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Poll: Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e Episode 12 Discussion

Sep 16, 7:19 AM

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Well that escalated quickly.

Of course they had Cain show up to cause trouble yet again. He made the solders in this series look like jokes. Honestly, I can't stand his character and that smug face of his. Whatever the case, it's obvious the season's finale presented him as the Big Bad. Hank didn't hesitate to show his rage. This was predictable as hell if you ask me especially when Schaal also got involved.

4/10, much worse than I had originally expected from this show. At least Cain got what he deserved.
Sep 16, 7:28 AM

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Schaal is the worst character from 2019. Ugly, annoying and stupid.

The rest are just plot devices. I liked the first episode but the rest was just disappointment.

3/10 for the anime.
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Sep 16, 8:35 AM

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I can't really see this getting another season but the ending hints there's a lot more story left.

Always expected Elaine could pop up again.

Still neither side is moral or easy to side with especially with that gas weapon.

I wish there were more sane Incarnates. Just feels like there's a lot missing.

Pretty mediocre overall .... 5/10 I guess? I'm not sure I'd care enough to follow the manga.
Sep 16, 8:42 AM

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Cain Madhouse truly is mad. When Hank punched the hell out him, that was satisfying to watch.

That ending... could Elaine be alive???


Sep 16, 8:43 AM

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Going into this final episode...I expected at least a decent anime-original finale, BUT NOPE.

The fight between Hank and Miles, was thwarted by Claude's aid, Martin, as an attempt to "deceive the enemy" plus the ally too. And ending this with the Godkiller bullet is just unsatisfying.

Plus, Cain's powers are beyond immortal, so picking up a fight with him would be senseless. Not even the younger brother is aware of how bad the situation is, that is until Hank interferes in person.

Going back into the context of Episode 1, Elaine sure knew her experiments have gone wrong, but she aims to make it right, that's part-and-parcel of being human. What we GOT instead was a battle of words and wit between Hank and Cain, which

And I agree wholeheartedly that
Nurguburu said:

The rest are just plot devices.

And God knows why Schaal BECAME THE CATALYST for Cain to see that both humans and beasts deserve to live amongst-side one another, like as if she's Hank's motivation time and time again. Plus that Cain got what he deserved.

This was in no doubt, a disappointing finale through and through. I have absolutely no words for this show anymore (other than the upcoming final review rant). Highly, impossibly doubt we're having a Season 2.

Anime: Will we want to see Elaine's brand new world again?
Us: HELL NO! Just read the manga.

Giving this a generous 5/10 is pushing my boundaries out of the gate.
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Sep 16, 8:47 AM

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This episode felt rushed and incomplete. Don't know if this thing has enough material to adapt and if it sold well enough to make a second season, but this is the far I get.
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Sep 16, 8:54 AM
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Cain is definitely in love with Hank, but (from my personal experience) loving straight guy is always unrequited love, that is why Cain is so mad when women like Elaine and Schaal flirting with Hank. This is called Guts-Griffith relationship though it is actually originated from Devilman.

Now we have the superior version of Hank that can activate during the day and has only wolf ears, which will be more acceptable for those who cannot fully accept Hank's werewolf form.

And season 2 is a must for me! While it hurts that Hank will either end up with Elaine or Schaal or Liza whatever 'female' that will appear in the future, there's no other show that have muscular werewolf fighting shirtless that can satisfy me, and 'Fairy Gone' is far from what I want.
Sep 16, 9:04 AM

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Anyway this turned out to be yet another incredibly average seasonal I'll end up completely forgetting about in a couple of months. Generous 5/10

Also, did he just master Ultra Instinct ?

Sep 16, 9:09 AM
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The anime has covered the 1st 30 chapters of the manga (middle of Vol 6).
Chapter 54 just came out recently, so the anime's got 24 manga chapters to catch up with.

The plot gets more interesting in later chapters starting from

Sep 16, 9:10 AM

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It's just not the biggest disappointment of the season, because we had Arifureta.
Sep 16, 9:11 AM

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I was wondering how the heck is Hank gonna defeat Cain who has overpowered abilities the answer to that was to go Ultra Instinct
Sep 16, 9:12 AM
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el_morris said:
This episode felt rushed and incomplete. Don't know if this thing has enough material to adapt and if it sold well enough to make a second season, but this is the far I get.

Chp 54 is the latest manga chapter from Japan.
So there's 24 more chapters of adaptable content.

