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Poll: Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? Episode 12 Discussion

Sep 18, 6:50 AM

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A beach episode, this late in the game? Ok then. The characters took a vacation trip and of course, we get more delicious muscles. Oh and Hibiki's got some power in those fists of hers.

I have to admit though, they made the episode a bit over the top than I had expected. Pretty much could say for the entire series lol. Guilty pleasure/5.
Sep 18, 7:30 AM

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Nice beach episode, that was cool.
Very nice anime overall, they managed to make me like an anime with a topic that i very dislike in real life. The art was very great like always for Doga Kobo and the story was great too and the characters are well developed.
Sep 18, 8:05 AM

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Well that's the end off all that fan service those delicious abs those powerful arms those strong looking backs, where is Akemi going to find her fan service now?

It was another funny episode Hibiki showing off her boxing potential again, she will make it far in the world championship if she ever tries.
And Akemi's push ups which was a bit extreme.
Sep 18, 8:16 AM

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Glad that we got a proper beach episode for the finale, even tho I would've loved to see Machio at the Mr.O in Vegas(it was the perfect opportunity)

But welp, pretty hilarious episode nonetheless and I cracked up during multiple occasions. Most random was definitely Machio posing with that watermelon and sword, but then again, maybe not xD we also got the return of Hajime no Hibiki and Uehara looked especially great in her bikini. Why did they have to censor her later, tho? :S

Quite fitting to end things with a bench battle and push-ups, this got me pumped for later. Ending got me emotional as well.

Great series overall. It was pretty well researched for most parts and offered some value aside from the entertaiment factor. And most importantly, I think it impacted the community in a positive way. I hope more series will try to tackle the subject of fitness in the future.

Dunno how the chances are for it or if it would be necessary, but season 2 would be appreciated.

7,5/10 nice bulk
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Sep 18, 8:18 AM

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Nooooo, it's over... I'm gonna miss this show with it's cameos and these loveable characters and i honestly had fun doing all the workouts.
Here's hoping for an OVA or even better, a second season! Nice bulk!

Sep 18, 8:19 AM

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Ashhk said:

Very nice anime overall, they managed to make me like an anime with a topic that i very dislike in real life.

Very much this, overall enjoyed anime even gym topic is not really my thing IRL, I'm pretty much lazy NEET, with not real interest for sports or gym training.

I would give 7.5/10, but as not possible to give on MAL, I will give it 7/10

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Sep 18, 8:35 AM

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Going to miss this show xD
Sep 18, 8:48 AM

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Seriously loved the finale, this went out with a bang.

Lol Hibiki broke another punching bag and Akemi's push ups were amazing too. Too bad Ayaka and Gina coudn't show their stuff.

Lmao the titanic reference in the last part was hilarious ("My heart will go on" song from titanic).
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Sep 18, 9:00 AM

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That was a great episode, The Real Muscle was the Friends we made along the way. I'm gonna miss this anime.
Sep 18, 9:11 AM
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What an awesome end. Loved this series very much, it was hilarious and educational, hopefully another season!

Amazing and catchy opening and ending too!

Loved that Insert Song they played.

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Sep 18, 9:16 AM

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Enjoyable educational with ecchi & comedy
Chanjay R.I.P. lol. The ending song very good


Sep 18, 9:25 AM

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I'll miss this anime a lot. It was truly a unique experience
Sep 18, 9:44 AM

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that after credit scene was so cute<3

ofc, more sexy bikinis<3
Sep 18, 10:02 AM

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A beach episode huh. That's an interesting way to finish the series.

Hibiki punching power is amazing. She'll go far in the world of boxing. Akemi winning the tournament was nice.

I'm going to miss this show. 6/10.

Sep 18, 10:14 AM

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Awesome finale episode, this! Probably my favourite episode of the series, great work and a big thank-you to Doga Koba for this delightful treat! I'm definitely going to miss this series.

How fitting that we get a proper beach episode as the finale! And it totally delivered!

