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Poll: Carole & Tuesday Episode 22 Discussion

Sep 28, 11:05 AM

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ok the fall out of angela was truly something.... I guess two episodes to go
Sep 30, 11:21 PM
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ShiningLion said:
There is so much in this episode that disturbed me. I was disgusted watching all the Mars celebrities sit there cracking political jokes and basically using Carole & Tuesday as puppets to try to push their political views when the girls don't even fully understand their place in that or why Crystal wanted them to sing that kind of song. I feel like the industry is using them, and it's irregardless of whether their political views are justified or not. It's just petty to sit there cracking political jabs at a candidate while people within their own industry like Angela were suffering through so much with no support (so ironic too since she's the new artist of the year and the talk of the industry), and of course there are seemingly victims of poverty and the political climate as well who aren't mentioned and don't have a voice. It really feels like it shows the privilege of celebrity elites to be able to sit at their fancy, elaborate awards shows in expensive clothing and make cracks about the world while outside people suffer. Meanwhile, Angela seems to have written her own song for the first time. It feels like a bit of a role reversal, where she was the one being used by the industry previously but now Carole and Tuesday are.

I don't know if the After the Fire was really meant to come off as having been truly inspirational or what we were supposed to feel. A big problem I have with this show is I often can't tell what it is we're supposed to be feeling. Were my feelings of disgust toward the elites intended? Or were we supposed to be moved and feel all these artists are inspiring the world? It's hard to, when in real life and in Hollywood there is so much hypocrisy and lip service. Anyway, the song was really generic and I didn't care for it. Angela's Light a Fire is more moving to me. Her performance on this episode was haunting and beautiful as well. I prefer it over C&T's.

And on that note, this really has become "The Angela Show". To me, it feels like Carole & Tuesday aren't even the main characters in regards to the show's writing. Angela is way more fleshed out as a character and has more believable and dynamic struggles. C&T just sort of float through everything with lots of luck, support, and coincidences on their side, and almost no consequences to them personally when they have failures. Everyone else around them gets hurt, but they rarely do, and when they do, it's resolved too quickly (like Cybele's attack or Valerie kidnapping Tuesday) or over something trivial (like Tuesday's poorly established crush on the reporter).

Idk what to think. I'm not expecting a lot from the ending, but I am very glad the show has shifted to focus so much on Angela because she has been the most compelling character in this show since midway through the first arc. I clapped when she won the award. She deserves it. I do still hope that in the end she becomes friends with C&T and collaborates with them. I get what C&T are supposed to represent: hope, new energy, creativity, faith in yourself, ability to inspire others, etc. but as characters they are still so stereotypical and not as complex as ones like Angela.

I've been predicting the 7 Minute Miracle will also involve Angela in some way as a plot twist, but now that she's laid up I don't know. I also predict that the final episode's title will be "Imagine" by John Lennon, or something similar. Just throwing out some guesses. I REALLY can't wait for this show to end b/c so much of the messaging has felt vague or gray that I want to know where they're going with all this

P.S. Lol Keanu Reeves cameo

YES!!! THANK YOU DUDE!!! I also think there's a kind of a double standard, and that the series has been pretty gray on its messages, but I'm actually loving it all the more for it. I've heard some people say that it breaks the rule of "show, don't tell" but the fact that the series isn't recognizing the hypocresy in all of the situation in this episode makes me think otherwise. In fact, I feel is done completly on purpose. Crystal said that some artists write songs about how the world truly is, but she wanted to make a light in the darkness. In a way, I feel like the episode showed how C&T's song was a light in the darkness, and how everyone in the public was pleased about it. They're lucky. They're in there. They want to keep living in they're little fantasy, so a "light in the darkness" is just fine for them. Is merely escapism.
But Angelas song is that "song that shows the world as it truly is". Is the final song of the episode. It seems less a product for commertiality and more of a personal lyrics, because it totally is. is the one that affects you the most as an espectator, and it makes people in the public uneasy. And maybe that's what art should do. I know this isn't the ending, but maybe that's the message. I don't know how are they going to close the story off, but I certainly cant wait, because I completely believe that all that this episode made me feel and think was intended that way. This is turning up to be a damn great anime.
Oct 1, 3:46 AM
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That was actually quite an intense episode to be fair, feel bad for Angela
It's fine if you say no chromo afterwards
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