Later content gets quite thick with the worldbuilding intrigue, esp. what Elaine's research was actually all about.
Sep 16, 9:15 AM

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Fairly decent finale, I suppose. Quite the cliffhanger to sign things off with, I wonder if Studio MAPPA and the Production Committees are up more or if this was just an attempt to tempt the watchers to go read the original material. Well, only time will tell.

Cain's solo slaughtering was horrifying, yikes. Centaur man died quite the painful death too, good to see they weren't holding back the gore for this episode for one thing. Hard to say which side really is sane, I like this aspect in general but it was kind of underwhelming here for the most bit.

It's almost baffling why Cain didn't take care of Schaal while he'd the opportunity to do so before Hank's arrival but well it is what it is. Damn, that powerup of Hank's though, Cain was totally beat for a second there. No wonder why he was the Captain of the Incarnates and why Cain holds him in such a high regard.

Expected Cain to be cooking something in the background, thanks to the bit from last episode too, but I certainly didn't expect it to be that major. Little bit of the country against the the majority plus the Incarnates, things are surely not looking bright for the Northern Region.

And hey, Elaine is (half-) alive. Looks like my guess from earlier is on point. What does Cain have in mind for her, I wonder.

Sorry but this show was fairly average to me overall.

5/10. Op & ED are about the best feature of this show, imo.

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Sep 16, 9:22 AM

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They deviated from the manga to adapt the ending of the arc (mostly the Hank vs Cain fight), but seeing Hank punching Cain in the face was so satisfying I cannot hate it. Too bad it didn't crushed Cain's face like a grape.

This was a nice time killer, I prefered the manga much more, but the anime was alright, could had been worse, honestly, at least they followed the manga's plotline despite the changes the animated adaptation made. Will watch a possible second season, though I doubt it will have one.
Sep 16, 9:24 AM

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Going to read manga now, anime got me interested enough.
Sep 16, 9:27 AM

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I guess I have no choice but to read the manga because there was definitely more to the story. I wasn't expecting Hank to go Ultra Instinct, but it looked good. I give this series a 7/10 because it was entertaining.
Sep 16, 10:01 AM

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Decent episode, nothing special about it or about the anime as a whole. Pretty much the only things I liked were the op, ed and that one song that played when Hank fought Cain.

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Sep 16, 10:06 AM

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Globally a good show : predictable on many points (especially the ending) but not boring to watch as I was afraid of after the first episodes. After this last episode, there are still a lot of things moving around, the story isn't finished and I'd gladly see another season later on.

It wasn't an anime I had high expectations when starting, but it turned out to something I enjoyed watching. I give it 6-7/10, as a non-manga reader.
Sep 16, 10:21 AM

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at first i hated schaal but she slowly grew on me, pretty fun outcome was a fun ride. Hope we get some more.
Sep 16, 10:36 AM
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Well, this was a great finale. I just wish that Cain would just die. He is really getting on my nerves. Maybe that's why he is one of the best villains in my book of villains I like. Got to see an epic fight between Hank and Cain. Poor soldiers looked like a joke compared to Cain. I did not see the ending coming. Hope there's a season 2.
Sep 16, 10:40 AM

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Leo said:
Cain Madhouse truly is mad. When Hank punched the hell out him, that was satisfying to watch.

That ending... could Elaine be alive???


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Sep 16, 10:48 AM

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So the show turned out to be pretty much moderate. Btw what did Cain mean by calling Schaal as Gleipnir girl?
Also does anyone know where to start the chapter after this?
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Sep 16, 11:17 AM
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I actually enjoyed this anime. I hope it gets a season 2. Now time to read the manga!
Sep 16, 11:52 AM

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Well this was a cool way to end this season, the final episode was quite gd. Hank vs Cain was a gd fight and looks like Elaine is alive after all.

I was really dissapointed with this after Claude and his group appeared but after this episode kinda looking forward to next season I guess.
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Sep 16, 12:49 PM

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Inbetween I had some hopes for the show but the ending was weak. The fight between Hank and Cain in particular was meh... rules and abilities pretty unclear. At first it was one sided in favour of Cain and after a quick power-up it was Hank's turn to do the punching.
Sep 16, 1:02 PM

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this last episode pretty much tells me that this was a waste of time. i expected Schaal to be more badass judging by that first key visual
it was good when it wants to be good, but its mostly meh
Sep 16, 1:48 PM

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Overall, pretty average/decent in the end. The premise kept me interested the whole way through these 12 episodes. Like, except the final few episodes, it kinda felt like watching the same thing every episode, with a different incarnate. 5/10
Sep 16, 2:56 PM

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Expected go read the manga ending but I liked it and I really enjoyed the whole show honestly.

