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Poll: Kanata no Astra Episode 12 Discussion

Sep 18, 5:31 AM

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They don't really have much of choice than to accept the truth tbh. At any rate, they made the series' finale feel like a mini-movie, kinda in the similar style of the first episode.

I kinda like how this episode had an impact on the character emotions and the journey they've been through. There's even a montage song thrown in to reflect their journey. It's refreshing to see the crew being back to their normal lives again. An underrated anime of this year if you ask me.
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Sep 18, 5:38 AM

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I had such high hopes for Kanata no Astra after the one hour-long episode but it went downhill quickly. Full of annoying coincidences, forced drama, plot holes, stupid characters and plot armor to everyone and the ship. And the lack of tension was the most annoying thing.

The plot twistes make sense but they're pretty random and silly for no reason. I mean, for example how can I believe Charce's medieval kingdom backstory in a futuristic show? It takes me out of the immersion in a bad way. And the one-dimensional king makes it worse. The only plot twist that fit well was the whole story about Paulina and her origin. It was better than the entire show, sadly it was short-lived.

The premise and setting is very interesting but the actual writing and execution leaves a lot to be desired. Excessive number of characters for 12 episodes.

Overrated as fuck.

3/10 for the anime.
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Sep 18, 7:35 AM

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They fucking did it, they got back to planet Astra and got their originals pay for their crimes. All's well that ends well. Everything went well for them.. a little to well if you ask me but hell I'll ride with it.
I didn't expect a timeskip with that being said, I did expect Kanata and Aries to get hitched but damn did that hit fast, kinda hoped we saw their baby if it actually does turn out to be a girl with Aries naming her Seira, that scene kinda got me when she said that.
Its obvious but I still find it funny how they all look more and more like their originals now that they've age'd more. Charce being a king but still going on an adventure with Kanata being his right hand was quite the scene too.

It wasnt the best but still it did the job for me, I grew to love the characters and liked how the story progressed, a very shounenish end if you ask me and I dont have a problem with that. And thus thats a wrap.
Thank you Kanata no Astra!
Sep 18, 1:59 PM

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So here's the question: why establish new royalty?

If they went as far as banning nationality and religion, you'd think royalty and nobility would be near the top of the "to be eliminated" list too, especially if they carry actual power. Remember, the people of Astra are not supposed to be ultraconservative reactionary monarchists. It makes especially little sense in this case because this royal family didn't exist before the exodus. Simple inaction would suffice. Nobody would miss them because they would never have existed before.

It is also strange that the king of the world has absolute power within a single district but almost none beyond it. Seems arbitrary. Bonus points for handing it to some corporate executive. Just why? Aren't there more pragmatic rewards to hand out?

Other notes:

A literally global conspiracy is pretty outrageous. The Illuminati need to take notes.

Also, hate to beat a dead horse here, but I'd like to mention the asteroid debacle again. They built 10,000 wormhole gates but couldn't deal with a single asteroid.

They really would have needed more than 12 episodes (and the manga more than 49 chapters) to fully explore all this. Especially with most of the outrageous plot twists right at the end, it becomes a high-speed gauntlet in which they barely have any time to process things or comment on them.
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Sep 18, 2:04 PM

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Such an amazing anime. This is the best anime of the summer season and has big chances to be the anime of the year.. A true masterpiece
Final score 10/10 (time to buy the manga)

Sep 18, 2:04 PM

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The perfect show to watch with friends: a good amount of comedy, twists, romance and cute characters fitted nicely with each other. The melodrama is never overplayed. It is not the kind of show you should think too deeply about the plausibility of each plot detail, because it is in essence a very light-hearted show. It does involve a lot of melodrama and dark secrets but they were all quickly resolved within half of an episode and it is quite clear that they are not meant to be taken with utmost seriousness.

Over all this show is very refreshing because the survival genre in anime is so full of over-sensational Lord-of-the-Flies-esque portrayal of self-centred, irrational, petty and resentful teens in a way that is too obnoxious for entertainment, yet not deep/mature enough to be taken as offering serious philosophical insight. I'm really glad that Kanata no Astra never go into that direction clumsily, but instead hold firmly onto its cheerful spirit.

