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Poll: Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? Episode 12 Discussion

Sep 19, 12:00 AM

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Informative and it took it time to grow some of their characters? not bad Dumbell...not bad.
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Sep 19, 12:02 AM

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Another beach episode to conclude the series? Yeah, please and thank you.

And also damn it, I thought those last seconds with Hibiki were going to be some kind of announcement for a possible second season. And though that wasn't the case, I wouldn't say I was disappointed since seeing her reacting so happily after getting off the scale was way too adorable.

Overall, super entertaining final episode. I enjoyed every second of it but I must say the scene with Jason and the producer was easily, the best part. So dramatically portrayed I couldn't stop laughing, especially with the whole "Chanjay" thing xD

As a whole, this series ended up being quite nice. The productions values were surprisingly good, which was really appreciated and I really liked how well the fanservice was balanced with the more SoL aspect of the show.

7 - 7,5/10 - I totally wouldn't mind a second season... actually, it would be quite welcome. Hope Doga Kobo can make it possible.

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Sep 19, 12:11 AM

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Uhh... and by the way, I didn't know that seeing Ayaka with loose hair was something I actually needed. Thanks again, Doga Kobo.

Sep 19, 12:32 AM

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This season had many standout anime like Vinland Saga, Fire Force, Dr.Stone, and Demon Slayer, but honestly it was this show that brought the most laughter and joy.

As a fan of lighthearted anime, Danberu is pretty much the perfect series. It has everything you could possibly ask for from a slice-of-life comedy.

  • interesting premise and topic
  • extremely cute and attractive character designs
  • colorful artstyle
  • amazing animation
  • surprisingly fire soundtrack (not just the OP and ED)
  • unique, memorable, and lovable characters
  • nonstop gags and humor that really bring out each characters' personality
  • fanservice that is incorporated in funny and creative ways
  • educates the viewer, but is so fun and entertaining that it doesnt detract from the enjoyment of the show
  • great message that encourages weebs to go out and improve themselves

I know this show isn't the type that most anime fans would consider AOTY or AOTS since its "just" a cute-girls-doing-cute-things slice-of-life without the typical type of plot or character development, but its really rare for a series to be so... in tune with its own strengths and goes all in on it.

It doesnt attempt to tell any serious dramatic plot or develop its characters in any deep or meaningful way because doesnt need to. It just wants to make you laugh and shower you with fanservice while giving you tips and advice to better yourself, and its perfect the way it is.
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Sep 19, 1:30 AM

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Gonna miss this series, it was actually pretty damn fun. Very solid 12 weeks overall. 7/10
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Sep 19, 6:40 AM
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Chanjay!!!!! QnQ
Sep 19, 7:57 AM

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They left out Nice Bulk at the end but added Hibiki being happy about her weight which is a nice closure, really.

I enjoyed this anime overall, very positive and motivating.
Sep 19, 12:53 PM

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Man all of the sudden Akemi becomes this steroid juicing Miss Physique kind of woman.

ph great the suppose Mr Nikushima becomes a lame bikini contest.

ok so akemi can do a hand stand push up, big deal.

So overall, who was the hottest in a bikini.

Hibiki great 8

Gina Very Good 8

Akemi fair 6

Ayaka Poor 4
Sep 19, 12:55 PM

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Totally didn't expect to enjoy it this much, but then again, it's done by Doga Kobo, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Very entertaining show with a hilarious ending.
Sep 19, 6:47 PM

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Can we talk about how fucking wholesome that last scene with Hibiki was? I can't handle how cute this is. SEASON TWO WHEN?

As someone who usually a fan of ecchi shows, this was an example of ecchi done right. There were obviously ecchi elements to the show, but they never felt distracting from the otherwise comedic and wholesome message the show sought to deliver, and I applaud it for that. Doga Kobo was able to deliver a show with surprisingly competent animation and sound design, handicapped only by the only decent characters and plot possessed by the show. I can't even really blame Dumbbell for its weak story and characters, as they clearly weren't meant to be something on the level of a drama like March Comes in Like a Lion. I never thought I would recommend a show about anime waifus lifting weights, but here we are in 2019. 7/10.

Sep 19, 7:26 PM

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good beach ep and good ending
Sep 20, 1:35 AM

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MythSphinx said:

Yeah I love a good cat face ^_^ .

