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Poll: Dr. Stone Chapter 122 Discussion

Sep 19, 2:07 AM

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Mozu is one crazy bastard.

Such an unpredictable guy. The mind games this chapter though...I sure hope Senku has a plan.
Sep 19, 2:14 AM

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it's time for mindgame, i like this!
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Sep 19, 6:04 AM

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I like that idea of persuading Mozu, do your best Gen.
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Sep 19, 7:31 AM
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lol at puzzle solving they have on just pieces of information so there is only 1 petrification device

and now they are convincing Mozu to join the kingdom of science

if only they have Tsukasa to fight against Mozu though
Sep 19, 8:20 AM

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The team has been completely revived, and informed about their fallen comrades. As they try to figure out what they're going to do next, Mozu arrives and surprises them. That guy is amazingly stealthy.

Now for Mozu vs Gen in a battle of tongues.
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Sep 19, 8:27 AM

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God damn this arc is so thrilling. Also time for Gen to do his stuff.
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Sep 19, 4:08 PM

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is he an enemy? is he a friend? i dunno but I really hope Gen convinces him
Sep 20, 1:35 AM
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That was so fast. I can't wait to see how Gen will play his role to convince Mozu
Sep 20, 8:40 AM
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It's nice to see Gen acting again. He's barely had any protagonism since Tsukasa's ark, and I kinda disliked he was only there to say some jokes on the background all this time.
Sep 20, 12:36 PM

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Seeing more people being depetrified was really cool. It felt as if they were petrified for such a long time, while it was only several days in the manga's world.

Mozu is somebody who can't be taken lightly. I thought he might have been chasing Amaryllis.
Having him as an ally would be great for Senku's team.

I can't wait to see results of "the war of tongues" between Mozu and Gen.
Sep 20, 1:20 PM
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Who do you think is most powerful between~
Mozu and tsukasa.
And if there would be any fight then who would have been the winner?
Sep 20, 5:27 PM
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Amittoppo said:
Who do you think is most powerful between~
Mozu and tsukasa.
And if there would be any fight then who would have been the winner?

Tsukasa all the way!!!!!!
Sep 20, 9:37 PM

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Can't wait to see Gen work his magic.
Sep 20, 9:38 PM
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Really great seeing even more high IQ tactics from the kingdom of science. Also most of the important characters are saved. Best part was seeing Chrome use his own independent thinking to solve Moz. Gen vs Moz: Brain v Brawn, Charisma v Strength, etc. This series always is a treat to read