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Poll: Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II Episode 11 Discussion

Sep 21, 12:59 PM

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Ares is really a meathead in this adaption
I am just going to ignore the harem moments lol
Sep 21, 1:44 PM
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Very Funny episode, loved it :D
Sep 21, 1:50 PM

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Finally, Ais is back! I've missed her this season!

I love how simple and stupid Ares is and it was just 10x funny when his crappy plan actually worked haha
Sep 21, 2:40 PM

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This second season has been rushed and boring... Ares is a funny guy tho, not really how i expected the God of war to be like, but thats what makes it funny i suppose.

Oh right, Haruhime is a Virgin cuz Bell`s harem must have only virgin girls.

And last but not least: I AM GANESHA!! Lol
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Sep 21, 2:45 PM

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SoraSenpai said:
I still find it baffling that people like Hestia. I've disliked her since day one, she is the worst! Annoying and Useless just like another Goddess i know but at least she can use water moves and her fists. Hestia is literally only good for causing trouble and making trouble.

I do not know what the point of these last two episodes are...I guess they were made to make Bell realize that Hestia loves him though he wont return the romantic feelings towards her.
many people dont really like Hestia, they like her appearance, a loli with big breasts with her sexy "outfit" if u can call that and ofc cuz her VA is Minase Inori, i do enjoy Hestia, i think she is funny, but i do admit sometimes she is annoying and useless, but so is 90% of the chars in this show...
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Sep 21, 10:16 PM

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WAIT WHAT...!? So Haruhime is a virgin ALL THIS WHILE??? It's clearly shown that she is depicted as a prostitute by the Ishtar Familia for God knows how long, they have manipulated her to pieces, and the next thing, to learn and expect her to NOT be one? What nonsense is this...

But regardless, Haruhime is in safe hands within the Hestia Familia. But more hijinks just create more trouble for Hestia, so much so that despite her usefulness in Season 1, she is pretty much useless the entire time, with more girls adding to Bell's harem and his usual naivety with extreme denseness.

In the end cards, it's between some of the biggest Familia (Zeus, Ares) that triggered the war on Orario.
Such big words, so little confidence. Despite that, the idiot Ares managed to kidnap Hestia with ABSOLUTELY NO EFFORT. What a wimp...

With Ais finally showing up after all this while, looks like Bell have to rely on her familia once again to rescue the irritating goddess. With this direction, it's safe to say that I've wasted my precious time anticipating this sequel.

For convenience purposes, one more episode left to finish this abomination.
Sep 22, 12:15 AM

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Another member of the familia. It'll get even more interesting now.

I'm curious to see what Ares would be like with his power released. A god of war with his psychology would be pretty great.

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Sep 22, 1:11 AM

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Good to see Ares here, but it seems like he is a joke character, but then he is a funny one. More jealousy episode and more kidnap as always, also we have Ais on this episode. Well, lets see how they will survive at the bottom where they fall.
Sep 22, 2:01 AM
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So we come to see the "a girl doesn't lose her worth with her purity" arc come around with acceptance and rescue of Haruhime, then immediately be thrown out by "but she's actually pure so she's actually cool". Nice.
Sep 22, 3:48 AM

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Poor hestia though Bell better make it up with her.

Next episode is gonna be the final episode this season
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Sep 22, 4:09 AM

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Episode 11 doesn't gave me that much excitement. Except the fact that Haruhime is still a virgin lol. Anyway, episode 11 was decent. Hestia being kidnapped was most likely predictable because she's the only possible goddess for that. Haruhime became part of the Hestia Familia and Bell finally decideds to open up his heart to Hestia's feelings (not in a romantic way) and yeah, great to see that Aiz is back on screen as well.
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Sep 22, 6:09 AM

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hilarious lol because Hestia got easily kidnapped!
wow! Haruhime really got the uncontrollable hots for bell! and because of that Hestia went hysterically mad jealous!!!
i never knew Asfi Perseus legs were kinda HOT!
Sep 22, 9:22 AM

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Hestia got kidnapped so easily xD Ares didn't have to do anything haha

So, Haruhime wasn't a prostitute, and she doesn't even know it xD
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Sep 22, 9:27 AM

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iTzKenzo said:
This second season has been rushed and boring... Ares is a funny guy tho, not really how i expected the God of war to be like, but thats what makes it funny i suppose.

