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''animes'' ... please stop... singned - Und Grammar Nazi

Sep 20, 11:31 PM

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So am I the only one who feels his like walking on legos each time I see someone using plurals for anime? Is anime! Just anime! One anime, two anime... not ANIMES!!! I watch anime... I watched a lot of anime. I finished 300 anime... not ANIMES!!!!
For Heaven sake peoples! Is a Japanese word. Is a word without a plural. There are some words without a plural... Like snow... You don't use snows, right? Or rices. Or nothings. Or ANIMES!!! Is Anime... Just Anime... No matter how many, is just anime... Please stop using the plural... Use just anime. Use it correctly and responsible...

signed - Und Grammar Nazi!!!!!

P.S: I am not sure about or comfortable with ''mangas'' either... but at least that doesn't make me cringe in agony. And sounds possible...
Sep 20, 11:50 PM

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But you would say cartoons. I guess I'm not bothered because the final s is not pronounced in French anyway
Sep 20, 11:53 PM

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Congrats, you just played yourself.
Sep 20, 11:59 PM

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I don't know where you got your "Grammar Nazi" certification from, but they would revoke it immediately if they saw what you just wrote.
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Sep 21, 12:02 AM

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How can someone be a grammar Nazi when they themselves have shit sentence structuring and grammar.

feels his like walking on legos, like the fuck?
Sep 21, 12:10 AM

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You say people saying "mangas" doesn't make you cringe when both manga and anime are Japanese words. Sounds pretty hypocritical.
Sep 21, 12:13 AM

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kronopy said:
Is a Japanese word
japanimation and it's shortened term sure isn't japanese i'll say animes all I want fuck you
Sep 21, 12:41 AM

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I's not like they completely misspelled it, just added an 's' at the end....
Sep 21, 2:27 AM
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I don't see the logic behind it if mangas are fine, and also your example of snow doesn't really work since snow just like rain is more about the natural phenomenon and is the sum of the snowflakes and so it isn't quantifiable in literature terms contrary to the snowflakes which just like animes are. Same for rice which is the sum of the grains, they don't have a plural as you mentioned but you can't say neither "a snow" nor "a rice" but "a snowflake" and "a grain of rice"

Also I would expect better from someone calling himself a "grammar nazi"
kronopy said:
So am I the only one who feels his like walking
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Sep 21, 2:30 AM

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I guess we should stop saying "forums" and use "fora" instead if we are to follow the grammar of every foreign language.
I really enjoy those "helicopter ride" memes
Sep 21, 2:36 AM

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Is that really what bothers you? i could not care less about something like that. Get a reality check
Sep 21, 2:37 AM

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How charming, a grammar nazi who doesn't use correct grammar himself.
Sep 21, 5:10 AM

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Is this a deconstruction thread of a grammar nazi? Very uninteresting.
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Sep 21, 5:17 AM
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You should at least try being more subtle with your bait you know.