Lol moment of the episode (I pretty much giggled and laughed throughout the episode though) for me was the size of the watermelon in proportion to Machio's hands, god that was mad hilarious! Hibiki and Soryouin's disappointed expressions clear as daylight was definitely the runners-up for me.

I'm honestly very surprised that Ayaka actually went all 'big and bold' out there in public and I just knew Gina's masterful idea was going to flop, lmao. Soryouin's handstand push-ups though, dang... Loved the anticlimactic end to Hibiki vs, Soryouin too, man that was just .. great! Totally didn't see it coming at all (although I had a feeling that Soryouin would win the contest after a gritty battle).

A titanic reference now xD? Absolutely loved the song though, I need the full version of that ASAP! Poor Jason and Director-san meanwhile, they were about to pool in some crazy cash but got a little ahead of themselves it seems lol. Hilarious how they drifted in that position, "Chanjay..?" was bad for my lungs lol.

Pretty random return for Barnie I've to say, I thought a shark was speeding their way there for a second xD. Brilliant final moments especially with the bonding between Hibiki and Soryouin, this is what true friendship is like *sob* *sob*.

And with this, marks the end of the 3-month workout. It's been an amazing ride really! VA, in particular, was impeccable but all of the other departments were up there in the A-list too. How time flies when one is having fun...

Solid 8.0/10, => 8.25/10 to be more precise.

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Sep 18, 10:20 AM

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Wish we could have seen Ayaka's Risque bathing suit but oh well T_T.

I thought the ending was cute when Hibiki was happy when she got off the scale.

IM giving this anime a 10/10 for how accurate and educational it is when it comes to Strength and Conditioning training.
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Sep 18, 10:24 AM
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Loved it ! What a great way to finish the anime :D
I hope there will be a seconde season and OVA ;)
Funny episode, did laught tho
Sep 18, 10:27 AM

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No more Hibiki... *cry*

They said "See you later" though. Is that a hint for a 2nd season? OVA?
Sep 18, 10:59 AM
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Nice Bulk! I actually discovered that there are End Credits Exercising Scenes after each episode after the 11th episode aired.
So yea, like any other weeb I started doing those everyday, I'll say I haven't exercised like it in Decades. My Muscles are really happy.......

Wait I had to discuss, so I'll say Ending with a Beach Episode is just the Cherry on the Top but what's with the timeline?
I'd say the Beach Event took place over the Day so Jason and Diere would've started their Journey on the same day or the day before.
How did Barney get the SOS a week earlier?

Well I'll say Anime Magic!
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Sep 18, 11:06 AM

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So, did Jason and the Director do the rehydration trick? Nice bulk!
Fun things are still fun.
Sep 18, 11:35 AM

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RainyShadow said:
No more Hibiki... *cry*

They said "See you later" though. Is that a hint for a 2nd season? OVA?

hundreds of anime have ended with a "See you later" and gotten nothing.
Sep 18, 11:36 AM

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Really enjoyed this final episode. It combined all my favorite things in the show. the very very end with Hibiki checking her weight was perfect. Love Fairouz-san's gleeful giggle there.
Sep 18, 11:43 AM
Acid flashback

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That was a lot of fun to watch. Hibiki makes me happy.
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Sep 18, 11:58 AM

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RIP Jason Statham lol

im gonna miss this show unless we get another season or some ovas. Hibiki is one of the better slice-of-life main FeMCs. surprisingly wholesome and fun! definitely surprise of the season
Sep 18, 12:06 PM

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It was a pretty good chill show, I wouldn't mind another season if they make one.

Tirinchas said:
So, did Jason and the Director do the rehydration trick? Nice bulk!

So you also watched Sounan desu ka :DDDD.
Sep 18, 12:09 PM

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And thus a great candidate for being my anime of the season Summer 2019 ends with a beach episode. Kinda feels like a bummer it's over already. I really enjoyed this anime. Guess I'll end up buying the Blu-Ray. I started watching this anime for cute fit anime girls like pretty much everyone else, but stayed for
β™ͺ Machio's Muscle Lessons β™ͺ.