Oh right, Haruhime is a Virgin cuz Bell`s harem must have only virgin girls.

And last but not least: I AM GANESHA!! Lol

I find it funny that you call this season rushed seeing as this time they only adapted 3 volumes compared to 5 volumes in season 1.

Well aside from that...So someone explain this to me since i am not a ln reader either, if i am understanding this right, Hermes is working secretly for Zeus and both of them have been keeping an eye on Bell as he has the potential to be the hero to defeat this One-Eyed Black Dragon and finish this legendary three quest once and for all?
Sep 22, 9:53 AM

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You know what, I just don't care anymore about anything this show is doing. This season has moved so far away from what made season 1 enjoyable that it's a continual source of disappointment. And starting a new arc with two episodes left - and very blatantly rushing through countless developments to get to that point (such as Aisha becoming friendly with everyone) - was a stupid idea, but I'm no longer surprised at how bad the writing is. At least the ending to the Haruhime arc was reasonably strong, even if the rest of it was terrible (and the revelation that Haruhime is a virgin after all is comically stupid in light of everything that happened in that arc).

Can't say I even care enough to watch the final episode at this point, such is how done I am with this series.
Sep 22, 10:41 AM

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lol godstage. 10/10.
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Sep 22, 1:15 PM

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Kind of expected an aftermath episode but there was no need, glad the plot is moving along.

FrozenRaider said:
lol godstage. 10/10.
Sep 22, 2:21 PM
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WTF !, the peace lasted almost nothing, hahaha. But Hestia's abduction, more than shocking, was funny. I thought that Ares's family, being the God of war, would be much stronger, but they are a string of simple soldiers. God Ares has a crazy and funny attitude πŸ˜‚.
The black Dragon has left me intrigued. Where will that river take you?
Well, I'm glad Haruhime wasn't a real prostitute and joined the Hestia family, it was a nice touch to include her in the ending :).
Sep 22, 7:16 PM
Seiyuu Nerd

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I'm not a LN reader but when I searched the LN volume that's currently being adapted, Volume 8 right after Ishtar's arc

it's a volume full of side stories and it's not a major arc like the previous ones (just like what they did on the end of Index II) soooo this is understandable
Sep 23, 7:50 AM

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They really need to work on their transition from cliffhangers and the endings. The ending is just too lighthearted lmao. Its like they're joking lol
Sep 24, 8:57 AM

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Why is Ares and his Familia not adventuring inside the dungeon in Orario to get stronger is beyond me. Maybe it was beneath him? Or way over his feeble intellect? Even if his not laying siege to Orario and giving Orario adventurers practice time on his army, Orario itself is exploiting and gaining profits over his army's need of materials and supplies.

Ganesha whispering his name in shame. LOL
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Sep 24, 10:55 AM

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I must say that I lost interrest in this show some time ago. I'm glad the next episode is the last.
Sep 24, 12:09 PM

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lol Ares is hilarious

Bell x Hestia ship is kinda eh. Bell is too dense of a protagonist and has a pretty growing harem to him. Only worthwhile one is Mikoto x Takemikazuchi one
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Sep 24, 4:56 PM
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So Haruhime is part of the Hestia family and for now she will do domestic work, ok I understand that it is to keep Haruhime's ability hidden, also Haruhime in maid outfit looks beautiful and Aisha revealed that Haruhime was always pure, but this also means a new rival for the busty loli goddess.

I found very interesting the conversation that Hermes had with Bell, the story of the three great missions, and we knew what was the sad fate of the Zeus Family and the Hera Family, who died when both families faced with the black dragon.

Ares made me laugh too much, it's funny how despite seeing his army defeated he doesn't give up even when his army faces the Loki family and the Freya family.

Bell has too much respect for Hestia and this only makes the poor girl feel hurt and this makes her run away sad, a detail that seemed interesting to me is that Welf revealed that he and Hephaestus were close despite being goddess and son.