I give it a 7/10. Maybe I'm overrating, but I do not have any objection against popcorn anime because there is so few anime that does entertain me. To entertain is not that much an easy job.
Sep 18, 2:25 PM

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I really like how they adapted this episode with how some scene were expanded on. This is still a 8 for me like the manga. The beginning was just too boring and formulaic.
TheDeedsOfMen said:

A literally global conspiracy is pretty outrageous. The Illuminati need to take notes.

Also, hate to beat a dead horse here, but I'd like to mention the asteroid debacle again. They built 10,000 wormhole gates but couldn't deal with a single asteroid.
I don't think the wormholes were large enough at the time to get the whole asteroid but the question of why they didn't put them all together to create a giant wormhole shield is valid. I think in the end it was more of a Earth is too damaged by nuclear war and radiation already so we might as well ditch.
Sep 18, 2:28 PM

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I loved this anime. Everyone had a happy ending. The jokes about Kanata's arm were hilarious. The best part for me though was that he and Aries are getting married.
Sep 18, 2:30 PM

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This series is so non-anime in terms of sci-fi, and the fact that they gave so much time to the ending really shows. I'm struggling to think of another series that gave such a dedicated and fulfilling epilogue.
Sep 18, 2:31 PM

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What a fantastic finale to a carefully crafted adaptation!

Sep 18, 2:35 PM

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MetaKite said:
TheDeedsOfMen said:

A literally global conspiracy is pretty outrageous. The Illuminati need to take notes.

Also, hate to beat a dead horse here, but I'd like to mention the asteroid debacle again. They built 10,000 wormhole gates but couldn't deal with a single asteroid.
I don't think the wormholes were large enough at the time to get the whole asteroid but the question of why they didn't put them all together to create a giant wormhole shield is valid. I think in the end it was more of a Earth is too damaged by nuclear war and radiation already so we might as well ditch.
Like I mentioned after episode 10, they wouldn't have to destroy the asteroid in full. They can divert its trajectory by pushing or pulling it in a suitable direction over the years. Earth is a relatively small, moving target that can easily be avoided with a bit of effort.

Not to mention, there are only a few asteroids of that size in the entire solar system. They are well-documented. If one of them was heading for Earth, people would know far earlier than eight years prior. They would know about the increased risk centuries in advance. This is especially true of an FTL civilization that can study asteroids with even greater efficiency.

Also, if they had used the wormhole technology to divert the asteroid, there would have been no reason to reveal the impending apocalypse to the public or reveal the wormhole tech either for that matter. There you go, no war. (At least allegedly. In truth, people would see the asteroid coming years in advance whether governments told them or not. Of course, since the risk of impact would realistically be predicted centuries in advance, there would be little reason for immediate panic.)
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Sep 18, 2:36 PM

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Some of the plot elements of this show were far too clunky for this to be a 10/10 (like the kids all being super geniuses, yet stupid enough to need a whole episode to figure out that two identical ships broken in different places can be pieced together to create one working ship - wtf was up with that?) but the way this episode solidly wrapped everything up and completed the story in a way that's sadly rare amongst anime made it an easy 9/10.
Sep 18, 2:40 PM

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I was gonna give it a 8/10 originally but I enjoyed it so much and there was nothing lacking for me so I'll bump it up to a 9.

The one thing I thought was bizarre was that they managed to have such a safe landing. So Aries sends the email to her mom who passes it to Grace and everything goes so smooth. I found that a bit hard to believe. I'm just so used to dystopian anime where everyone is against the MC's team and they have to fight a LOT just to have things go their way. In Kanata no Astra, everything works out almost too perfectly. Like, Kanata writes a book and everyone stops protesting against the government. Whaattt? LOL Despite lots of things that don't make sense and some plot holes... I really don't mind them. It's an anime. This entire show was more entertaining and fun rather than logical.

