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Poll: Joshikousei no Mudazukai Episode 12 Discussion

Sep 20, 11:12 PM

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Aaah this was golden
They sure had me scared when I didn't see "Hey, can I say something amazing" until the end
But it was an awesome finisher
Also by how Baka and Yamai were in 1-2 xD that girl that came out of the locker was probably supposed to sit where Baka sat. Guess there'll be even more comedy and even more girls in continuations, I'm so gonna pick that up

Focus on final exams huh
I'm going to miss this way too much. This show was my salvation every friday/saturday morning
The comedy is 11/10

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Sep 20, 11:15 PM

Joined: Mar 2018
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amlg said:

Also, who was that fluffy pink hair girl that came out of the locker? (she seems to have the quality to be one of the weird High School Girl group, lol)

There was also that kinda delinquent girl in 2-2 with dyed hair. Well maybe she's not the delinquent type but she looked like she could be one of the weird girls

“I don’t like expending more effort than I have to.” – Ayanokouji Kiyotaka
Sep 20, 11:29 PM
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A very funny and a bit emotional ending watching Tanaka study as crazy to spend the year 😂, and the support provided by her friends so they can continue to be together. That is true friendship, hahaha.
I will miss this anime on Fridays. I consider it one of the 10 best anime of the season, and it goes without saying, that it is one of my favorites. I think he's the one who made me laugh the most 😂. I say goodbye with a great love for the characters: Baka, Wota, Robo, Yamamoto, Loli, Majime, Majo, Lily and Master Waseda 😁. I look forward to a second season soon, it would be great one season for each year until the girls finish high school. Dreaming costs nothing xD.
Sep 20, 11:51 PM

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wasn't my favorite comedy this season but it was good and kept me quite amused each week glad it got better and the show was very self aware on how not funny funny Baka was with her running bit of telling something amazing.

will gladly take a season 2 they cant do the new character tease without it meaning something .

7.5/10 torn between this and dumbells for most catchy OP this year i think wasteful wins on the visual aspect i never skip it when i normally skip the songs since i got em.
Sep 20, 11:52 PM

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One of the best comedy so far this year , pure comedy! I hope there is a second season!!

Sep 21, 1:15 AM

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I'll miss Loli & Robo...
Nyanpasu! ... [ Ara Ara ]

Sep 21, 2:25 AM

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While the first half of the episode wasn't as good , the second half made up for it .
Great finale nonetheless .
Sep 21, 3:23 AM

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Among so much that was awesome in this show, there's the pleasure of watching the ending and finally knowing where each character and situation fits. You can even see the hairdresser's cat. I mean, the friggin' cat.
I just finished re-watching the series. Yes, I liked it that much. Lots of hints, foreshadowing and details you just miss the first time. The whole thing was really well put together. Right into my favorite list (if I had one that is).
Fun things are still fun.
Sep 21, 4:35 AM
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It was quite fun, pretty classical in its writing and humor but working well.

But for the new character, I'm more interested in the Yankee(?) girl in their class than the new loli.
Sep 21, 4:36 AM

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The finale that ended with a bigger bang than expected.

And of course Baka being cursed and retained for a year. I mean, who am I kidding, this is Baka we're talking about. HAHA, Wota being Jabami Yumeko for a with Robo being on the wayside, but both working together to keep Baka well and alive.

With Majime teaching Baka based on her version of mnemonics, it's becoming more of a chore to teach Baka with Wota rimming down her throat.

Loli offering Pocky to everyone (which Lily suffered) and Majo constantly deriving "bad luck" onto Baka. In the end, she just gave up totally and ran away like the idiot she is: "I'm done being a high school girl!"

It's absolutely satisfying to see the character cast (aside from Yamai) reunite altogether to ensure that...they're gonna get isekai-ed!? Oh sure, it's only Baka and Yamai. PLUS, that girl who came out of the closet...another girl?

A show so bad it turned out good and heads better than what I've come to expect of comedy anime. 8/10.
Sep 21, 5:26 AM

