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Poll: Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e Episode 12 Discussion

Sep 18, 2:03 PM

Joined: May 2015
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Eh, wasn't really a fan of this one. It moved through the story way too fast, the characters annoyed me, it bored me a bit and that ending was lacklustre. I guess it's hinting a continuation, but I sure as hell won't be watching.

Overall, 5/10. The best part about it were the theme songs.

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Sep 18, 3:29 PM

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the art was nice and 1 or 2 bgm tracks were cool. Plus how the Ultra Instinct thingy at the end looked was dope. But the story was generic, dull and predictable. Couldn't find one character on this show that was charismatic and entertaining, everybody was one dimensional. this show felt like if it was a bad fusion between the saga of Tanya the evil, Garo and Golden Kamuy. Kinda skeptical, don't know if i'll pick it up whenever a second season gets made.
Sep 18, 3:48 PM
Joined: Aug 2016
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A shit show with a shit ending, what a surprise.
When I started watching this I thought that Elain, Schaal and Cain are equally the worse characters out of the entire cast, but now I don't think that Cain sucks as much as the other two, but his little brother sure does.
I hope they'll adapt the author's other superior isekai/harem/eechi/polygamy manga next time.

Sep 18, 9:01 PM
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the ultra instinct like ending.. after hank touced by schall he have that power that called the king of the beast..
hmm the ending is ok and ill wait for second season..
Sep 18, 10:29 PM
Joined: Dec 2018
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I honestly didn't really enjoyed this anime most of the time, like they have a very good episode but also has a worst episode, Trice's song and Cain being gay is what make me give a 8 to this show
Maybe I'll read the manga later
Sep 19, 4:51 AM

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Nice non-ending. This was the most "hey, go read the manga" type of ending I've seen in a long time.

I never could get fully invested in the premise of all the Incarnates needing to die. Hank's mission of killing all his comrades seems far too black and white. Needs to be a little more subtle. And the siren girl certainly didn't deserve to die.

Anyway, 10/10 for Liza's huge anime tiddies.
Sep 19, 4:44 PM

Joined: Oct 2015
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Was surprised by that out of the ass power up to Hank, the Fuck? Where was it all this time, you've got to he kidding me!

Oh, well! I wasn't expecting much from this train smash from the beginning. The plot was mediocre from the start, even Cain got away with it. What a load of bull this anime was. The plot sucked but I certainly did not hate it. It did its job of keeping me company on Mondays, so I cannot complain that much. Schaal is the worst character I've seen this year, fuck the bitch, fuck her braided tail and that gun she always carries for decoration.

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Sep 20, 6:45 AM
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What chapter should I start after watching anime ??
Sep 20, 7:04 AM

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thepath said:
What chapter should I start after watching anime ??

You can start at chapter 29 since its the beginning of vol.6. Plus there were a few details that were left out in the anime version.
Sep 21, 2:53 AM

Joined: May 2019
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average story, less than average characterisation, but decent psychology and moral ambiguity.


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Sep 21, 8:52 PM

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Well weird how things escalated really quickly like how Hank got suddenly op just by getting touched by Schaal. Speaking of Schaal, woah there, are they making Schaal and Hank a couple because that's really weird. Well, looks like Ellaine will be Hank's enemy eventually

Sep 21, 9:16 PM

Joined: Oct 2008
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another asspull power-up by Hank
but of course Cain won't go down that easily!
LOL at the soldiers, didn't get seduced by the 2 watermelons of Liza but went for the adorable Schaal!
omg Cain let Elaine live! i wonder what the plan is?
wait for S2.
Sep 23, 5:21 AM

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I mean, I get it... I guess? Like somehow, Hank accepted his state of being in-between being an Incarnate and Human, using Schaal as support... but I don't know how it gave him powers.

It was a fine distraction from when I had nothing to watch, so it's a 5/10 from me. Just makes me wonder if the manga improves upon or that.

Anyway, the most important lesson this series has taught me is that even the most humble soldier can prefer justice over oppai. I salute those men. o7
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Sep 23, 9:54 PM

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big tiddies fill a man's hands, but small boobies fill a man's heart

well this wasn't the worst anime I've seen, but I felt it was not very good.

Having increasingly mediocre art just seemed to compound the problems I had with the content, making me reluctant to complete this, though these last two episodes were at least decent looking.

I think the biggest problem is that everything is not very logical. So how can the use of poison gas as a "human" atrocity really matter when the violence of Incarnates seems equally brutal and terrifying? An attempt to give a serious counterargument to the proposition that Incarnates are worse than humans fell flat to me. A big problem to me is the lack of distinction between Incarnate and human in the first place, since Incarnates are not aliens, but are formerly normal humans.

Hank reaffirms that killing Incarnates is right and correcting a mistake made by humans...which also falls flat to me that I've detailed in a previous post. So, the anime does not quite deal in complexity. It deals in the same subject matter as Devilman/Devil Lady, but doesn't approach it with the relative sophistication that Nagai Go and Konaka Chiaki do. This wouldn' be so bad if the anime weren't so reliant on the characters' logic and focused on irrational motivations instead, given the irrationality of war itself.