Anyways, what I enjoyed and thought was done well:

- Firstly, thank god they had a one hour finale! Everything was done super well here, even better than how the manga ended. I read the last few chaps of the manga and the anime managed to make it more impactful!

- The exploration and world building in this show were pretty good! I really enjoyed seeing so many different planets. I feel like other space anime where the MCs are travelling in outer space are more focused on what's happening in the spaceship and are usually focused on the battles between spaceships but KnA was devoid of that, which is cool.

- Likeable MCs. They all started out as tropes/cliches but ended up being a solid cast. Except Yuehua. I still thought she was pretty damn useless overall.

- This anime was able to keep me intrigued for every single episode. Even after the main twists (clone) have been revealed, they had more to bring to the table. This is what an exciting anime can bring!


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Sep 18, 2:42 PM

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I liked it. Almost all plot threads got cleaned up. What didn't happen was the world going back into chaos mode...looks like this "new" humanity took this surprisingly well xD.

If Kanata went back to McPa (Earth) he might as well could have get back is arm (since it was preserved in space lol).

Also, if that planet is an ice planet now they could potentially terraform it back to normal too.
Sep 18, 2:45 PM

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Wow, everyone turned out so gorgeous after the time skip.
I kind of wished that Kanata would go back to Earth to get his arm on the first trip, but i guess it would be too much trouble searching for something that has become just a mummified memento after drifting in space for 7 years...

Now waiting for the spinoff anime "Kanata and the gang - space adventures 2170" LOL
Sep 18, 2:48 PM

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Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah gonna miss this ;-;

AOTS along with Takagi 2. (not counting Kimetsu 2nd cour).

8/10 for now but I could increase it to 9/10 when I will do my usual re-check for my MAL ratings.
Sep 18, 2:52 PM

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Fortunately this episode turned out pretty good thanks to having special length, I would love to see this becoming the norm for finales.

Overall really an enjoyable, albeit bumpy ride. With that I mean that it was definitely a mixed bag with episodes ranging from great to meh. Still, it must be stated that this series had nice characters, good production, fun vibes and amusing comedy, happy ending with epilogue that managed to be extremely satisfying on an emotional level and of course the cool concept of being lost in space. Moreover, the plot offered way more than expected and stood out.

8,5/10 for the finale, I felt so much joy

7/10 for the whole series

PS: Everyone looked great after the time skip, love it when series conclude that way.
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Sep 18, 2:52 PM

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"Magnificent" Staying up till 4 am to watch this last episode was so worth it damn. Loved the finale, got the ending it deserved. So happy for all of them.
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Sep 18, 2:54 PM

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I hope everyone enjoyed this great adaptation! I jumped of happiness when this was announced because the manga really deserved an anime, and now that it's over I definitely can say that they made justice to the source.

Such a great adventure full of surprising developments, good balance of comedy and drama, and characters that really grow on you as the episode pass. They made friends for life in this travel and that time skip seeing everyone going the way they wanted to made me so happy, they definitely deserve it.

Freaking great show, props to Lerche for the good job done and I hope that everyone gives this work a chance if they haven't yet.
Sep 18, 2:54 PM

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Easily one of the best anime of the year. 100% character development in an amazing way. Finale alone was one of the best finales I've seen for an anime. All questions answered, no loose ends, and really emotional. Amazing series.

edit: funimation really screwed up by not subbing the song. it was really beautiful
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Sep 18, 3:06 PM

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This show had its good moments and really bad ones,but this 48 mins long final ep that wraps everything up was well done.It almost made me wish for more.

