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Sep 17, 3:34 PM

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There are already new "modern only" things you can show on your list like pictures or even the studios. Why can't we show the MAL score for anime on our lists as well? Mangaupdates already has this feature.

It would actually be pretty useful for people with large PTWs and would help a lot of people prioritize what they want to watch. Way more people would use it than they would the ability to show licensors, which already exists.
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Sep 18, 12:03 AM

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Just pick something and watch it. Who gives a shit what someone else thought about it? They a lil bitch and their mom was too.
Sep 18, 6:48 AM

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Sorry for bad English
You can do one thing but it will ruin your mean score if it is important for you and it's also tiresome

Rate every anime on your PTW list the same score (for example 7 or if you want to be more comfortable rate them 10); Don't worry it won't effect the MAL mean score only effects your mean score
Then go to your MALGraph profile and anime list. Use plan to watch filter instead of all and then sort by difference (last column)
Sep 26, 4:17 AM

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+1 to that one. It's one of the features I missed a lot when I first moved to MAL. Tho in my case it's more useful on completed list to comapre average scores with mine.
Sep 27, 11:15 PM
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would something like this via a userscript be fine?
Sep 28, 6:32 AM

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Oh yeah, tha't exactly how I'd want it to look. But I'm afraid using script is a no-go for me: I use way too many devices and multiple browsers. I don't need this fearute that much to bother ^^'