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"I'm sure your blood would be quite pretty right now!" lmao
"That would be like teaching an insect to do tricks." Wow Ninomae went savage
Baka loves her base
Lmao Loli mistook study-mode Baka for Nino
Loli being best girl and giving Baka pockies again despite them getting ruined last time, now that's touching.
Baka is so nasty, spitting like that
She got so done with studying after forgetting everything that she just ran off to some... farm, that's some dedication. The way she hugged the other versions of Robo and Wota made me laugh. But good they went to bring her back and she came back to gave it a try again.
Lmao Majo came and stuffed that shady stuff straight in Baka's mouth. My God it was close to lethal dose.
Oh I spot a new important-looking character behind Ninomae in their 2nd year.
Lmao Baka talking to some junior as if she's Robo.
Yamamoto with her parallel world explanation and Baka taking it seriously lmao. "There are two Waseda" these girls.
Oh that pink-haired junior girl and perhaps one more seem important-looking too.
The dedication in translating that panettone (bread is called pan in japan) pun showed.
And Robo has been unbothered. Except saying tapeworm of course. Though she looks cute with messy hair after the other two's combined attack.
Now this was quite epic. I laughed a lot watching this show. Often it would take me a long time to finish episodes because so much dialogue and extra detail as well at times but yeah I enjoyed it. S2 would be good.
Sep 21, 8:01 AM

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It was a really fun journey overall.
If it ever gets another season, I'm definitely watching it.

Sep 21, 10:05 AM

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I was re-watching the series again when I notice something that I missed.

Even in episode 1 Takahashi is already stalking Robo.

I see that new cast member Nora is already in class right behind Majime.
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Sep 21, 11:30 AM
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One of the best for this season finally comes to end.

Pig part was hilarious. Im burst out laughing.

Another season maybe someday ?
Sep 21, 4:48 PM

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Isekai'd to another class? Seems legit, Yamai.

Honestly, not the way I would have liked this anime to conclude since I think Baka is the most annoying character I have seen in a while but other than that, it was still a decent final episode overall. Ep. 11 still looked more like a finale than this one tho.

Regarding this series as a whole, I personally think it had a quite rough start. The first 4 episodes were awfully unnerving and unfunny but once more characters started to be introduced, the series became more and more enjoyable and entertaining. Without a doubt, the side characters were the ones who made this show good.

6,5 -> 7/10 - I don't think a second season is necessary but I wouldn't mind one or two OVAs.
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Sep 21, 5:03 PM

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Now i'll be the one to say something amazing: this anime is pure comedy gold and definitely deserves more recognition. Asobi Asobase and Daily Lives of Highschool Boys 2.0. Gotta love that kind of comedy. And with that said, i'll also say that this anime was one of the dark horses this season so far. It's an 8/10 for sure!
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Sep 21, 6:03 PM

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This was a pretty fun and enjoyable series overall.

I didn't think too much of it the first couple of episodes but it got a lot better and a lot funnier as it progressed.

I hope Baka never changes.
Sep 21, 8:27 PM

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I thought Wota has the biggest and luxurious bedroom living in a rich family among the main characters, but guess what Robo lives in a way bigger, more technical and advanced bedroom.
Sep 21, 10:56 PM

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"Do you know about parallel worlds?"
"Not one bit."
"I thought as much."

The Yamai-Baka tandem has so much potential.
Fun things are still fun.
Sep 22, 1:07 AM

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So it ended, I will miss this anime. A nice ending now that they are 2nd years, still the funny part is here especially Baka. Loved the pocky part and Yamamoto part here, and yeah I both Baka and Yamamoto here. For the last half of the episode it seems they are not focusing much on comedy, because the first half is the reason why I am watching this. Anyways this is a fun anime, and I hope there will be more like this.
Sep 22, 2:24 AM

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Gonna miss this anime, lowkey wish I had that kind of high school life, just making jokes out of everything haha

I see that Wota-Waseda ship thing going on mm hmmmm
I hope there’s a next season where we can see more of the girls messing around and stuff. Need more, this anime makes me feel youthful lol
Sep 22, 3:29 AM
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If you want to fulfill the second season, you have to buy the BD. Of corse, I reserved it.
Sep 22, 8:43 AM

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Ohh Yess !! This is definitely my anime of the year. That perfect way to surprise the audiences when they didn't show the result of Baka's exam and even show Yamai's bad score, but then ended with Waseda pull those girls back to his class, meaning... yeah ! They passed it !

I'm forgot when last time I got this exciting with season finale of an anime, this anime is definitely a gold, at least for myself.

Ahh I will missed my best girl Majo. She got pretty much scene in the last 3 episodes, which is enough to fulfill my daily best girl meter. Oh and score, definitely.... 10/10
Sep 22, 1:20 PM

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garyborken said:
Being a shameless shipper I will have to point out these two moment:

Wota will be a college girl in just 2 short years, and then she'll be right in Waseda's strike zone!
Sep 22, 2:16 PM
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A very funny and a bit emotional ending watching Tanaka study as crazy to spend the year 😂, and the support provided by her friends so they can continue to be together. That is true friendship, hahaha.
I will miss this anime on Fridays. I consider it one of the 10 best anime of the season, and it goes without saying, that it is one of my favorites. I think it's the anime that made me laugh the most in the season 😂. I say goodbye with a great love for the characters: Baka, Wota, Robo, Yamamoto, Loli, Majime, Majo, Lily and Master Waseda 😁. I look forward to a second season soon, it would be great one season for each year until the girls finish high school. Dreaming costs nothing xD.