Sep 18, 3:10 PM

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One hour for the finale was totally worth it. What an amazing show to watch after a long time and which lived for just 12 episodes. They concluded the story with upmost satisfaction.
Every character had their part played out beautifully. Yunha got her desire to sing, Quiterrie got the love of her life, Funi grew up like her sister, Ulgar got to strive for the truth, Luca lives his life normally, Charce did the right thing to the world and got on board to Astra for his promise to Kanata to be his right arm man; damn talk about having a King as a sidemen, Zack also married the love of his life and got on Astra as Kanata's tech guy and the left arm man. And well, Kanata; what a guy to keep the whole crew going till the end of the journey. The guy finally fulfilled his promise to his teacher about going to space and he bought the freaking spaceship, how much money did he make? Well the adventure he had for his book was definitely worth it. Off to space to the unknown.
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Sep 18, 3:14 PM

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Fantastic ending to a fantastic show!!! I love the characters so much, and while it's sad to see the show go, it's also great that it ended so well with pretty much everyone being successful. This really came out of no where for me, and I'm really glad I decided to watch it. Best one cour show of the season by far, and probably the most underrated anime of the year.

Sep 18, 3:14 PM

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The overall cheesy tone prevented me from enjoying this more. But it was a fine story that had just as fine conclusion which is rare by itself.

I liked the part with them as adults. As kids, they were more annoying than not and I actually wouldn't mind seeing the continuation with their more detailed future adventures or just slice of life if it had a more mature feel to it.
Sep 18, 3:21 PM

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I don't know about anyone else but wow, what a goddamn finale, I was genuinely crying happy tears for these kids.

I was one of the fans of this show that despite seeing how it's flawed, rather saw that this show was wholesome and heart-warming as hell. This ending couldn't have been more perfect in my opinion, it was just so satisfying!

Zack and Quitterie get married, so do Aries and Kanata, Ulgar becomes a journalist, Yunhua becomes a famous singer, Charce becomes king, Kanata and Zack get to pilot the ship Kanata bought back from a museum through the selling of his hit novel, and everyone just lives happily ever after. As cliche and cheesy as it sounds, I love that we got an ending like this. Having the show end on bad terms would've ruined the whole show. But this finale made it seem like we truly embarked on a 12-week journey with these kids, witnessing them grow closer and overcome the hardships they faced.

The bit where they went over all the memories they made and which was their favourite truly brought tears to my eyes too, even them mentioning that Kanata saved a number of their lives with the same arm he eventually lost was just way too touching. I'm so happy about the bonds they created and the time they spent together. Seeing them all together and still happy 7 years later was just the cherry on top.

I really loved this show, please tell me there are others who loved this show to bits like I did!. I'm going to miss watching this every week. Great characters with an entertaining story, crisp animation and solid directing. A true hidden gem of this season!!
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Sep 18, 3:21 PM

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They wrap this show pretty nicely.
I rarely ever see a good anime ending like this one.
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Sep 18, 3:28 PM

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This show certainly had its ups and downs, and there were some really good moments throughout as well as some pretty ridiculous moments. I guess for me this show was rather inconsistent at times, and I do think one thing I took issue with was how convenient things were for the MCs. I'm not going to knock the show too much for that, but it was pretty crazy how often things seemed to work out just right for them all the time lol. But again, I can overlook that, it isn't the end of the world.

Anyway, this wasn't a perfect show by any means, but it was still pretty enjoyable. I liked the combination of space exploration/being lost in space along with the mystery element that the show had. And although not every episode was a home run, this finale in particular was really good. They made it back, as expected, and we got a nice timeskip showing the group succeeding in all their ventures. It was a rocky ride at times, but in the end it was a fun one and I'm actually gonna miss this show a little bit.
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Sep 18, 3:30 PM
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That was anticlimactic, everything went along just right. I was hoping they would add some sort of twist, but oh well.
Sep 18, 3:32 PM

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Good ending, that wasn't insane but it was pretty good overall.
Some weak episodes but some very great episodes in majority.
(btw the Quitterie from 7 years later is ugly wtf)
Sep 18, 3:34 PM

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Amazing finale with some really solid closure to boot! Definitely going to miss this series dearly, thank you Lerche for this delightful treat! 1-hour special first and last episodes, I want to see more of such routes!

Comedic moments of the episode were mostly right on the mark too in addition so a complete package of the good stuff from the series right here, I reckon. Especially loved thaf bit during Aries’s monologue on Charce v Quitterie Modelling, lmfao.