Ultra instinct Hank awakened by the power of friendship/love.

That punch was pretty satisfying.

One last close-up to Liza's boobs... which those uncultured soldiers reject, sigh.

One last cute Schaal. Schaal best girl.

...And to no one's surprise, Elaine is still alive, more or less.
Sep 16, 3:08 PM

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it won't let me mark this anime as completed, anyone else got that problem?
Sep 16, 4:42 PM

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KiriSlays said:
it won't let me mark this anime as completed, anyone else got that problem?

I had that problem a couple hours ago, but I just went to the anime page and changed the status to completed on the left panel.
Sep 16, 4:46 PM

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I see, so all this started because Cain was gay to Hank and got jelly.

Sep 16, 6:45 PM

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Lame non-ending but was hilarious when he went ultra-instinct. Lowering this to a 6/10 from the 7 I had.
Sep 16, 7:13 PM
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Yes it had a read the manga ending, though to be fair it did leave itself open for a possible second season more than Spec Ops Asuka back in Winter, that show had a terrible read the manga ending. Overall this show was enjoyable. I don't understand why people hate Schaal, she wasn't perfect or anything but I didn't think she was a bad character just not the best main focus. Animation was pretty decent not Mappa's best but still good. Overall if we don't get another anime I'll probably see myself reading the manga I like the premise enough. The final battle of the episode was also fairly satisfying, even if there was really no conclusion. Overall 7/10 show, I hope for a season 2 but I'm not going to hold my breath unless this anime turns out to be really popular overseas.
Sep 16, 8:08 PM
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Anime score for me 7.5/10
Sep 16, 9:44 PM

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>This isn't a camping trip. This is war.
-So why didn't the poison work on Hank? He holds his breath for a few seconds and he's fine? The poison definitely infects cuts. Don't tell me he doesn't have a single open wound on his body!
-Those blood effects when Cain sliced at the soldiers that were shooting at him were absolutely atrocious.
-Also that grenade scene was comical.
>Cain: You're shaking. This is what they call fear.
Wow Cain, you truly are an insightful villain.
-The classic "Join me, Protagonist!" trope. I can't hate it. It's a classic!
-I will fully admit that Hank giving Cain the beatdown was awesome. That blow to the head was cool.
-I don't see why Cain left. I mean, they took his fortress, but he could have easily taken those soldiers down.
And so, Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-Tachi E/To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts finally comes to an end...(for now?) Who knows if we'll get a 2nd season.
Hank's alive, Elaine's alive (apparently), the manga is probably set up for a generic happy ending. Hank probably won't face consequences or lose his humanity, despite all he did to his fellow incarnates. I may pick up the manga just for the heck of it, but not any time soon.
Overall, I'm giving it a 5. Not because it was average, but because it had a seemingly equal mix of good and bad ideas and subplots. Coincidentally, this was the exact same reason I gave this Mangaka's other work, "Tasogare Otome X Amnesia"/"Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia" a 5 (Though this was definitely his/her better work whereas the other one was almost a 4 for me). I think this Mangaka is very creative and has so much potential to write great stories, but ends up holding himself/herself back in favor of the worst tropes. Such a shame.
I did get some enjoyment out of it though, and I may pick up the manga one day.

Sep 16, 9:48 PM
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I ended up enjoying this show quite a bit. Really digging Hank's character, a breath of fresh air compared to the isekai MCs who I find to be card board cut outs of the same character archetype used over and over again. Despite claiming the incarnates don't have a place alongside humans, Hank shows time and time again that he actually wishes for the opposite of what he's preaching. That inner struggle. ( ̄ハ ̄*)

The goal of the MCs are pretty straightforward thus the predictable outcomes. Its not like the author is trying to swerve or impress the audience with some spectacular mystery plot twist.

I dunno about everyone, but I dont find Schaal to be annoying at all. I guess everyone just wants her to be more useful? That's not really her character's purpose imo though. My criticism of her would be how nonchalant it comes off when she just decides to follow Hank from ep2, the same night she shot him.

Hmmmmm, was it that Dracula always had a thing for werewolves? I thought Cain was in love with Elaine, but seems I was wrong? Cain just wants Hank to notice him all along.

