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What is the best Josei anime you have watched? What do you think makes a good Josei?

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Oct 8, 11:43 AM

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The *only* Josei I have watched is Chihayafuru, but I think it was quite good, so that one I guess?

But I'd imagine what makes a good one isn't especially different from any other demographic that people want to treat as a genre. Be good on some kind of merit(s) it possesses and be published in a magazine considered to be targeted towards a specific demographic.
Oct 8, 11:50 AM

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Don't really watch josei but out of the josei animes I have watched, Apollo on the Slope was great. Yes I did love the wholesomeness for Usagi Drop but Apollo on the Slope made me feel more emotions and had me connected to it
Oct 8, 11:53 AM

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Zelkiiro said:
Mayuka said:
It's also really good because the anime fully adapts everything and IMO is better than the manga. Around ~50 episodes with a few OVAs and manga also has a 2 volume epilogue focused around opera.

Oh, I know Nodame Cantabile is a long ride. Everything's been in my PTW list for a few months now.

I was just saying I'll have to give it much higher priority if it's going to end up being a Chihayafuru-level experience.
tbh it's more like Nana since it revolves around adult life not high school teams but still great! Chihayafuru is more around the character growth rather than what they're accomplishing


watch nodame cantabile

recommend me anything!
Oct 8, 12:00 PM

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so far Chihayafuru first season. I still haven't got the chance to watch the great josei anime yet though.
Oct 8, 2:30 PM
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Usagi drop and rakugo (I would also add versailles no bara but I need to rewatch that one first)
I can't really say what really makes a good josei since I haven't watched that many but from the ones I have I would say that joseis seems to feel closer to home or just deal with more relatable issues than a seinen would.
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