Anyway, seeing Kanata and co. ecstatic over finally returning home was a pleasure to watch, they’ve been through so much physically as well as mentally and yet they’ve the strength and courage to treasure them and move on. Great stuff! It’s incredible seeing how close these characters have become in contrast to how they initially started off. Some wonderful development throughout the first half of the episode too, seeing them express their feelings and sort it out on the get-go. Really liked that special effect of Aries’s message to her mother too, after the little huddle, with the paper plane symbolising their strong desire to get it across, or something of that sort.

Cool little timeskip to really give that sense of closure! They’ve all become successful in their own ways and that’s great to see! I was a little taken aback by how duplicate Funi seemed to Quitterie for a second though lol. Congratulations to Aries too for the engagement! Kanata, you better be back and marry her once and for all. It’s so like Kanata to engage her after seven long years xD. Really nice to see his ‘right-hand man’ and pilot back with him for another journey as promised. On another note, it’s incredible seeing how shitty Ulgar’s father still is seven years down the line.

Final touches on the ‘history’ and to be frankly honest I was convinced for the most bit but there were a few things that didn’t really sit right with me even then. The Monarchy arising from the Political Power of the Vix Industry for one is a little unclear, or rather incomprehensible to me. Also, I find it very hard to believe that Astra’s mother and the detective’s rebellion succeeded so flawlessly and smoothly like that. Kind of makes you wonder on the exact state of the World Govt. Kanata’s self-made book managing to avert a few of the confusions and uproar sounds like quite the stretch too in my opinion.

Overall, it’s been great fun keeping up with this show week in and week out! It’s a little pity that some of the developments/revelations were a little ‘meh’ of sorts but it was wonderful seeing the mysteries of the world unravel along with the characters nevertheless. A real plus for this show is quite obviously the Characters as the Character Drama and Character Developments throughout the series was strong. Production-wise, this show was fab too simply put! Great Op & ED themes and some fantastic soundtracks too plus the brilliant VA from the Sound Department side of things, and amazing detail put into the different settings plus overall quality from the Animation pov.

Strong 8.30/10!
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Sep 18, 3:43 PM

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well this is the end!
loved the episode, it looked a bit like a movie rather than a series finale.
I hoped to see some struggle with the originals, maybe even a debate ..
it seems everything goes smoothly and i dont know how to feel about it ...

the time skip was nice to see and i think all of us wondered about it, but it also felt too detailed for me.

overall it was a good anime, great plot, nice character, enjoyed each episode. the anime definitely underrated this season!
Sep 18, 3:46 PM

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That explanation of how they erased history made me outright hate this show, you can't get most families to agree on what to have for dinner these days, you really expect you can get 3-5 billion people to agree to abandon religion, nations and history, even in those situations?
I also am not fond of the argument that they caused wars in general, wars have always been over resources, rarely has religion been the main cause (though it has been used as a justification by some less than savory characters), and in the case of nation states, nations form after societal shifts, fact is the united states is more similar to a federated empire then a country, with "states" having their own cultures, when they divide too much it eventually leads to conflict hence what causes new nations to form and the fall of kingdoms and empires, unless you take away free thinking and/or put people under a absolute totalitarian state, it's impossible to achieve world peace through a world governance much less a single party state, such states need conflict to survive, the only way a world government could exist without essentially destroying all cultures and driving human population numbers to near extinction, is to have a post-scarcity society without the expansionism of nation states, nations would still need to exist in such a society unless they were unified by a specific overarching ideology such as a religion (like the god emperor of mankind from warhammer 40,000, or a actual benevolent divinity like in some religious texts), however as kanata no astra turns a blind eye to many of these things in it's own story, it utterly ruins said story.

As for the ending, it felt extremely rushed to me, but even then it was a rather good end, but by the time i got to it the last few episodes had ruined the series for me.

