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Sep 20, 10:05 PM

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Does one think a lotto win, a dead rich uncle or something would improve your life beyond just being no longer financially restrained?
Sep 20, 10:41 PM

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Partially yes, it would take care of the stress of meeting basic needs. At some point no, cause it doesn't motivate me as much as things I want (knowledge and interactions), but also opens ways to achieve those for example. Things I want to produce is somewhat held differently..
Sep 20, 10:56 PM

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Well, it certainly doesn't make me sad. Is this a rhetorical/philosophical question?

I don't think money can make someone 100% happy, no matter how much they have. Money is one of the things you need to sustain your lifestyle, no matter how basic or extravagant it is. But it doesn't help you get more knowledge nor genuine caring friends or relationships in general. The bottom line is: yes, it makes me happy, but not 100% happy.
Sep 20, 11:11 PM

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It shouldn't.

Aside purchasing goods and other necessities, they say money also attracts attention including relationships to keep you company. Example: Escorts (not a relationship-wise example, but still keeps you company)

So in the end, is it about who you are as a person, or just money?

My answer is No, at the same time I'm not a millionaire.
Sep 21, 12:43 AM

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yes it does, not only are you financially secure but it leads to other outlets that can make you happy.
course, it wont work in other regards, but the same can be said for different things. how can you support a loving family when you cant give up a cent to take care of them? in turn, money cant buy you a loving family either.

in the end it’s the same as any other thing that makes you happy
Sep 21, 2:01 AM

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Money always removes unhappiness.
But it can't give you happiness unless what makes you happy relies on the money.

For example, I have way more money than I need because my needs are just not that extensive. None of that surplus does much if anything for me.

Take a girl who wants to ride around in an expensive car, show off her bling to her friends to establish her superiority and what a great person she is despite all of this by throwing money at charities to obtain the "philanthropist" title.
Money can go quite far in that case to give that person happiness.

So in short, it depends on how greedy of a person you are.
Sep 21, 3:01 AM

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Yes, very much so. Money would let me experience things that I could only dream of beforehand. It could fill that void with happiness and joy and so much more. To me the positives outweigh the negatives. At the end of the day I'd go back to that same old unhappy me but I'd be unhappy inside a huge villa with servants and god knows what other things.

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Sep 21, 3:02 AM
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Lol money would bring me happiness yes, since lots of problems in my life are caused by the lack of it. I would like me and my family to not worry about the future and to have the comforts that other people that are more well-off have, and that for them are obvious, like going on vacation or buying something for myself without having to save up from not going out for months. Also that way it would be easier to seek treatment for medical issues.

Flevalt said:
Money always removes unhappiness.
But it can't give you happiness unless what makes you happy relies on the money.

I definitely agree with that.
Sep 21, 4:17 AM
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If you enjoy being a slave then money won't make a difference
Sep 21, 4:45 AM

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Money allows me to pursue things that actively affect my happiness, so in a way yes, but only by association. But would being a millionaire make me happy? Doubtful.

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Sep 21, 8:13 AM

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100% yes. Most of the things missing in my life could be easily acquired with more money. I'm not saying that money alone can buy happiness, but if I kept what I already have in my current life (the people, pets, my health, and so on) and just added more money, I would absolutely be much happier, more fulfilled, and less stressed.
Sep 21, 8:29 AM

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Since I'm a very materialistic person, yes. There's a lot you can do with having lots of money, plus there's so many cool gadgets out there.

Also having lots of money removes the stress from lots of issues, like if you're an American dealing with medical bills for instance
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Sep 21, 9:48 AM

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Sep 21, 11:08 AM

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Yes, money means financial comfort and it would be one humongous source of stress off my back.
Sep 21, 11:12 AM
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Money is a tool that can potentially be used in a way that results in more happiness...but it does not guarantee happiness at all. There are many billionaires who are miserable.
Sep 21, 2:26 PM
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It's better crying in a Bentley than Hyundai.

Money can alleviate sources of stress and sadness but does not necessarily make you happy. It just can make you more comfortable.
Sep 21, 2:30 PM

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Indirectly yes it allows me to fulfil my desires which in return brings me happiness o(*^▽^*)o


Sep 21, 2:50 PM
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Yep. Not having to work and spend money on whatever i want all the time sounds fun to me.
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Sep 21, 2:51 PM

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it depends but most likely yes id say. i can buy the stuff i want n etc yknow
Sep 21, 6:41 PM

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more money = more factory sealed Castlevania games (pure concentrated happiness in physical form)

Sep 21, 7:58 PM

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Having a lot of money means that I can buy things that makes me happy (Anime BD/DVD, manga, LN, VN, games, etc). So yes, in a way, money would make me happy.

Having said that, money would never be the only thing that makes me happy. There is more to life than money, such as the people that I'm close with and the memories I have with them.
Sep 21, 11:31 PM

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no but it does ease the pain. dont forget to vote Yang 2020
Sep 21, 11:39 PM
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Yes and no. Of course buying things that you always wanted (to do) is a nice thing and should make you a little more happy than in the beginning, but for example, if you don't have any friends to enjoy the things with, then you're screwed.

So 100% happy? Never. The only thing I can imagine you being 100% happy is that you know someone (like a family member or good friend) is sick, doctors don't know what is wrong and you need to find the only hospital in the world to cure it. And you have the money to 'fix' it.