All the jokes aside... side.. SAIDO CHESUTO! \o/

Ai Fairouz did an outstanding job as a first debut as Hibiki, while it also was fun to hear Sora Amamiya having a muscle fetish and Nao Touyama playing as a Russian weeb.

That 30+ year old boomer that teaches paleontology during a hentai review on MAL. *sips*
Anime was indeed a mistake, since we prefer 2D waifu's over 3D wamen.
Sep 18, 12:26 PM

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That random sakuga and epic music out of nowhere. Great adaptation.

Sep 18, 12:47 PM

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That was such a god-like finale. Man, I hope we get another season, this was so entertaining to me.
Sep 18, 12:54 PM
top cutie

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my favorite show of this season, will miss it a lot. hopefully s2 is on the way :S
Sep 18, 1:40 PM

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Some random thoughts:

-No wonder Akemi won, she channeled her inner JoJo

-That sakuga energy dragon scene was cool, too bad it had such anticlimatic ending.
-Jason Sgatham and Deire didn't died, 10/10 episode.
-I want to see more of Ayaka's sister.
-Ayaka without her tied hair looks very good.
-Machio was best everything.

Pretty fun show, too bad it has to end. Would definitely watch a second season if it is made (let's hope it is). Gotta miss Machio and his Herculuean body...
Sep 18, 2:35 PM

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I don't know what it is with Anime made by Doga Kobo, they all are so entertaining. This was no exception.

Beach episode with a competition, knew from the start this would be between Akemi and Hibiki. So great to see another punching bag scene, I loved it. Also the benchpress battle was pretty great, I like how they really made it over the top for it to end in such an anti-climax. Best girl is definitely Hibiki for me... that thiccness!

I'll be back, he said... and so he did... Barnold Shortsinator.

Definitely a guilty pleasure, so a solid 9/10, Season 2 when?? Might even read the manga..

Also that final little scene with Hibiki stepping on the scale, her reaction was so adorable!
These girls are BEYOND precious!

Sep 18, 2:41 PM
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Can anyone tell me if there will be a Monday? season I hope so
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Sep 18, 2:54 PM

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How to end with a bang: beach episode πŸ‘Œ couldn't have asked for better.

I'm gonna miss this anime.. It sure was one of the best educational anime i've seen. Each episode they explained different excercises and basically gave us decent information of how to exercise and how to stay fit. No regrets here, i'm very pleased with the ending result! Super entertaining show. 8/10

2nd season would be welcome btw
Sep 18, 3:34 PM

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The last few seconds with Hibiki was beyond top tier material.
Sep 18, 3:54 PM

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Not a bad show but idk, had maybe too many tutorials, was hard to get invested in either the characters or the sillyness. Pleasant but not a timeless experience. Would welcome a season two of course (Ayakyaa).

Nice macho.
Sep 18, 3:55 PM

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Sep 18, 4:12 PM

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It was a really great surprise, I ain't a sport shows fan but this one had the right amount of every thematic (comedy, sports, slice of life).

I'll definitely be missing this one next weeks !
Sep 18, 4:17 PM

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Gonna miss all those workouts and the characters. They really did adapt the good stuff with all those random reference gags.
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Sep 18, 4:59 PM

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Man, I'm gonna miss this show. What a great 12 weeks. I loved how they were setting it up like the ending of a sad early 2000's movie with that song, I died, lol. Thanks, Jaxblade for getting me (and many if not most others) hooked on this show! Until next time, nice bulk!
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Sep 18, 5:02 PM
Phoenix Wrong

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No doubt I'm going to miss this! Been a while that I've found an airing show that I've been eager to keep up with each week (granted, I don't watch that much nowadays). It was an unexpected gem that easily surpassed my initial low expectations!
Sep 18, 5:25 PM

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The obligatory beach fanservice episode makes the finale for this comedic exercising series.

