cute, adorable, funny, and heart string pulling anime. Made me laugh, smile, and emotional. Its fun when they're all sizing and it just adds to it when you see them having fun as well. Chino's mom singing voice is so happy and wonderful (thanks to Nana Mizuki). Her happy song really puts a smile on my face.

But the question is, is Chino's mom passed away?

Oct 6, 5:22 AM

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Magito said:

But the question is, is Chino's mom passed away?

I was wondering about that as well. From what we have seen I would assume yes but its not confirmed.
Oct 6, 6:21 AM

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Oct 6, 8:38 AM
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I can't really help but think of this OVA as a promotion for Petit Rabbit's with that karaoke scene. (Seriously, Season 3 when?)

However, Gin no Spoon ~Blend of Memory~ is such a feel good song and a nice way to end the OVA as a whole. I ended up looking for the song and played it repeatedly.

Why is this OVA trying to give me diabetes?
Oct 6, 9:06 AM

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The choir was really nice. Also Chino's mother song was very soothing. Chino singing with her too was nice.
Oct 6, 9:40 AM

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What a wonderful episode. It's only been a couple months since I've seen the series and the movie, but my gosh have I missed it. 8/10

Can't wait for season 3.
Oct 6, 6:08 PM

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omg mizuki nana iz the mom!
Oct 7, 11:20 PM

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I have replayed the choir part to ed part at least ten times since yesterday

Yes Chino's mom's already dead

jazz version, Nana Mizuki solo:

"waaaaii~" (Akaza Akari)

Oct 8, 3:20 PM
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cathychan said:
It has been released on kissanime subbed, but the subs are a bit off. Made me laugh though lol

Thanks, I have been searching for it!
Oct 8, 9:07 PM

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That was pretty wonderful. A great way to recharge the soul a bit before S3 comes out next year. I loved the focus on Chino and her family. It was nice to see more of her mother. We'd only gotten brief flashes of her before. This time we got voiced scenes and a better look at her personality.

Maybe my favorite moment was Chino's dad talking with her. He's been a great figure in the show there's no doubt. He realized his daughter needed someone like Cocoa around so accepted taking part in that home-stay program. But it was nice seeing him talk to Chino about nerves and her mother. He's carried on rather well with his wife passing away and his father turning into a rabbit...

I can't wait for S3. This OVA was great and I can only imagine the fun moments we can have with another full season to enjoy.
Oct 9, 4:32 AM

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That was a really beautiful OVA, It was very tear jerking when Chino was thinking about her mother at the end (after the credits). I REALLY LOVED all the music in this OVA 10/10.

According to the CD, the VA for chino's mother seems to be Nana Mizuki

Edit: if someone could please tell me the name of the song with Cocoa & Chiya, I think it's from an older album but can't find it.
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Oct 10, 10:21 AM

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They were singing some rly catchy songs at Ama Usa An! Man, i can't fucking wait for season 3 next year!


@Hakisak Found it.

I also found the song Rize & Sharo were singing with the very catchy ''Maybe L.O.V'' chorus that has been stuck in my head for DAYS!
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Oct 13, 11:23 AM

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Finally had a chance to see the OVA: it's a solid experience and adds to GochiUsa as a whole. Besides building the characters further in advance of season three, there's also plenty of moments that showcase DoA's excellent art style. It's an easy A+ for me, and I'm more psyched about season three than ever.
Oct 14, 8:31 PM

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OMG thank you so much, It seems I had Skipped that album in my collection <3
the chorus is so good.
Oct 31, 7:15 AM

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Yes again!
Drunken Sharo is cute! Ahahaha
Nov 9, 11:04 AM

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Been a while, needed more Gochuisa in my life, hyped for s3 now.

Nice sentimental feel to this episode with Chino's Mom.

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Nov 10, 10:40 AM

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Sasuga GochiUsa, another delivery of crazy cuteness and some touching moments, this time focused on Chino.

The training to make her overcome her fear of performing was a lot of fun, especially when they all got into the idol mood doing their own singing and dances haha.

We also got to see more about her mother, who had such a lovely voice and from what the pics we could see of her, definitely had a more cheerful personality than her daugther, such a shame that she can't be with them now q_q

And yeah, any Takahiro and Rizedad scene is a blessing, they are such fun characters.

Very enjoyable OVA that helps keeping my thirst for more GochiUsa in check until the blessed S3 I can't wait for comes out.
Nov 17, 11:36 PM

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Great emotional episode that will hypes up for S3.

All the songs are great even the one that Cocoa sang while she's cleaning the bath tub which is weirdly super catchy.
Dec 4, 12:06 AM

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This show is indeed perfect. 10/10. I need more and I need it now!
Dec 8, 10:02 AM
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Too cute as an episode, it feels like being in Love Live
I hope that we will learn more about Chino's mother, although we may think that she died
likewise for the father of Cocoa, the parents of Chiya / Syaro, the mother of Rize