Cain seems jealous of Hank and Elaine's relationsip, whetehr that's of Elaine or Hank is not clear, but his desire to have hank in his new world order is perhaps a sign of a frustrated homosexual relationship to me. Now, this is really interesting and if this had been more of a narrative focus this might have been of much more interest to me. Or if it was over Elaine (considering he seems to have her in a sac or something) at least that's still something that is more tenable than moral justifications. That said, the obvious rebellion of the child (Cain) against the Father as an emotional motivation, that I'm surprised has not really been made explicit yet, would be so dull and predictable and a redux of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, which at least had the decency to have a cool train and hot engineer.

There were some things I liked about this, mainly the interesting choice of civil war theme and Riza's boobs (dat boob mole chef's kiss), and Schaal is cute, if kinda useless.

The series is so based on characters that the world itself lacks in sense; we never see any other uses for this magic mineral that the war is fought over. It seems to have no transformative effect on society in technology or something, but I guess we can't all be Bioshock. If there were more episodes to this and felt more like an adventure series, maybe there would have been more world-building, but I'm also thankful it's as short as 12 episodes. The plot of finding a new person with a sad history to kill each week is not particularly uplifting, and it's not possible for me to enjoy the violence since I feel dubious about it's morality.
Sep 25, 12:21 PM

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The show started off interesting, but as the series progressed it started to focus more and more on the fights which became more and more repetitive. The backstories of all the different ๆ“ฌ็ฅžๅ…ต were all tragic and quite often made me choke up, but towards the end of the series I just stopped caring as much. The animation wasn't that great either. Overall I'd say this show is just mediocre.
Sep 26, 8:52 PM

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phil2288 said:
The anime has covered the 1st 30 chapters of the manga (middle of Vol 6).
Chapter 54 just came out recently, so the anime's got 24 manga chapters to catch up with.

The plot gets more interesting in later chapters starting from

Thanks for that bro, you saved me a lot of time.
Sep 28, 12:19 AM
Joined: Mar 2012
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Good monster designs.
Started with a cool premise, and a few incarnates had at least good stories, including Schaal's dad, Siren, and a few others with morals but became mentally lost.
It turned into boring 1D chars, boring plot stretched too thin (more stretched/repetitive than shieldbro), wasted potential of post war, unfinished end with random Hank powerup.
The two mains, tho Schaal's cute & Hank gives some decent fights (with poor animation), they're both fairly bland & can't carry the show.
Sep 28, 10:42 AM

Joined: Jul 2008
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Elaine being alive was obvious. I'm guessing Cain was just jealous because he wants Hank all to himself.

Typical non-ending ending. I don't think it will continue.

This drops to meh for me, 5/10
Sep 29, 2:27 PM

Joined: Jun 2013
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This was mediocre at best. The story was interesting in the beginning got boring pretty fast. And the little character development and poor animations don't really help.

I agree with Cain the real antagonist was Elaine because she didn't try to correct her mistake she simply tried to get rid of her mistake by killing all the incarnates which was unfair to them. This is why he killed her and spared Hank. I think Cain just wants the incarnates to live without fear of persecution and for that a war is needed to boost incarnates reputation.
Sep 30, 2:10 PM
Joined: Mar 2018
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Hank's final form is gorgeous, very godly. From what I understand from Cain's comments, Hank will always be able to retain his humanity for as long as he is bound to Schaal (the gleipnir).
This show had its moments, sometimes good, others bad..., overall okay.
Oct 2, 3:30 PM

Joined: Sep 2015
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Gas! Gas! Gas!

Here are good moments and there are some meh ones, but I didn't find anything particularly bad.
Overall, I would watch a second season.
I still don't think killing incarnates is the solution, but we will have to either read the source material or maybe a 2nd season to find out.

Also it seems Cain is a bit of a yandere for Hank lol. Doesn't like when girls are with him. Well probably because relationships help maintain sanity?
The bartender helped one incarnate keep her sanity. And Hank has been pretty sane with Elaine and Schaal.
But some other incarnates also had family so I'm not sure why they weren't ok.
Nov 1, 5:22 PM
Joined: Jul 2011
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Well I guess this was one way to just fart out the end of a series.

I mainly got into this because I saw the Roy vs. Hank fight and drama scenes on youtube, it looked interesting but going through the whole thing it was pretty mediocre. I loved the concept of Hank having to take down his fallen comrades (would make a neat video game by Platinum, Fromsoft, or whoever) but outside of Roy and maybe singing girl the build up and eventual death of them sucked.

Cain being so Saturday morning cartoon villain-ish and random "joke" scenes from Liza killed any tension in the supposed serious scenes.

Even though Ultra Instinct Hank looked cool there was no real logically reason based on previous scenes why he landed that massive hit on Cain. He was phasing through attacks effortlessly beforehand. "He's the King of Beasts!!11", like what does that even mean (or matter) in the context of that world.

Claude was useless, at least Schaal had an excuse (sorta). If they gonna have discount Attack on Titan equipment at least let Claude be more useful with it if his whole MO is stopping Cain and Incarnates.

Animation was pretty low effort overall, it did pick up a little on the Roy and Cain fights but there was a lot of "QUALITY" moments through out, just seems common with Mappa productions. Taking a glance at the manga sadly a lot of the character details was lost. The OP theme was generic but catchy and the ED theme was better than this show deserves. Overall pretty disappointing watch.
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