The song at the end was beautiful and the show in general was really nice, only the muscle dudes were a bit too silly for my taste.
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Sep 20, 3:15 AM

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Would normally give this a high 7/10 but I had a blast watching this because a lot of my friends watched it for some reason which just amplified the experience somehow. It also helps that it was a great learning experience along with some delicious fanservice.

Also, Hibiki is character design is stunning! I mean you take prominent female lead features such as the twin tail, blonde, green eyes, tan (brown) and put them all into one character! That's genius

Sep 20, 6:20 AM

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I do hope for a season 2 ! Really enjoyed this one <3
Sep 20, 11:01 AM
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I see why Jaxblade loves this series so much lol . Time to watch his trainer reacts vids

The girls are great and macho lol

the contest was fun and the art style change joke was funny as well

trust hikibi to get hungry lol still wondering if the boxing bit will be brought up more , i have to check the manga for that

Loved the characters and thier interactions and banter

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Sep 20, 2:20 PM

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There it is the beach episode and it had everything I hoped for. The censored scenes came out of nowhere and were really funny. Also thankfully Barnold the beast swam across the Pacific to save his brother Jason.

I am really going to miss this series. Watching it was refreshing and motivated me to do more exercises. Maybe there will be more?
Sep 20, 5:50 PM
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Fuck, that little Hibiki clip at the end was so adorable.
I never would've thought that this was an anime I was going to miss when I started watching it, but I will miss it.
Sep 20, 7:52 PM
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Incredible that the last episode is a beach episode, without a doubt the weeks will not be the same without my girls doing their sensual exercise routines and the good Machio teaching exercise routines using the beautiful girls as the models.

The trip to the beach already promises a lot when Machio says that Ayaka's older sister, Kure, Aina and Satomi sensei will attend, but after seeing the girls in swimsuit it was the most glorious thing that could be seen, my favorite was Ayaka followed by The adorable Hibiki.

The last section of Machio where he explains the Shrug routine was interesting and the cutest thing was that Hibiki was the model to teach how this routine is done and at the end of the explanation Hibiki look damn hot in that image.

Seeing the disappointed faces of Akemi and Hibiki made me laugh a lot when they found out they canceled the Mister Nikunoshima contest, but Akemi regained her spirit when she saw Miss Nikunoshima's awards and she joins to participate and the same with her friends.

Zina is so funny with her confidence that she will win, but I felt very sad for her when the other Russian girl did the same routine she was going to show and Ayaka also made a very daring maneuver when she decides to wear that very sexy bikini and she ended up disqualified, poor thing.
Akemi stole the applause with her risky presentation by doing push-ups standing over her hands

Machio takes out his second exercises section and this time it is about the push-ups and the spectacular Ayaka was the model, the explanation itself was the best, especially with Ayaka doing push-ups, but that final image where Ayaka is with her hair down was the best Farewell gift, she looks so hot and cute.
But Hibiki was incredible, one punch Hibiki came back and her overwhelming strength made her tie in the first place with Akemi and now to decide the winner, they will have a Bench Press competition, but I felt so sad for Hibiki losing because she was hungry.

The end where we see Hibiki, Ayaka, Akemi and Zina enjoy the fireworks was beautiful, but when Akemi and Hibiki have that conversation in the end was very moving, the best friends joined by the muscles they were training.

Last postcredits routine were push-ups and that last scene where we see that Hibiki finally achieved her ideal weight was a gift too cute to finish this anime her happy face was too adorable.

Anyway, one of my favorite anime is gone and I give it 10/10, at first I was skeptical to see it, I thought this anime would have a lot of fanservice and i would end up getting bored, but then I saw that this anime was made by Doga Kobo and my doubts disappeared.
The character design is excellent, the girls have a design that makes them stand out both physically and for their unique and beautiful personalities. I loved the art department in this anime, the detail in the machines and gym tools fascinated me. and as for the VA, I should give Sakura Hibiki VA a big applause, she did a phenomenal job, she really made me fond of our cute glutton Hibiki.
I hope some Ova for this anime, it would be excellent news, I don't have much hope with a second season, but who knows.
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Sep 20, 8:05 PM

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There is no more SAIDO CHESTO

I'm gonna miss this show
Sep 20, 10:58 PM

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Came in expecting a somewhat bad ecchi show, walked away with a hilarious, informational, and entertaining show. I’ll be missing my muscle girls and muscle man. That final end scene was cute, glad Hibiki finally got to a weight she liked. 9/10

And as always...