My final score for the series up until a few episodes ago was a 7.5/10 or so, now i have to end it with a 4/10, maybe lower once everything sets in.
Sep 18, 3:47 PM
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I genuinely loved this show and I am glad they gave us an ending that could be expanded on but if we dont get more it ends satisfying not massive cliff hanger. It may have had some faults but the entertainment value alone made me give it an 8/10. This was definitely a unique anime. Thanks for the ride along Astra crew. ❤
Sep 18, 3:53 PM

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I'm actually satisfied with the way things were wrapped up, and even a bit moved. I do feel the whole thing with the erased, and buried history was overkill though. They being clones was actually cool, it explained their circumstances, and why they ended up having to fend for themselves in space. But well, cool I guess? I'm a softie though, so I was really moved when each of them started to remember, and state the most memorable moments they had during their trip.

I also like a good epilogue, and it showed much about their future. Their dreams came true, I mean, I think Quitterie didn't become a doctor, or as popular as Charce after all, but it's okay, her real dream was Zack. And they are all doing fine, living freely as who they are. I loved that Kanata was the one who wrote a book about their trip, and ended up getting rich enough to buy Astra back. It was nice. Well, it's over.
Sep 18, 3:55 PM
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Well, damn. I had this whole scenario thought out of how they meet the crew near Astra, they tell the kids that everything is okay and then we flash forward to how everything would have happened if they made it back to Astra safely, only then to return to real time and them getting taken out because they're clones and for the fact that the secret has to be protected.

Would have been a very bitter ending, especially since we would get to see all of their dreams coming true only to see them crashing down, because they were never allowed to happen. Really did not expect and all around 'happily ever after' ending and fairly disappointed with how perfectly everyone turned out, because all of the characters got everything that they wanted.
Sep 18, 3:56 PM

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The final episode of returns and refunds, that's how I see it. Yea sure it really wasn't perfect, but to get to the timeskip was a nice touch at the end. It was pretty much what I'd expected to close both the manga source and the anime itself along with it.

Looks like everyone is elated with going back home to planet Astra, but the lingering problem lies with the clones.

Charce's backstory is strikingly similar to how Paulina interpreted 2 episodes ago, just extended with the problem of his royal family into the discourse of history from Astra. It was the moment of truth that Kanata and the others settle to make things right: apprehending their originals and making a name for themselves, in birth and presence.

And the timeskip to where everyone got to where they wanted to be, the same way as in how te Astra was their opportunity to start things anew. I guess that's a well-rounded happy ending then.

The Astra, setting off for the unknown with adventures and sights to be discovered. That's a very fitting end for such a wonderful series from start to end.

9/10, maybe I'm exaggerating much, it is definitely one of 2019's specials.
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Sep 18, 4:01 PM
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I love detailed epilogues and a closure. Very good anime with many twists 8/10
Sep 18, 4:01 PM

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Not gonna lie. Quitterie probably had the biggest downgrade during the timeskip. She just looks so damn ugly now. She's suppose to be only 24? and yet she looks like 50.
Sep 18, 4:07 PM

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FlamingMangos said:
Not gonna lie. Quitterie probably had the biggest downgrade during the time skip. She just looks so damn ugly now. She's supposed to be only 24? and yet she looks like 50.

I totally agree, everyone ended up looking either super hot or gorgeous and then there's Quitterie who looks like a middle-aged mom.
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Sep 18, 4:15 PM

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Say what you want for the plot but the ending made this anime for me. Incredibly satisfying ending with no annoying inconveniences (like, I thought the parents would try to drag this any longer). Each character got a nice conclude, I especially really like Ulgar's development. He looks just like his brother.
Sep 18, 4:15 PM

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This definitely was a dark horse of this season, or more like year. A slow & steady build up as well as non-rushed reveals were quite a blast and something you don't see all that often. It even gave itself the time for a satisfying epilogue. Ah, the benefits of a completed manga adaptation ;3

sammyk124 said:
FlamingMangos said:
Not gonna lie. Quitterie probably had the biggest downgrade during the time skip. She just looks so damn ugly now. She's supposed to be only 24? and yet she looks like 50.

I totally agree, everyone ended up looking either super hot or gorgeous and then there's Quitterie who looks like a middle-aged mom.

