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Sep 17, 12:29 PM
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t would also be a beautiful anime, if it were not for the protagonist who gives nothing of importance to the anime. His only purpose is to summon Saber, to then continue to repeat the same ideals basking in the harem that is formed around him
Sep 17, 12:42 PM

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>Gives nothing of importance
>entire route is basically centered on his ideals and how he comes to terms with it

>continue to repeat the same ideals
>literally abandons them in another route

>harem formed around him
>only Rin and Sakura liked him at the start and even then no harem ever formed in one route since the sole focus is the heroine

First post and you decided to use it on a dumb thread like this?
Sep 17, 12:44 PM

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Nice bait, you forgot to put it on the Deen anime where it wouldn't be obvious.

Sep 17, 12:57 PM

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YE and he even betrayed his best friend Shinji just so he could get laid SMH no dignity

Sep 17, 1:30 PM

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The title of this thread is everyone's dream.

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Sep 17, 1:48 PM

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very true, i prefer kiritsugu tbh, much better than this dumbass shounen protagonist