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Poll: Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo. Episode 12 Discussion

Sep 20, 2019 10:51 AM

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Feelings are running high in this series' finale. Honestly, I did find the first half of the episode to be funny.

Momoko and Niina had a little moment together that I thought was noticable. In the meantime, we also got Hitoha and sensei conversing about their recent moments. We got a lot of various feelings from the female cast in this epsiode. Was never a fan of Izumi in this show though.
Sep 20, 2019 10:57 AM

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This show was really promising in the beginning. I think that Niina created unnecessary drama, there, the show went downhill a bit if u ask me. Anyway, its a good show. 6/10 for the anime.
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Sep 20, 2019 11:12 AM

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Stark700 said:
Was never a fan of Izumi in this show though.

Why not? What's wrong with him.
Sep 20, 2019 12:02 PM

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So this is it ? This was that world shattering event that manga readers were mumbling about ? Disappointed in them as usually.

Anyway the show started good, dont know what else to say really. In its mid it was good, and it ended good so. The only thing i dont like is .. i hoped this would be a full adapation, well guess it aint. This was like a solid 7/10 show from the very beginning .. but after that ending ? After that time skip ? fucking 8/10. Sonezaki as a college stundent, Juujo with happy family still in contact with Sonezaki, even the crazy lesbo finally not mad at everything. And sensei is getting married too great. Man best ending i could wish for.
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Sep 20, 2019 12:07 PM

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Everything was closed out in a good way, overall strong show.
Sep 20, 2019 12:08 PM

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Well this was amazing till the cultural festival but went downhill after that. Specially Sugawara and that lolicon created a really dusgusting mess. Izumi also kinda made a mess of thngs there.

But they wrapped it up pretty nicely with this finale. Glad for Jujo , she has a happy family and also nice Sonezaki looks great as a college student.

Btw can any manga reader tell me if this was in the manga or the anime gave it an original end?
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Sep 20, 2019 12:09 PM

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MegamiRem said:
Btw can any manga reader tell me if this was in the manga or the anime gave it an original end?

Does it matter ? The mangaka is writing the script, so its canon one way or another.

do kpop artists get recycled when they died?
Sep 20, 2019 12:21 PM

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That was a great finale.

Izumi is so messed up, how can he Sugawara that he is sexually attracted to her. Though that scene was funny to watch.

That timeskip was nice. Seeing everyone moving forward. I have to say Sonezaki does look great as a college student.

Overall, a really great show. It has been one of the few shows that I've been looking forward to watching every week. 8/10. I'm going to miss listening to the OP.

Sep 20, 2019 12:27 PM
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Do all the shit get solved ? i actually 3 episode late. Don't mind spoiler.
Someone be kind and anwser this please

Also, for who wonder about the manga, the last raw i see is at the chapter train dude come to school when the club kidnap the teacher. And the writer write both anime and manga. that up to her whether she rewrite it different or not. But this is canon since creator write it
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Sep 20, 2019 12:30 PM

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I still don't get how this show built drama for 10 episodes and switched to bright colours for the ending to paint everyone a good outcome. Confused/10.
Sep 20, 2019 12:30 PM

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can't wait for the finale!!
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Sep 20, 2019 12:31 PM

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That was a wild ride. I'll miss those savage maidens.

Sep 20, 2019 12:43 PM

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Man, to think I was actually going to give this show a 10/10 going into episode 11.

What the actual hell? The last two episodes were just super, super disappointing and this "happy ending" doesn't fit any of the themes of the show at all. Super fucking random and out of nowhere. How in the world does conflict get resolved this easily? It doesn't, nothing about this is okay! This actually sucks.

They dropped the ball big-time with this one! Very unsatisfying...
Sep 20, 2019 12:48 PM

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A very appreciable show, with a strong initial thematic which progressively left place for a real drama/romance show. Most characters were interesting, their developments and the growing of their relations captivated my attention for 12 weeks.

In the end, the atmosphere became more mature, anyone now's able to move forward after having learnt important things about life itself, and themselves as well. However, this is not the very brighty shiny ending, let's remember that one girl loves someone she'll never get while the other loves the first one : a sort of impossible circle of love has been drawn.