It's mostly a bad choice of hairstyle IMO. If she changes that, everything's all gucci.
Sep 18, 4:30 PM

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FlamingMangos said:
Not gonna lie. Quitterie probably had the biggest downgrade during the timeskip. She just looks so damn ugly now. She's suppose to be only 24? and yet she looks like 50.

I say it fits with her somewhat stuck up personality. Probably going to be a future Chi chi, I can see it already.
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Sep 18, 4:33 PM

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Hell of an adventure and the glorious moment they made it back from 5000 light years just can't help but feeling proud. The questions and mystery end sums up well enough but still kind of feel bit too fast.

I love that Kanata and Aries are getting married but didn't show the wedding and parts of their lifes, then Kanata poof off to space right away on an ancient ship that has no upgrades for shield and weapons which got them into trouble before, and off to the unknown?! That kind of just worries me.

Want a 9.5 for this, but no decimal. :)
Sep 18, 4:39 PM

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Nice ending that was, I agree with someone above it did feel a little too easy that they returned without much trouble but eh. Loved the marriage confessions at the end lol. Kanata needs his rocket arm asap

final score, 4.5 Mans Sky/10
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Sep 18, 4:43 PM
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It was not a masterpiece, but it was a good show that made me smile. A solid 7/10 for me
Sep 18, 4:55 PM

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This last episode had a great ending! Everything went acording to plan: Originals getting arrested for their crimes, Kanata finaly getting his own spaceship, and a nice future with everyone.

Quitterie's look is just like her mother! :O wow! And Funicia looks a lot like Quitterie when she was younger (obvious!)
So happy for Kanata and Aries for getting married and also having their first child. Although, it was strange for them to purpose Charse to marry their daughter... and with the name of Seira. I was hopping for them to give a different name to their future daugher to be honest...

I really had fun watching this anime. It was great! 8/10 from me ^^
Sep 18, 5:10 PM

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Well, I have to give it to them that they at least wrapped every loose end and came up with some kind of satifying closure for each character but it was still done in very naive and childlike way, everything just went way too easily.

I mean, it's hard for me to believe that everyone would accept their way and that there wouldn't be any movements against revealing the truth. The effect of such disclosure on population would be immense, way beyond what they described and the period of wars would instantly return.
Not to mention that that wormhole technology would be stolen and exploited by many new splinter factions and their new world order would crumble into chaos soon.

(I also found it hard to believe that there was literally noone who would remember the old ways - you can't really erase such transition from human history and then control everyone who remembered).

Anyway, as much as this episode wasn't half bad (minus all the nonsense), the previous developement was hardly satisfying as a series, expect maybe for one or two episodes (7 and 10). Most of the times were were just watching kindergarten on their trip to space and the target demographic certainly wasn't higher than 12-14 years old. As such this series really didn't meet my expectations and with so many previous cringworthy moments, character templates and story shortcuts (hello constant flashbacks and overused plot devices), I can really see nothing of real worth here.

In fact, I would be much more intersted in further stories revolving around changes they brought upon this world, rather then watching this formulaic space adventure series ever again.

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So it just ends like that?

I was expecting more of at least a conflict for a finale, but meh, I guess that's a wrap :|
Sep 18, 5:38 PM

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I just loved the whole show, it started with a wonderful 48 min episode that hyped & caught me from the very start. The story really did not disappoint : by adopting a very decent pace, it brought up every mystery and made sure to sustain by keeping unresolved questions. When one received an answer, another one just showed up and made every episode more & more intriguing.

THis last 12th episode concluded an excellent anime (personal opinion obviously) by giving everything needed : end of space trip, last moments of young Team B5, originals taken in custody, landing and then my most awaited scenes, the epilogue. And honestly this epilogue made me feel really satisfied, every character receiving a proper treatment (I mean, we know who they are now). These teens have grown up and their space stories is over but remains in their hearts for sure !
Sep 18, 5:46 PM
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this episode was so good, i just love charce as a character. im so happy it all worked out in the end
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