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Why do some popular anime fall into obscurity very quickly?

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Sep 19, 12:44 AM

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Because they were simply never good to begin with, most of the time.

The seasonal anime community also moves at a very brisk pace. Rarely will any of these people have time in their lives to go back and watch older shows, since they already have their hands full of new seasonals.
Sep 19, 7:57 AM

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Some anime might be fun to watch but don't have much to be memorable, or are memorable for a few scenes but are otherwise forgettable. For example, Goblin Slayer. I recall seeing it almost everywhere, but now it seems largely forgotten. Probably due to a certain scene in the first episode is why it blew up as it did. Aside from that scene, I thought the first few episodes were good, but the rest of the show was meh.

Oh, and there's Overlord, which I actually liked, but it doesn't seem like it'll be getting a fourth season, but I recall it being fairly popular a few years ago.

I really want to watch Rokka no Yuusha, but I want to read the novel first before I start the anime.
Sep 20, 5:42 AM

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Idk about Rokka no Yuusha being popular but it was definitely season's favorite.
It's just the anime didn't get the deserved treatment of getting a continuation.
It's unfinished adventure that still has so much to tell; the anime ends on fatass cliffhanger.
And, I don't think it is that easily forgotten. Might bet if they'd announce a sequel, the LN and its anime fans would bring all their the hype on the surface.
We still hope we can get one.

Sep 20, 7:47 AM

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I guess it's because even though they had popularity when airing, in the end they did not leave an impact on the watchers.

Sep 20, 8:29 AM
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One time wonders, or they weren't good to begin with.
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