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Poll: Diamond no Ace: Act II Episode 25 Discussion

Sep 17, 2:19 AM

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The fierce looks on the players this episode made the match really exciting imo.

Eijun once again challenges the opposite team although I wonder how much he's really been planning the match. Seems like he's still hotblooded as usual. That's a hell of a pitch he threw near the end!
Sep 17, 3:47 AM

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Now this was a episode full of hype, loved to see Eijun pitch with confidence. Hope he keeps up this pace and becomes the ace soon.
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Sep 17, 3:48 AM
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Not the first time I'm saying this, the game always focus on batter, pitcher, catcher, but Seido defensive team is one of the best, if not the best, in Japanese high school level, lead by Kuramochi senpai. I love how Ace of Diamond is based on the already very strong elite team that has prestige history, and not the 'just start' underdog team with mismatched players like in every other sports anime.
Sep 17, 5:02 AM

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Sawamura is evolving and Furuya is starting to see that.
Sep 17, 5:30 AM

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Furuya continues being a complete mess...

Mima stuff was intense af!

He’s not perfect but still very impressive stuff from Sawamura.
Sep 17, 7:02 AM

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Epic episode as always.

Furuya's still messing up, he totally botched a hit that could've eventually turned into a run.

The showdown with Mima had me nervous, holy shit! That was so intense, too bad Sawamura wasn't able to throw his split well.

The ending with them getting the Hakuryu's catcher out was so damn good, I was cheering.
Can't wait for next week, exciting stuff.
Sep 17, 8:44 AM

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Furuya was really dumb this week, it was bold of him to go for the 2nd base, but going for the 3rd base was an off move. He deserved the Coach's scolding tbh.

Sawamura is getting better and better I swear. This was a pretty tense episode.
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Sep 17, 10:13 AM
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Again, the manga did a way better job at showing the facial expressions of the characters and the batting sequences but overall its a solid episode.
This is the perfect challenge for Eijun because Mima can hit any pitch, even the cutter kai. One pitch that is off in location will cede a run. I think Mima saw through the Splitter because it dropped too early and slowly. But overall Eijun is doing pretty good so far. Furuya has to clear his head. That play was just careless on his part and I'm glad Kataoka gave him those words.

Fyi, a part of Mima's name is a reference to the legendary Japanese baseball player Ichiro Suzuki. Even the batting stance is the same and Shirasu's laser throw is also an Ichiro reference. Mima's playing style also resembles Ichiro. He's fast, he can make contact with different types of pitches, and he hits less home runs. Therefore, Mima should be one of the best batters of the series that we have seen just because of the reference and the similarities he has to Ichiro.
Found that pretty cool.
Sep 17, 10:15 AM
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Ulquiorra said:
Sawamura is evolving and Furuya is starting to see that.

no, he's always seen that. during season 2 he said that he noticed that the gap between him and Eijun were closing in on him. now Eijun has finally surpassed him
Sep 17, 1:17 PM

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Good game for Sawamura but I want to see him do great things more and more. Stop with Furuya, hopefully.
Sep 17, 1:36 PM

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I am glad that Eijun is showing the skill he worked hard for. He earned the respect of enemy and his team.
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Sep 17, 1:38 PM

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Furuya really wasted a big chance, one he created himself, by being hasty. And Kataoka wasn't wrong about what he said to him, but it still came off a bit harsh. But who knows, Furuya might turn this into strength and get back on his feet. But well, this match is still Sawamura's battle, and the other team is proving to be as capable as expected, but he is doing great with Miyuki's help. Shirasu's throw was really cool too.
Sep 17, 3:49 PM
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I really should stop watching the previews.
Sep 17, 10:08 PM

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Im so happpy for SAWWWWAAAAAMURAAAA. His shine finally gets to rain down upon us.
Sep 18, 4:08 AM

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Sawamura will definitely improve playing against Hakuryu.
Also good decisions from Coach Kataoka to both let sawamura play against Hakuryu and to remove Furuya who is still a mess.
Sep 20, 1:10 PM
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That outfielder throwing the ball back to Miyuki looks like a cheat code to me :P

Good to see Sawamura doing well once again ! Despite being a practice game, both teams are heat up enough to give their best.
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