Overall: 7/10
Op/Ed theme songs: 10/10
Personal Enjoyment: 9/10: I marathoned 10 eps in one sitting without my mind wandering so thats says something to my personal enjoyment.
Sep 16, 10:07 PM

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Now that was one hell of a escalation this episode introduced. Still to think that the north's secret tactic was to use poison mist that was harvested from the incarnates. Cain's entrance and effect on the field though sure was explosive. Still Cain really played them well with his strategy though. Despite the sheer power that Cain showed in the dual with Hank its to Schaal's credit that she was able to retain her calm and help guide Hank back. While certainly a believer in his own ideas its interesting to see that perhaps Cain was simply jealous of the relationship that existed between Hank and Elaine back then. Overall an excellent ep that while ending the threat to the capital by Cain also showed how much more cunning he was as a leader and how creative his strategy was. While it was certainly satisfying seeing Hank and Schaal turn the tide and beat back Cain it looks like while they won the battle that the war is just getting started. Hopefully this series will get a sequel as the ending indicates.
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Sep 16, 11:41 PM

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So Hank going full "Ultra Instinct" mode was all he needed to finally touch Cain, uh?

As expected, this final episode was as forced as I thought it would be. It wasn't enjoyable in the slightest and some moments which were meant to have some impact for the viewer didn't have it at all. A real shame for sure but being disappointed regarding this show is not something new, being honest.

And on a side note, Schaal might be the most useless character in the show but that General sure was the dumbest. Killing half his men with that gas attack giving the lamest of reasons to do it and thinking he would kill Cain by just using common bullets was simply laughable. Honestly, I wasn't expecting something remarkable from him but I sure didn't think his character could be this one-dimensional either.

As a whole, this series was quite bad. It wasn't the most disappointing one since that's Kanata no Astra's place but it sure could have been a lot better if the writing and storytelling were actually more competent.

3/10 - The first 10 minutes or so from ep. 1 were sadly, the only moment where I felt truly invested in this show.
Sep 16, 11:58 PM
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omfg, this show thinks it's getting a 2nd season??
Sep 17, 12:46 AM
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Well guess that's that. I have to admit I disliked every single change the anime made to the source material. From the wannabe AoT gear they gave Coup de Grace and the ridiculous weapons they have, Schaal not being the one to kill Gargoryle, or all the changes the last episode had such as removing what occurred when they entered the fortress and completely changing the Hank and Cain fight to him having some new super powers.
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Sep 17, 3:35 AM

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Vol 8 and 9 are now available on MAL's manga store.
Sep 17, 4:07 AM

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And so ends the most disappointing series of the season.
Sep 17, 6:19 AM

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amazing final episode. Will miss this show.

looks like Schaal earned the respect of the troops. ^^
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Sep 17, 1:03 PM

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Well, cool episode. Hank getting the power of the protagonism and Cain being gay was the best part of the episode.

Season 2 waiting room
Sep 17, 2:01 PM
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We reach the end of this good anime. That outcome of the first season so exciting. Hank unleashed a new power of the Beast King, and although Cain seemed invincible, Hank was able to hit him with a great and satisfying blow.
And well, Schaal decided to continue his journey with Hank to fulfill his promise. What a beautiful and peculiar couple.
Anyway, I wait a second season to see the beginning of the new war, Hank to fulfill his mission, and the possible return of Elaine.

It will not have been one of the best anime of the season, but one of the good ones. He gradually improved with each episode. And the OP is great 👌. It was a pleasure.
Sep 17, 2:34 PM
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lol time to go read manga cause that shit made zero sense
Sep 17, 3:06 PM

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I already had a bad feeling last week seeing that was too much left for just one more episode, but him attaining Ultra Instinct at the last minute to beat Cain was too much for me.

Of course I knew that we wouldnt have a conclusion, but this was too much and ruined the whole experience to me. There is nothing that I hate more than a bullshit ending.

Sep 17, 9:37 PM

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Kind of a disappointing end to the season. They basically changed genres entirely near the end, which I'm not always opposed to, but it just feels like everything up until this point was essentially worthless filler. I'm sure I'll give the second season a chance if they make one, especially since a war theme might work better than the simpler theme they started with, but I can't help feel this first season missed a lot of potential starting out.
Sep 18, 7:18 AM

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I guess i'm one of the few who actually liked this anime. We got an open ending and Hank and Schaal going on another journey. I'd like a 2nd season for this! 7/10
Sep 18, 11:38 AM

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bit confused bout this

Overall, I liked the story, but this adaptation felt rushed. Don't know how close they stayed to the source material, but think if they took a bit more time a lot more people would've enjoyed the anime
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