Still, I found the conclusion very satisfying and I somehow have a feeling of "no regrets", as if I had been a character from this show.
Sep 20, 2019 12:50 PM

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I thought the ending was going to be rubbish thanks to the repeated warnings in advance from the manga readers but this was a pretty solid ending instead, hey!

From the beginning of the show, the Characters never seemed to be on the same page and it only kept getting worse by the episode but I feel as though they’ve slightly overcome that barrier now. For one thing, they’re aware of each other’s ‘sins’ now so that’s definitely a development of sorts.

To be frankly honest though, I thought the show was heading down into a cluster-mess during the halfway point with all the eventful turmoil though and the outpouring of emotions and confessions didn’t help the cause either but I was immediately impressed during the final moments of how it all wrapped up in such a smart way. It’s hard to buy into all of that if I’m to be brutally honest however, but I suppose that’s just a trademark for this series anyhow lol.

For a while there, I thought Izumi was a goner though xD. At least he’s finally managed to ‘connect’ to Kazusa but the touching scenes between Sonezaki-senpai and her boyfriend easily takes the cake for me! Dang, that final display of the school though...

And then some glorious timeskip shots to seal the deal! Sonezaki-senpai in college looks great and it’s very heartwarming to know that she’s still in contact with Jujo, what a great family that was on another note! Meanwhile, the others, as in the trio, are finally back in sync and that’s great to see! Looks like Kazusa and Izumi have overcome that little ‘embarrassing’ hurdle now too, good to see. Yamagishi-sensei and Tomita-sensei getting married, on the other hand, sure surprised me. Didn’t think he’d confess to her, of course that’s assuming he took the offensive role that is which I’m pretty confident is how it played out,

Overall, this show has been a quirky ride to say the least. Storyline was nothing out of the ordinary but the characters here were really unique and as a result pretty fun to keep up with too. Savage in ways too (special mention to Hongo-senpai), good lord lol. As for Production-wise, the Sound Department was fab and the Art/Animation very suiting most importantly and great too nonetheless. Chico With HoneyWorks always delivers so no need for more on that but the VA of this show imo was quite brilliant too, really managed to give out a lot more of the characters or something along those lines. At first I was a little sceptical regarding Hongo-senpai’s choice, but the comedic moments as a result of that stern voice were certainly gold and grew on me by the episode.

It had its ups and downs with the most notable being episodes 3-6 and this finale episode being at the top and much of the latter half being a little down of sorts, but in the end it gets a solid ‘good’ from me.

7.25/10, with the +0.50 from this episode alone!

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Sep 20, 2019 12:58 PM

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At the beginning, i found it pretty interesting. But the last 6 episode make me cringe so hard.
Sep 20, 2019 1:20 PM

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This was such a random way of resolving all the issues. Yeah, let's build up all individual stories for several episodes and just shout out everything at everyone in the end. How conveniently they are all gathered together in one place!

It seemed like a mature drama about teenagers at first but ended up just a stupid drama that reminded me why I don't even like most of the romance genre in anime. It had some good moments though, but overall I'm not impressed, kinda disappointed, really.
Sep 20, 2019 1:26 PM

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I just don't understand why a sexual show like this doesn't have a proper kiss scene. The furthest they go is a kiss on the forehead or holding hands. Like, what? Are kisses too lewd for romance shows? They go on and on about sex but they already struggle with just holding hands lmao.
Sep 20, 2019 1:26 PM

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So much to comment on..
But first: that last phrase "It fit" when the train passed through the tunnel.. Pls don't tell me that was the answer to the question Kazusa asked herself in ep 1 xD

Ok down to 'business'..
Izumi you prick! What the hell! Who in their right minds says something like this?! On the contrary Amagi grows to be a better and better BF char..

That episode in itself was like a big way out of the shit this went down too. Can't really imagine anything getting resolved that easily.
Just like this school staff that freakin went home when one of their teachers was literally close to death.

Niina's personality swapped big time and her biggest influence, the pedophile, didn't even have any appearance in the end.

Momo cries at every turn again and at the same time gives herself to Niina? Still don't like her "support" in this series

Then after the big chaos.
Conclusion. Time skip.
Just when it felt like Hongou x Tomoaki could've been true- he marries the other teacher. It's for the better actually but all that build up kinda was for nothing..

