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Poll: When you watch hentai, what is your preferences

Sep 16, 2:02 AM
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I'm sorry for asking something like this, some of you must be watching those called hentai. Almost male main character have his eyes covered with hair, and when some of them watch it they will think 'this is definitely hentai'

First time I see it, that's the first time I feel aroused. But for me I can feel it when both character face is shown when they do it, I can't feel the sensation when I can't see their face. Even I can see only female face is entirely and not male, it didn't make me excited. But I still can accept yuri scene, because both female is shown with full face.

I also prefer to watch it if both of them have feelings for character, like harem, with good looking male character. It disgusts me to see a lone female getting raped by some ugly men, even many men, with monsters or tentacles. I also dislike when pregnant female also get raped, you can ignore my question if you want.

So what are your preferences or dislikes when watch it?
Sep 16, 4:05 AM
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Why would you feel sorry for asking this?

My likes: animal ears and tails, high socks, vanilla, succabuss, garter belts, ... those kind of things. Oh and I do like some S&M, bondage and femdom every now and then. A bit of comedy combined is also appreciated every now and then.

My dislikes: eh... over the top hentai mostly. Also, somehow I'm also not a big fan of modern hentai. Most of the time it's to extreme for my liking. :-/

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Sep 16, 4:12 AM
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I just need some lolis and decent animation/designs, the guy is more or less irrelevant in how he looks. On Nhentai there's always a lot of complaints about doujins with fat ugly bastards and I never understood the problem, it's not like I'm looking at them while I fap.

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Sep 16, 5:41 AM

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The only thing I care about in hentai, is that there's shiny tits swinging smoothly. Nothing else matters.
Sep 16, 5:45 AM

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The only thing I don't like is when the camera is moving all the time like a kid playing with a drone while he records
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Sep 16, 7:21 AM

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I haven't watched much hentai, and hadn't noticed that they do the 'hiding the eyes' thing. I've seen it a few times in visual novels, though. The idea seems to be that obscuring the eyes enables the viewer to self-insert. I personally would rather see the full face, with eyes.
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Sep 16, 7:25 AM
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I care only for a story, ya know. Like what they used to have in the 90's ...

Also who the hell unironically gets off on 2D, wow?! No hate, but it is weird.
Sep 16, 7:28 AM

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Seiya said:
The only thing I care about in hentai, is that there's shiny tits swinging smoothly. Nothing else matters.
I'm an ass man but I do agree with this.

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Sep 16, 7:31 AM
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TheChaika said:
I care only for a story, ya know. Like what they used to have in the 90's ...

Also who the hell unironically gets off on 2D, wow?! No hate, but it is weird.

Me too, I like it when the story is good
Sep 16, 7:38 AM
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Luchse said:
Seiya said:
The only thing I care about in hentai, is that there's shiny tits swinging smoothly. Nothing else matters.
I'm an ass man but I do agree with this.

I see you're a man of culture as well.
And yes I agree too.
Sep 16, 8:11 AM

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I tend to prefer ecchi over hentai for fapping purposes but I'll answer with that in mind. I don't really care about watching people have penetrative sex, I like watching sexual foreplay and girls in skimpy outfits.

I like when there's a lot of focus on the girls legs in a miniskirt. Especially if there's lots of shots with them sitting against the wall with their legs up so that you see all of their legs. One leg raised and the other straight forward is also nice. Anything where a girl wraps her legs around something is nice too.

For sexual scenes I like for there to be a lot of deep kissing, licking, moaning, and for the girl to be left panting and drooling a little after a really passionate kiss.

I also prefer cute moe characters over hot ones.
Sep 16, 12:43 PM

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I only watch yuri hentai all other hentai is too sexist for me.
Sep 16, 12:45 PM
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I think the poll results should speak for themselves

The faceless male MC in hentai thingy has never made any sense and has always been an unnecessary negative for the show

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Sep 16, 1:00 PM

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I don't mind if one's face is hidden but it is much better when it is shown.
Speaking of preferences, I like many kinds of deviations like loli/shota/futa/gay/lesbi/monsters/torture/guro/tentacle/all-the-way-through/x-ray/belly bulge/hypno/timestop etc.
I dislike pregnancy, abnormally huge tits, nipple fuck, tattoos and ahegao
Sep 16, 1:07 PM