The conversation that Hephaestus had with Bell was a good wake-up call, the goddess recommended him that he should not reject Hestia's love.

The kidnapping of Hestia was a coincidence too ridiculous and fun, but to Ares's bad luck, this is followed by Ais, Bell and Asfi and when they were about to rescue Hestia, she and Bell fall into a river with a very dangerous stream.

I did not expect an arc for these last two episodes, but if they serve to give a close to the season it does not bother me, but still I am very amused by the personality of Ares.
I hope Hestia and Bell solve their problem and i hope both are healthy after that fall.
Sep 27, 12:31 PM
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caraca, Kratos teria vergonha desse "Ares" de araque kkkkk
Sep 28, 4:44 AM

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Nice Hestia getting captured by Ares, which is a somewhat eccentric God, well both of them are.
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Sep 28, 4:56 AM

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OK... Ares is funny guy... or god... even though from wiki-pages and bits of information I got I always thought Ares is a kind of omnius thread, warmongering nation wanted to conquer Orario... which is true.. but clear truth is kinda disappointing.
Hope to see more of daily interaction between family members and Bell and Haruhime particulary... you know. To have something to ship. This plot is kinda ridiculous.
And like seriously, Ganesha itself just stand as gate guard?
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Sep 28, 7:23 AM
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So, we're just supposed to pretend that all the evil shit Aisha did, kidnapping Bell, re-capturing Haruhime, then trying to prevent Bell from rescuing her a second time, didn't happen? We're supposed to believe she cares for Haruhime, despite taking repeated actions that would lead to her death? Ignore that she has lied to Haruhime for years, and continues to do so, leading her to believe for years that she was so worthless that she didn't even want to go on living? Why? What is the basis for this?

Also, and this has been annoying me for most of both seasons, why does Bell constantly take of his armor and, more importantly, his dagger? Other than for the obvious reason that the plot requires him to be useless (even though he SHOULD e fairly strong even unarmed) for large portions of the series, of course.
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Sep 28, 8:32 AM

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damn I wasn't expecting her to be kidnapped like that lol
Sep 29, 2:26 PM

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Let me guess, tha river was Styx, right? I guess the next plot is decided then.

Also, with all that fuss about mortal and god not be able to have romance, I'm pretty much sure now that Bell is a product of such love. What an irony, right.

Well, Ais had to conveniently jump there too so its obvious the end of this season would be undecisive yet again.
Sep 30, 9:43 PM

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That was pretty damn amazing! Really impressive episode and ending especially. Do wonder what the last episode will offer!
Oct 2, 1:23 PM
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Aisha never actually hated haruhime,

Aisha was being controlled by Ishtar and couldn't go against her after she broke the crystal thing .

She had no choice but to play out her orders

The virgin thing is most likely a editers infulance the only thing I dislike is the no one acually tells her the truth but they changed it so that someone trys to tell her.

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Oct 5, 7:42 AM

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Tbh, I'm on team Haruhime lmao

Oct 5, 12:09 PM

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Oh, of course. Let's make Haruhime believe she actually had sex with many men (against her will so technically, rape) because who cares about the trauma it might have left in her psyche. She's now safe and with her harem Hero so why bother telling her that in fact, not a single client fucked her unconscious body while she was captive.

Another awful episode this season has offered. The mighty God of War ended up being a walking joke and the plot conveniences used to make Hestia go outside the walls was beyond stupidity. Man, and here I thought Apollo's representation was disappointing but now, seeing the God of War himself being this stupid and incompetent sure proved me wrong.

P.S.: Welf acknowledging Hephaestus' appeal made me happy, being honest. Finally someone showing some good taste.
Oct 12, 11:32 PM

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Poor Hestia. Even Lilli felt sorry for her.

Hestia getting kidnapped was random af!
Oct 13, 12:45 AM

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Haruhime joins the team!
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Oct 14, 5:21 PM

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Dude what? I've always had this thought that one day Ares would come down to Orario and fuck shit up especially those strong familias that are doing whatever they want but now look at what they did to him. He's the fucking God of War ffs. With all that said he is absolutely hilarious and this is the best episode yet in this season lol
Nov 13, 11:49 PM

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ares is an idiot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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