See you soon trio of loquillas, thank you for making my Fridays happy with your follies :').
Sep 22, 4:31 PM

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where did it end in the web manga?
Sep 22, 5:35 PM
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Great finale, it was for sure a really funny ride!

baka quitting high school because of study was so funny, and damn she instantly find a part time job, with pigs, she talking for pigs about other was hialarious!

Baka and Yamain scene in 1st class missunderstanding for a isekai was so damn funny! And why was a studdent from 1st class in locker!

Yamai sequeces were the most funny form me, i think she was my favourite character, impossible not to laught, that poster in the three with "do not climb" to prevent Yamai to climb xD

Overrall all characters were funny, and easy to sympatize with them, i will miss this funny show for sure!
Sep 22, 6:10 PM

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HANDSDOWN! to the best comedy show of Summer-2019!
Sep 22, 8:06 PM

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I'm going to miss this show so much. ;_;;
I enjoyed all these characters so much! ;o;;
It's been such a great ride.

Enjoy your anime!
Sep 22, 10:44 PM
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Score 8/10 ,, this anime very funny ,, waseda is my favorite charactere
Sep 23, 4:31 AM
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Ano sa, ima kara sugoku itte mo ii?
Kono anime, sugoku tanoshikatta.

Hey! Could I tell you about the great thing?
This anime is very amusing!
Sep 23, 5:52 AM

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I'm seeing some new characters with some interesting designs... Which means I now have to go read the manga to figure out who these new people are, or wait for hopefully a season 2.

Anyway, Yamai is great, and it still feels weird to me that an 8th Grade Syndrome character somehow felt refreshing, and has me questioning how long it's been since I last saw one. Perhaps stories with those type of characters were replaced with the many Isekais we see now.

Anime was great, enjoyed it a lot, was simple and fun, 8/10.
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Sep 25, 3:25 PM

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Easily comedy of the year so far for me, hope there will be a season 2 one day! 9/10
Sep 26, 2:22 AM

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Absolutely adored this! I cannot believe how underrated this is in MAL. I am glad that it's actually one of the top anime (#2) in anikore this season. All the girls are so precious! Baka and Loli really are my favourites with Wota (the author's self depiction?) really shining in the last couple of episodes! Also, noticed a couple of new characters appearing at the end. I am definitely picking up the manga!

9/10. Just brilliant!

Haha! You are not the only one. And it reads 俺の気持ちをのせて "Pick up these feelings of mine" on the screen. It couldn't be a better giveaway! I am gonna ship them all the way to the shore! :P
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Sep 27, 7:20 AM

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I'd love to see the recording session of the pigs scene, that was hilarious.
Sep 28, 7:39 AM

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Sad to think that this hilarious of a show has ended. Good thing that they're still classmates huh

Sep 30, 6:14 AM

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They got me, I really thought they failed. Then they got me again when I thought we won't hear something amazing in this episode.
Overall, as great as comedy was, I feel characters kinda lacked. Be it too big cast or too few episodes, but I didn't get attached to any of them. There were also some that I honestly didn't like watching: Yamay and Loli. The former had her cringy/funny balance screwed that her scenes were a bit too annyoing and the latter was just boring instead of cute or funny. Robo somewhat made up for them, but idk, I'm just not satisfied.
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Oct 1, 10:42 PM
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had weak starting episodes, but mid to end grew a bit hilarious, ep11 was great with Wota's relationship.
The dynamics in the main group, and the lesser romance subplot made the comedy work well in some episodes. Sometimes gets too random or eww but Baka still is fun enough.
Majime & a few characters a bit bland but Loli, Lily & Yamai were fun & weird enough.
Oct 2, 4:27 AM
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very entertaining anime,, im very enjoy the school live with the variant uniqe character and the comedy was very fresh make me laugh so haard,,
the part when baka talking with other Robo and watch waseda become baldy old man was the best part ,,
LOli, majo and yamai the best character in this series,, love this show so much ,,
Oct 6, 4:02 PM

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Quality funny show... gonna miss it.
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Oct 13, 2:57 AM

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Not suprising to see Baka almost having to repeat the year, the most suprising thing is actually her going to the next year or even managing to go this high school

Baka is quite lucky to have such good friend that can put up with her bullshit and actually helped her with her exams

Quite a funny anime, can't wait for a second season
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