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Sep 17, 7:27 AM
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Hi folks. First time poster here.

Have been using this site for a few months now. When I browse users randomly I'm shown how much "affinity" we have and I quite like this feature. I'd like to search on affinity to find users with similar tastes to me as Im always on the look out for stuff i might like but isnt rated >8 on MAL.

Is there a way to search users by affinity?

Your feedback will be appreciated. Best -
Sep 17, 7:31 AM

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Hey! There was a website for it, but it does not work anymore. And I do not think there is a way to find such users on MAL. Might be wrong, though.
Sep 17, 9:24 AM
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submachine 銃

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There was a way to search for it on MAL which is now gone and also some third-party sites which let you search that are also gone, I think. So I believe there's no way to search users out through affinity at the moment.

This is the relevant suggestion to bring such a feature back:
Sep 17, 9:27 AM
Joined: Apr 2019
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Thank you for your answers.

You'd hope that compute power has come along enough over the past 10 years that this would now be possible.