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great thread
most hentai sucks, but it tends to be the case that most of the hentai that get translated tend to be weirder and less vanilla
Sep 16, 1:08 PM

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Preferences? futa/dickgirls/trap whatever, mind break, tentacles, incest, threesome/gangbang
Sep 16, 1:18 PM

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GreatAide said:
great thread
most hentai sucks, but it tends to be the case that most of the hentai that get translated tend to be weirder and less vanilla

My thoughts really. I don't like weird fetish material much so I stick to ecchi for the most part.
Sep 16, 1:23 PM

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don't really mind long my friend below there is happy, then I'm happy too.
Sep 16, 2:03 PM

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Don't really like hentai, did like collecting ecchi on 4chan and tumblr
Sep 16, 4:00 PM

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Nice try Mark Zuckerberg, you will not get my fetish data to sell it to Fakku :<

I prefer that the face of the male character is shown, unless the the male character is drawn with unremarkable facial features and in a clean matter that bends over to "pretty boy" trope. In those cases i often perfer that the male face to be covered.
When it comes with female characters i am fine with the face being cover if it is tryiny to convay the idea that she is introvert or shy.

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Sep 16, 4:14 PM

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Most things that I like are never in animated hentai. Consentacles namely. But faceless dudes just make the whole thing like... not to sound sappy but yeah sure im here to beat my meat per se but also I want a CONNECTION. This girl better be sounding like a banshee bc the dick good AND her heart is throbbing as much as his cock. ya feel??

things that throw me off though is WHY is the cum almost always colored as like an off-white/seafoam green? anyone else notice that? or why the fella's ochinchin is 80 shades darker than his pallid ass mole-creature looking white skin? I Don't Understand.
Sep 16, 4:18 PM

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I'd rather not answer this question. I don't watch Hentai. I promise!

Sep 16, 4:23 PM

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In general, I think it's extremely annoying when any anime, hentai or otherwise tries to hide the MC's face or not to refer to them by name etc. just to make them self-insert fodder. I prefer my characters with a name, face and personality, thank you very much.
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Sep 16, 5:42 PM

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Consensual sex without any weird stuff is my preference. Aka vanilla.
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Sep 16, 5:45 PM
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Maybe I'm the only one who likes it when the girl is raped by a fat ugly man
Sep 16, 5:47 PM

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i only read guro and rape doujins, salu2
Sep 16, 6:11 PM

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I don't give a fuck if the male character's face is covered or not since he's not the one I'm looking at anyway.

What's the difference?
Sep 16, 6:46 PM
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vanilla hentai is the best or most of the scenes are vanilla

and ye i also feel more than just lust (is this love? lol) when their eyes are shown both of the opposite sex doing the deed (its like i role play as the guy? is that what they call self-insert)

and ye i rarely enjoy those negative genres of hentai like rape, incest, lolis, etc

but i rarely watch hentai though since i prefer uncensored version
Sep 16, 7:02 PM

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I want expressiveness and emotions on the characters' faces, so show it I guess?
Hentai is better read than watched anyway.

Sep 16, 7:42 PM

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I don't care if the dude shows face or doesn't show face. I don't watch because of the dude.

Thicc succubus, elf, milf or milf looking designs. Femdom (no strap on) is a plus. Longer intercourse scenes with nice bounce and we all good.
Sep 16, 7:45 PM

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as long as there's no ugly bastard NTR I'm good with anything
Sep 16, 8:00 PM

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I don't watch hentai because there's little that appeals to me and what little does (Comic Festa's TL stuff) is censored.

I mainly listen to erotic otome CDs and play ero-otome games (I usually turn the heroine's voice off tho) with the occasional BL doujin of pairings that I like so I don't really run into any problems. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I'm not into Do-S guys that much, though.

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Sep 16, 8:09 PM

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I'm pretty much all about vanilla.

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Sep 17, 1:40 AM

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vanilla and both face revealed.
no negative genre like rape/ntr/ugly fat old man/yuri&yaoi etc
just want a normal and romantic sex if theres any
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Sep 17, 1:43 AM
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it being a doujin.................
Sep 18, 9:51 AM

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Preferably ass juice included like Night Shift Nurses.