Amagi and Sonezaki in college, still in contact with Juujo, who lives a happy family life. Those 3 were pretty much the best part about this. Glad to see them doing well in the end.

Izumi and Kazusa continue their relationship as mentioned and Momo and Niina seemed to be on a friendly basis

Didn't have to see that red haired boy going around with another girl again. But I guess nice detail.. Wouldn't have been necessary for me tho

Overall I don't know how to rate this.. The beginning.. Was great. I really liked it. With more of this shows drama the worse my evaliation got tho and with this final showdown.. It dropped again but then the conclusion satisfies me pretty much.. Guess I'll go with 7/10

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Sep 20, 2019 1:32 PM

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I am just really disappointed with the time-skip ending.
Good thing that Sonezaki is still in touch with Juujo and I guess that's all?
Reallu unhappy with Hongou's and Momo's endings. 6/10.
Sep 20, 2019 1:36 PM

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the virgin araburu vs the chad kuzu no honkai
Sep 20, 2019 1:37 PM

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Severely disappointing ending. A lot of things left unresolved.
Sep 20, 2019 1:40 PM

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Really good coming-of-age story for girls. Great message, great cast. Mari Okada did great, again.

From what I hear, this is different than the manga, but it's still a solid story with a solid ending. Maybe things don't always get resovled so well in real life, but sometimes they do. And sometimes Mari Okada wants to write happy endings. Though, I wouldn't call this "Happy". For Kazusa and Sonezaki it was. For literally everyone else, it wasn't. Even if they seem happy, there's no way they're truly content with not getting who they wanted. I loved it. Was worried last week cuz committing a crime like holding someone hostage just seemed very unrealistic, so I'm glad the school didn't take it too seriously. Nothing was left unresolved, everyone accepted each other's feelings in their own way.

Also was Hitoha supposed to a proxy for Mari Okada? Hitoha's last lines in the narration really hurt me either way. I don't like student x teacher stuff but she seemed to really truly love Milo-sensei
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Sep 20, 2019 1:56 PM

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Man, I'm glad I waited since episode 9 to finish this anime. Waiting one week for every episode from 10 to 12 would've been hell lol

Niina almost ruined the series for me but I'm glad I wasn't dissapointed on how her character ended. While I didn't like a few episodes after the cultural festival too much, with this ending I can say that I loved this show from start to end. One of the funniest anime from this year for sure.
Sep 20, 2019 1:59 PM

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God this was the main reason why I dislike Momoko so much, that whole segment, in the beginning, was just like "are you like... retarded ?", she seriously was just plain annoying

Wonder why they chose to omit Kazusa and Izumi's kiss scene. Oh well it doesn't matter cause fukin Hongo cockblocked that one as well

A solid es-ee-ecks/10

Lelouch0202 said:
Given that it ended with a time skip, is this an original end or are we still following the source material?

MegamiRem said:
Btw can any manga reader tell me if this was in the manga or the anime gave it an original end?

It's the same ending, only the epilogue portion was gonna be coupled with the last volume release in October, but otherwise, the entire thing is adapted

Kougeru said:
From what I hear, this is different than the mangai

It's pretty much the same though. Maybe a few cuts here and there (since manga to anime can't always be 1:1), but all the major events and such are the same
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Sep 20, 2019 2:13 PM

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I can't seem to put my frustration into words, so instead I'll just leave my honest reactions to this episode:
1) Haha, that's funny
2) What?
3) WHAT???

This ending could've been much worse, I've seen much worse in this kind of show, but that doesn't mean I'm ok with it. This episode knocked my score of the show as a whole by 1 point. Still good, but nowhere near satisfying. A 7 will do.
Sep 20, 2019 2:18 PM
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Well, that was a thing. The first six 6 minutes were probably the final nail in the coffin, after that I kept watching for the sake of completion. So much wasted potential for a different kind of rom-com.

4/10 and screw you Mari Okada.
Sep 20, 2019 2:18 PM

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Mari Okada's writing of drama is always spot-on. Just the right dosage, and was gradually built up over the series so as to feel natural and unforced.

