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How would you feel if you got beat up by a girl?

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Poll: If a girl kicked your ass, how would you feel?

Sep 22, 5:52 PM

Joined: Sep 2019
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I would commend their skill then....but it really depends on WHY they had to use violence. If its to defend herself, then I probably deserved the ass-kicking if she was that afraid. If she's going around threatening others and starting conflict, then I would stay out of it the best I can. If it involves others and my own safety at stake and the violence is unjustified, then I'd do my best to take down the threat, even if I do get "beat up".

Rocky Balboa said it the best...."its not about how hard you hit, but how hard you get hit and still get back up"
Sep 22, 6:47 PM

Joined: Sep 2019
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I just spent a minute or so trying to think up a scenario in which a girl would attack me.

Scenario A. is a tourist chick late at night in some Berlin club whose brain couldn't handle the cocktail of acid, speed, ecstasy, alcohol and coke circulating in her bloodstream and who therefore sees me as a fractal monstrosity from beyond the stars, prompting her to attack me with drug-fueled strength. In this case, I would defend myself but try not to injure her. Realistically, bystanders and security would quickly step in, hold her down and call the cops/ambulance.

Secnaria B. is consensual, in which case it's hot.
Sep 24, 2:16 AM

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Back in Middle School when I was on the wrestling team, if I recall correctly the only loss I ever had was in the 7th grade to a girl. Didn't matter that I had an otherwise flawless record as well as walked away with a trophy that year lol, they still poked fun at me for like a whole month following the loss haha. I mostly took it in good fun although I was a tad salty about it certainly being quick to counter any criticism with the fact that most of them couldn't beat me meaning they would have lost to her too lol. Was a tad annoying they ignored all my wins and focused on my one loss.

In regards to like an actual fight, yeah, I would be embarrassed if a girl beat me up (even if it was someone super athletic with mixed martial arts experience like I have as silly as it would be to be embarrassed over it). But it's not like you can fight back (holy shit you would get berated far worse for that and rightfully so). Also if she were to like kick you in the balls or something understandably there's no countering that.
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