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Sep 24, 6:20 PM
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i'm big fan of well structured anime stories & coherant just like FMA & AOT, but sometimes i just want to mix it up & watch animes where it's funny & mixed with some fanservices, my very first anime which got me into ecchi was ranma 1/2,

Ranma 1/2 had a lot of episodes, funny & even the way the ecchi is made is funny, that's what makes it so close to to love ru i mean in TLR the author's way of trying to make the ecchi scenes coming unexpected and awkward (like everytime rito accidently falls into pants) i laugh a lot when i see it,

I want similar animes like these two , animes where :

-The main girl loves and if possible lives with the male protagonist
-obviously having the harem is more fun, but after getting harem for long time i preffer if the protagonist ends with one female (if not it's okey)
- I like the concept of having each episode owning a quick story about a specific character and not one story that relates every episode ,It'S so Freaking fun for me and it makes go out of routine just like almost any anime has.
-Please please & please don't recommend me animes where the characters are made as kidz like Monogatari, i like it when the character looks either teen (like yuki rito) or maybe a bit older.
-if possible it should have an okey animation ,in TLR the animation & drawing plans are almost perfect, for example rosario + vampire has awkward & rushed drawings most of time even if i like the anime it's not as perfect as TLR but it's still close & okey.

"Similar animes that i've already watched and liked a lot" :
-Shinmai maou no testament.
-High school DXD
-Masou gakuen X
-Hajimete no gal

Conclusion : i didn't finish to love ru yet im making it long coz i'll cry if i finish it fast i'm trying to find a similar anime with what i like about it (just like i've wrote above)

Thanks a lot for reading and i hope you can find me a master piece like to love ru for me.

long life for serious & great story animes & same for ecchi & funny animes.
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Nov 15, 8:32 AM
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I feel like you might enjoy prison school and seitokai yakuindomo. Give them a try