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Anime whose score will change the most if entertainment factor wasnt considered while rating it?

Sep 15, 5:31 AM
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So which anime score (your score not mal's) will change the most(+ve or -ve) if entertainment wasnt a factor while you rate it.

For me it would be my hero academia. I rated it quite low because I found it quite boring but I dont consider how much it entertained me and looked at it objectively it would have been rated higher. It has good anime, good fights and some good characters.
Sep 15, 5:35 AM

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25NOVember said:
looked at it objectively it would have been rated higher. It has [...]good fights .
Objectively looking at art, which includes anime, is not humanly possible, that is a lie you tell yourself. Best example is one sentence later: "good fights". Fights in anime bore me to death, as I don't like the Shounen genre. What entertains you bores somebody else ... that much on "objective".

Sep 15, 5:55 AM

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Doesn't the fact that if bored you inherently mean that you weren't enjoying it? You can't remove your own enjoyment (or lack thereof) when you're watching a show.

Also, what inim said, there's no such thing as an "objective rating" or an "objective review". It's just like, imagine being so insecure in your opinion that you call it objective.
Sep 15, 6:10 PM

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Not including enjoyment to the score of an anime is not wise when judging an anime. To add a recent example, Kimetsu no Yaiba: it may have an outstanding animation, but if the anime is slow as fuck to the point of being insanely boring then there's something wrong about it. (The pacing in this case)

Even sometimes, people can stand bad anime mostly out of the enjoyment factor.
If you find yourself disagreeing, please, don't do the following:

1. Call out on some superiority complex.
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3. Resorting to insults.

Sep 15, 7:29 PM

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Technically it would be Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon since I think it's more a 5 to 6 out of 10, but I gave it 10/10 more so for risks it takes over me enjoying it a lot (though that enjoyment certainly influenced my decision). It's kind of a difficult question since I already try to rate based on what I perceive as the quality of the show rather than just my pure enjoyment. Frankly, I think most people who believe it's possible, already do try to rate based on quality as much as possible. In other words, I think there's a very narrow gap of people who can really give an answer to this question.

P.S. No my opinion is not any better than anyone else's, because that needed to said apparently.
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Sep 15, 9:10 PM

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There is no such thing as judging art objectively
Whatever you think about it is whatever you think about it
Sep 15, 11:19 PM

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First Squad

If it hadn't all those silly battles and fantasy and focused just on WW2 drama from the Russian side, I'd have rated it higher
Sep 16, 1:01 AM
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I don't see why I should take entertainment out of a piece of entertainment while deciding if it was good or not it just doesn't make any sense
Sep 16, 3:07 AM

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Judging without entertainment would be very harsh rating for every anime.