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Sep 18, 8:09 AM
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At Shao Mei's place, Rebecca fought a B-Cuber and had been embarrassed by a clothe-melting slime. At Sun Jewel, Rebecca was fooled and embarrassed by Lavilla in front of Nino, a B-Cuber she just met.

Shiki fought a heavily armored guy at Shao Mei's. Shiki's fighting Crimson Lady who's fighting using the Kurenai Dragon and is heavily armored.

Weisz fought a humanoid animal at Shao Mei's. Weisz is abour to fight a humanoid lion at the slums of Sun Jewel.

Homura fought a replica of Valkyrie, and needed to control her emotions in order to win. Homura needs to accept what happened to Valkyrie, in order to move on and keep going.

And they did really found Valkyrie, but did Shao Mei said anything that she'll be alive and be with them at Eden's Zero?

great observation from this fan, hopefully Shao Mei will reveal of this at some future chapters too

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