Sep 21, 1:28 PM

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I grew very fond of all the characters, they were hilarious. Lol at Akemi turning into a jojo character or a very ripped woman. I also was laughing a lot when jason and that other dude were on the boat hugging. I would love for them to get a second season but I guess I will read the manga for now, not sure if it is ongoing or finished.
Sep 21, 11:24 PM

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I'm gonna miss this NAISU BALKU & SAIDO CHESTO!
hope for S2!
Sep 22, 4:20 PM
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A beach episode, it was funny how fast Akemi and hibiki decide to join in that trip, all girls where cute, but Akemi's swimsuit was so perfect, she was even more cute and beautiful!

Hibiki and Akemi reaction because guys audiences being cancelled was epic!

The competition was really funny, Akemi did na awesome push-ups, and i am glad to see another punch scene by Hibiki, was funny why other girls got disqualified! obvious it would end with Akemi and Hibiki, but i was funny that Hibiki couldn't do nothing cause she was hungry!

Ayaka's shot with loose hair was so damn good, it suit her well!

That ending was just masterful, i liked everything about that ending, that fireworks scenes between everyono wa sjust epic, and that background sound aswell!

Akemi and Hibiki last scene was just wonderfull, they turned into great friends for sure!

I will miss that funny show, and at same time this awesome
educational tips and how it motivate for workout, also dont forget that awesome and cute girls, will miss they especially! Hope for a second 2!
Sep 24, 4:11 AM

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Ah... I'm sad now. This was an anime I never knew I needed until it appeared. Not only has it assisted in my excising, but Hibiki is freaking adorable and strong and I love her, as well as the other girls, they all great and I'm gonna miss seeing them animated. Was one of the best of the season. Back to the manga for me now.
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Sep 24, 4:46 AM

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SouthRzVa said:
Uhh... and by the way, I didn't know that seeing Ayaka with loose hair was something I actually needed. Thanks again, Doga Kobo.

Best shot of her out of the whole show for me.
Sep 24, 8:01 PM

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I really enjoyed this anime! I hope it gets a second season.
Sep 26, 1:49 PM
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Hey can someone please tell me which chapter this episode adapted? Thank you very much!
Sep 26, 5:01 PM

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I loved this show, one of my 2 guilty pleasures this season. I'm gonna miss it.
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Sep 29, 7:43 AM

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So they had to end it with a beach episode huh. Sad to see my exercise tutorial ending lmao. Hoping for a second season. Also hoping someone to create a playlist of Machio Lessons on YouTube

Sep 29, 12:07 PM

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- Thanks to heavy fast forwarding i was able to complete this show.
- Comedy/jokes was dry at best but mostly made me cringe.
- Way to much info dumps that was a grind/boring to watch most of the time, because i opted most of the time to fast forward past them some episodes felt like 5min long(a good thing) :D
- Muscle guy should have been killed off in the first ep.
- Besides the main girl, mostly very boring characters.
4/10 should have dropped it earlier.
Oct 2, 1:22 PM

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Such a nice show. It took me way longer than it should coz I saved episodes for workout days in case I needed some motivation lol.
Oct 3, 10:25 PM

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Enjoyed the comedy and fanservice, appreciated the educational side of the workouts and the diet as well, but the whole macho thing was a huge drawback.

A series so serious about working out shouldn't have went with 100% male cast of impossible physique. I couldn't let that slide when body improvement was the main focus of the show. I understand not wanting to bring up a dark subject like steroids, but it is even worse to spend years working out and then learn that you can never get as big as you were aiming for naturally. They really should have toned the body sizes down for all of the scenes that were not clothes ripping comedy related.
Oct 9, 12:47 PM
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The final scene reminds me Franco Columbu ;_;
Oct 12, 5:56 AM

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Funny edutainment series in the end!
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Oct 14, 6:38 PM

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this was such a great finale. Never expected to be emotional for an ecchi educational exercise slice of life
I'm Going to Miss Hibiki and that cute little fang. Heres to a season 2.

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