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Sep 21, 11:47 PM
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Not really. But being financially stable is better than having to save up every penny in order to pay your bills.
Then again, what is 'financially stable' a billionaire could still feel insecure about his wealth.
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Sep 22, 12:00 AM

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Yes. Absolutely. Do I need to say more?
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Sep 22, 12:33 AM

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You need money to get just about everything in life so yes, money can make me happy.
Sep 22, 2:15 AM

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What i want is time to do what i enjoy doing for the rest of my life.
To have time you need money to be free from any kind of 8 hours daily job.

So yes, money will make me happy.
Sep 22, 6:28 AM
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Yes and I don't even buy that much stuff just knowing I have stacks in the bank will keep me happy.
Sep 22, 6:48 AM

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Money doesn't bring everything you need to be happy, but lack of money certainly makes you unhappy and causes you a lot of problems

Yeah, love don't need money, but love isn't the only thing that brings happiness in a person's life.
Having a home, eating correctly, buying clothes and buying things you desire is only possible with money.

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Sep 22, 6:50 AM

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funny thing is having money doesnt make you happy but when you dont have money you are very unhappy

so i would much rather be happy with money ig
Sep 22, 7:16 AM

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Of course, having money could help me earning more stuff to buy and some stuff that are expensive for me to purchase.

My family usually spends their money for the food, but we also purchase some other stuff like HTDV, Blu-ray, and console that gets price drop (I got PS1 on 2004 when it received a price drop, I brought PS2 on 2009 or 2010 i don't know, and PS3 on 2016).

Getting a console that gets near the end of lifespan tends to be the easier for me to buy because it gets a price drop for t.
Sep 22, 7:40 AM
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It would not make me happy, but it would remove a lot of aspects that make me unhappy because I have to worry about them. So at least it'd give me a better framework in which to seek happiness because all the distracting money worries would be gone. It'd allow me to focus on the more important things, and that's really all anyone can ask for. You can stills crew up your shot at being happy, but at least you had a chance. If money worries dictate every day, it's hard to even worry about being happy.

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Sep 22, 2:25 PM

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If the past me were to answer the question, the answer would definitely be YES, but the present me says that is not really the answer. My happiness doesn't come from money but from something different that cannot be touched and cannot be bought with money.
Sep 22, 2:51 PM

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Money doesn't make me happy at all, but thinking about what I can spend it on does~

Sep 23, 9:00 AM
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yes cause it lifts stress from sustaining your life and its nice to spend on fun experiences also if you want a relationshp with a can bet that money will be an issue weather you like it or not. probably the reason for so many incels/incel-lites.
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Sep 23, 12:13 PM

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i'd rather be famous than rich. but having money does relive stress. i would like to help others with my money or investing it
Sep 23, 12:16 PM
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Getting everything you want only makes you feel happy temporarily, then stuff starts to lose any value or meaning and you just end up feeling empty.
Sep 23, 3:35 PM
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but the food and coffee I buy with the money makes me very happy

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Sep 24, 2:24 AM

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For the most part money doesn't bring happiness BUT it sure as hell eliminates most of the obstacles in life that get in the way of happiness.

Like for example if I won five million dollars, being able to buy a bunch of stuff wouldn't make me all that much happier. BUT the fact I could stop pursing Computer Science and Engineering and instead start pursuing YouTube and Voice Acting due to no longer having to worry about paying the bills; that would make me truly happy (that along with raising a family without having to worry about money either).

And a lack of money sure as hell brings suffering, that's for sure.
Sep 25, 9:23 AM

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yes it does. i’m starting to change my stance on money. it’s how it’s used that matters. i used to think that money is pure evil. there lies a lot of possibilities with it, yet at the same time it creates structure for our society.

i have made questionable decisions with my finances tho for sure. money and the human brain is interesting.
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Sep 25, 9:31 AM

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Money is tool for consumption. Consumption is for stimulation. Happiness is merely continual positive stimulation. Money is happiness or a part of it.
Sep 25, 9:35 AM
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obviously but for me financial security is enough (middle class level)
Sep 25, 9:39 AM

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"money isn't everything but not having it is" - kanye

speaking personally, i had a grand aunt who was very rich but lived alone and never married. she became one of those cat ladies that fostered any stray cat into her big home. honestly, she was a bit of a mean person and everyone in the family had similar opinions. she died last week, rest in peace.

do i think she lived happy with all that money? i'm not one to judge. but she did live an extremely frugal life which i don't understand why she did so. she had no kids and her inheritance would ultimately be split in the family. why didn't she spend all that money for herself?

well i'm sad but also honestly excited about the possibility of my grandpa (her brother) getting a little share of that wealth, which will eventually end up as my inheritance lol (i'm the only grandkid from my grandpa's line). but i do feel sad for my grand aunt. money isn't everything. having no money brings so many problems, but that doesn't mean being rich makes you happy. its how and with who you spend it.
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Sep 25, 9:45 AM

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oh yeah as someone who just graduated and started working, money is sure one hell of a motivator. but i try not to get blindsided. don't forget to live in the present. spend it wisely. *insert motivational quote about investing here*
Sep 25, 10:11 AM
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yes because if i had a lot of money, i can do a lot of things without worry