I think overall the show was a masterpiece in tackling the rather delicate subject of adolescent girls discovering their sexuality and dealing with new feelings. It managed to balance the right amount of comedic moments, character development and drama to keep me hooked right until the last episode.

I think a lot of people were unhappy because of the slightly "open" ending. I think the point was not to end up with everyone leading happy lives with the love of their life. It was about coming to terms with their new feelings.

9/10 for me
Sep 20, 2019 2:47 PM
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Whoever is the woman that wrote this shit is pathetically... inexperienced? Poor writer probably never even talked to boys, let alone had a boyfriend.

I mean, I'd be mad at Izumi too, but I just can't take him seriously. Literally NO high school boy thinks the way he does, in the entire world, ever! Absolutely nobody!

"I love you but I want to fck another girl." HAHAHAHahaaaaaa, what an absolute unit. There's just no way. Not on high school, not even outside of high school. Not when a couple episodes ago he was jacking off to porn like there's no tomorrow.

Trying to pass all the mess shit happening as "ok" is even funnier. Yeah no, Niina is not a total cunt at all, lmao. OF COURSE Kazusa is just okay with all this. What is Momo even trying to do? Is there any point at all in what she's doing? Hongou at this point is just straight up gross. How isn't everyone completely weirded out by her?!

This isn't drama, this is a bad comedy. 2/10
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Sep 20, 2019 3:00 PM
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I wasn't sure how they were going to wrap things up in just this last episode but I guess they kind of did? Not in the way I was anticipating exactly but given the more reasonable conclusions to the respective relationships then this is about as far as one could expect it to go, and considering what the anime was actually about... well I guess we don't really need to go much further than this. After all, once all the conflicting and confusing emotions brought on by puberty have been understood and accepted by everyone then all that is left is the happy-go-lucky romance side of things, which is not really necessary for this anime to go into

Overall though this was still a fantastic show throughout really. Probably the most wholesome anime I've ever seen about the topic of sex, with likeable characters throughout, great production value and overall it just felt quite original. Of course it's also pretty awkward every so often but that's kind of par for the course with this kind of narrative. I don't know if I'd necessarily say it's a realistic anime though as many of the characters' actions are quite idealistic and sometimes philosophical in nature, but anime is always built upon exaggerated tropes of real personality types so that's probably to be expected

Mari Okada has always been a hit-or-miss kind of person to me. Sometimes I love her works, sometimes I hate them. But this goes into the list of the better ones I think

Still not sure if I'd give AotS to Araburu or Vinland Saga but one of the two at least

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Sep 20, 2019 3:01 PM

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Fuuu! Way to ruin all previous eleven episode and whole series with such ridiculous and abstract episode where everyone were mostly.
I knew Okada is bad in writing endings but I didn't really expect she would do something like this when being clueless how to satisfyingly wrap things up.

She basically threw all previous developement to the bin and went with farce and comedy in the end. Sadly, I can't really recommend this to anyone, all the build-up was completely forfeited.
Man, I'm really angry now.

5/10 Only because of the greatness of previous 11 episodes. We were really trolled here, guys.
Sep 20, 2019 3:08 PM

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Oh god, that was cringey. Some interesting lessons here and there, but overall... It had so much potential, too. Really bad ending, ffs. One of Mari Okada's misses (and here was I hoping it could be a hit like Nagi no Asukara, that became one of my fav anime).

Won't be missed. Also, fuck Sugawara. 6/10.
Sep 20, 2019 3:23 PM
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Dissapointed with not getting Hongou soft-porn
ending bad
Sep 20, 2019 3:25 PM

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goddamn, that timeskip was some good shit. instead of getting all of them expelled, okada squeezed in the most out of place happy ending in the whole history of anime

solid 3/10 would recommend amnesia
Sep 20, 2019 3:26 PM

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This had so much potential and I really wanted to like it more, but heck was this underwhelming and that isn't limited to solely this episode.

Don't get me wrong, I still had a good time with this series and the conclusion we have seen was even satisfying in way, it's just that imo there wasn't hardly anything meaningful or memorable that was conveyed.
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Sep 20, 2019 3:27 PM

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This was a great series and the comedy was amazing.