HAHA even for such an event of Mr. Meat Island, sadly there's no guys which raises the disappointments of Hibiki and Akemi in one fell swoop. Instead, the belay is passed onto the women instead (which is obvious). Akemi with that JoJo stance though.

Going back to the very 1st exercise, the Bench Press for both Hibiki and Akemi is more than just memories. IT'S THE BATTLE OF THE MUSCLES. I just love it when Hibiki, in favour of food, just gave up as easily.

What a surprising different ending song for the finale, a full English song to be exact. Wow, nice move! And not to mention that Barnold Shortsinator made his appearance at the most strangest of times.

Final workout of the week: Push-ups! The most simplest and basic workout.

Glad to have this show around! And as always, NICE BULK!
Sep 18, 5:54 PM

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This was lovely and fun ending for this anime, i didn’t like it at the beginning but it got better and more funny. I wanted more sensei in this chapter thought.

Sep 18, 6:51 PM

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What the hell was this episode
Far too great

So we get our usual muscle lessons on top of the fanservice this ep, I would've liked to see the Cossak Dance tho

The end showcasing the relationship between Hibiki and Akemi was great. Especially with this beautiful OST

Whateverthehell Jason did there.. It was hilarious.. For this fictional show, don't know about such irl situations- maybe watch Sounan desu ka lol

And ooo my gawd what was that very last scene?! That was waaaayyy too cuute!
A bit sad that it's over now

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Sep 18, 7:05 PM

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Love this show too damn much Hibki was top tier and really cute at the end there

but all the characters were great best supporting character of 2019 goes to Macho Bro!

dumbbell was peak anime with great fun characters funny gags and nice animation while teaching you a thing or two with high informative training lessons !

not holding my breath for a S2 but i'd actually train like crazy if it meant getting one!
Sep 18, 7:15 PM

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This show really needs a 2nd season...
6 and 7 are good scores
Sep 18, 7:46 PM

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The Jason x Diere ship is to real HAHAHAH xD!
might as well be the OTP of this anime.

why 2 instances of censored ayaka? D:<
hope blurays will fix that... <_<
Sep 18, 8:10 PM

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I went into this in July not knowing what to expect
It was definitely more a series of sketches than an actual story, that the first episode had lead to me believe, and I'm disappointed it had less muscley girls than I was hoping for (like, I wanted to see some jacked girls with big arms and ripped abs and only episode 2 delivered any)

that said, this in my opinion was a pretty fun, goofy anime that you could tell was having fun being goofy
I had fun watching it and I even felt guilt when I didn't do the exercises along with the gang.

tottobennington said:

why 2 instances of censored ayaka? D:<
hope blurays will fix that... <_<

Sep 18, 10:46 PM
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Oke....... 7.5/10
Sep 18, 10:57 PM
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The girls could finally enjoy the beach and even had a fun competition, hahaha. And what an epic ending with Terminator xD, and that jojo reference did not go unnoticed. I didn't stop laughing πŸ˜‚.

Well, we say goodbye to what I consider one of the best anime of the summer season. In good time I decided to see it, but, as Hibiki said, "I would not have had this experience, nor would I have known how much fun strength training is." I admit that the little exercise I did during these months, was thanks to this anime πŸ˜….
Training Wednesdays are over, it's a shame, but, I hope one day to see a second season. No doubt, I will miss them: '). I will never forget his glorious references πŸ˜‚. It was a great pleasure to see this anime with you. Without more to say, NICE BULK! πŸ’ͺ
Sep 18, 11:35 PM

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I legitimately teared up at the little Hibiki clip at the end. ;A;
I'm really going to miss this show. ;_; I love these characters and I was rooting for Hibiki all the way through.
I freaking love Hibiki and I'm just so happy for her!
Dumbbell didn't make me start working out or anything, but it definitely made me push myself more.
Hibiki will always be one of my dear children. <33

Enjoy your anime!
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