But OMG they did that. I'm such a sucker for anime that end the series with the title of the anime or finish the way they started so when he said "they are in their savage season" I grinned like mad. The OP playing in the background also helped.

I've now joined the group that don't like Momoko. She really did get annoying towards the end. I'm a humungous yuri fan but she really put me off. I wanted them together at first but then she just got more and more annoying.

Kazusa and Izumi are so cute. I'm so glad they didn't ruin that ship like something out of School days. They're a great couple and its nice to see them together.

Great series.
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Sep 20, 2019 3:31 PM

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Sep 20, 2019 3:31 PM

Joined: Apr 2013
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Izumi did/said nothing wrong, though.

1nvader said:
Whoever is the woman that wrote this shit is pathetically... inexperienced? Poor writer probably never even talked to boys, let alone had a boyfriend.

I mean, I'd be mad at Izumi too, but I just can't take him seriously. Literally NO high school boy thinks the way he does, in the entire world, ever! Absolutely nobody!

"I love you but I want to fck another girl." HAHAHAHahaaaaaa, what an absolute unit. There's just no way. Not on high school, not even outside of high school. Not when a couple episodes ago he was jacking off to porn like there's no tomorrow.

You've either not interacted with many high school boys or I missed out on some serious sarcasm here.
Sep 20, 2019 3:35 PM

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Well, I feared the worst about the ending when the new plot appeared at the end of the previous episode but this wrapped mostly well. My only problem is with Momo, they created quite a lot of expectation by building up her drama slowly through the episodes but when it exploded she didn't have enough time and didn't pay off all that expectation. I feel that in the end she ended up being a neglected character who with more time could have shone and had a better closure.

Anyway, I'm going to miss the roller coaster of emotions this show gave me. I loved it.

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Sep 20, 2019 3:56 PM

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Solid ending, though I feel this final arc post the festival could have been handled better.

Damn Izumi, that's a pretty harsh thing to say. The whole situation was amusing but I'm not sure how he decided that was a good thing to say. Well, growing teens and puberty I guess. XD

Amagi and sensei are best boys, loved how sensei till the very end played the role of their adviser and guided the girls to resolve their issues with the tag game. Amagi is a cool dude, he's got eyes only for Sonezaki. :)

Given that it ended with a time skip, is this an original end or are we still following the source material?

Overall, this was a really good show. Fun to watch, likable characters, crazy at points and hilarious at others, both of which only added to the charm of the show. My only issue is this final arc was a little rushed and almost felt a little tacked on given how the festival arc ended but it was good ending nonetheless. I enjoyed the show, would definitely love a second season if it ever gets one.

Sep 20, 2019 4:11 PM
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Great ending Loved the title drop by Sensei Glad to see he is marrying the teacher he likes. Kazusa and Izumi are still together as are Senpai and her boyfriend. nice to see Jujo's baby Glad Nina and Momo are still friends/; Hougo is still in the club
Sep 20, 2019 4:13 PM

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Hmm, I will actually tell you what went wrong with this episode - the characters literally stopped being characters and basically became a tools for author's own monologue which was trying to show the metaphor for period of uncertainity and defiance which then shapes subsequent lives of all adolescents who are coming-of-age (the colors and stuff were the most prevalent).

The problem with this approach is that it basically undermines all of their previous developement by indirectly telling the viewer that in the end those characters weren't real and it effectively breaks the 4th wall.

So while Okada desperately tried to put her own comment to the end of this show, she basically destroyed everything she wrote before - cause literally any other ending which would leave the agenda in characters' hands would be pretty much more satisfying than this needless abstraction.
Sep 20, 2019 4:18 PM

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I can't even. This was really intense in a way, and awkward, and sincere, and I think I loved it. Milo-sensei's idea of playing that game was just what they needed. It's not like everything suddenly became clear or easy or perfect, but they wore their hearts upon their sleeves, and faced each other, and their feelings as best as they could. I'm honestly a bit moved.

I'm so glad Jujou isn't alone by the way. Her boyfriend is there with her and their kid, and she has Sonezaki's friendship. I think the girls won their battle too, and Sonezaki and Amagi didn't get expelled. They are in college now, and Amagi is no longer only cute, he is also looking hot. lol Milo-sensei is getting married, and Hongou could move on while keeping the bittersweet memories. Sugawara, and Momoko were able to stay as friends. And Kazusa worked out her worries, and anxieties with Izumi. They felt the same way all along, so much that they almost missed the opportunity of understanding each other. But they did, it fit.

This story wasn't perfect, and it stumbled along the way, I think it was because it was rushed, but I will only know for sure once I read the manga. But this was still somewhat special. They were going through such an important moment of their lives, along with all the highs-and-lows. They didn't have the answers, no one ever does, and they hurt each other, but they also tried their best. It was beautiful. I'm going to miss it.
Sep 20, 2019 4:31 PM

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It fit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I was quite enjoying it, but the sudden switch of direction style on the last episodes left me with a feeling of "unconcluded work", as if there were 2 different animes I'll never see entirely. One being the drama with some nice comic relief it was at the beginning, and the other being this absurd comedy with some drama. Both could be good in their own way, but they don't mix well together.

slavemaster_1991 said:
I still don't get how this show built drama for 10 episodes and switched to bright colours for the ending to paint everyone a good outcome. Confused/10.

^ Yep, confused/10

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Sep 20, 2019 4:34 PM
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The people who are disappointed with how it got wrapped up seem to be missing the point. The girls made it through that turbulent period of adolescent youth when hormones are raging and everyone's doing stupid things. And then when the storm's ended, you look back on it and realize how stupid you were. This show wasn't about the outcome as much as it was about the journey.
Sep 20, 2019 4:44 PM

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I think these last two episodes didn't fit very well into the story. Overall I liked the show a lot, but these last episodes felt kinda 'meh'.

Last scene was good, though.
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Sep 20, 2019 4:47 PM

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Well, this was degenerate trash right to the end. Pushes the whole "muh female sexuality" crap too hard. I'm considering suffering through the manga just for more Hongou.
Really though, no matter how self-aware the cringy literary references were, there's nothing cultured about it. It's poorly disguised propaganda written by the kind of hag you'd expect to hop on a broom and fly away. I'm not some hardliner traditionalist, but some things are innate to human nature.
Sep 20, 2019 4:50 PM
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SJ7izm said:

1nvader said:
Whoever is the woman that wrote this shit is pathetically... inexperienced? Poor writer probably never even talked to boys, let alone had a boyfriend.

I mean, I'd be mad at Izumi too, but I just can't take him seriously. Literally NO high school boy thinks the way he does, in the entire world, ever! Absolutely nobody!

"I love you but I want to fck another girl." HAHAHAHahaaaaaa, what an absolute unit. There's just no way. Not on high school, not even outside of high school. Not when a couple episodes ago he was jacking off to porn like there's no tomorrow.

You've either not interacted with many high school boys or I missed out on some serious sarcasm here.

I don't know about you, but back then I wanted to fck everything that moved, so getting one (ONLY ONE) boner because some thot made me touch her butt really wasn't special enough to call it "being attracted".

And like I said, he was jacking off all comfy a couple episodes ago. It's like he's discovering sexuality in the opposite order. This just makes no sense, man...
Sep 20, 2019 4:53 PM
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I would've enjoyed the series more if it wasn't so wimpy and the ending wasn't rushed. Plus there were some confusing bits that did me head in like the izumi/Kazuka/Niina/Momoko situation...
Sep 20, 2019 4:55 PM

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I was really proud of what Izumi said to Kazusa in the hallway, I thought that was very sweet. I was like " take that you crazy bitch Niina"! I hated Niina so much, she's the one that spoiled the show with her dramatic shit. If it was a real person, she Would've needed years of therapy because her emotions are all over the place and I doubt she loved Izumi. She only wanted to spoil Kazusa's happiness with Izumi, I didn't get what was it that made it fall, his kindness or because her friend loved him since or was it to prove she's more attractive than Kazusa? Her actions shamed me to the end, and will be glad to never see any character that behaves like that ever in my life. Even Izumi called her weird! But I liked Momo, and other characters. I really liked her when she supported their relationship, but came down when she decided to go loco!

If it wasn't for her or the unnecessary over the top drama, I would have loved this show. But the Izumi/Kazusa last moment will be in my memory.

¡Ay, caramba! --- Bart Simpson

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