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Poll: Fairy Tail: Final Series Episode 49 Discussion

Oct 15, 10:58 PM

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mangalicker94 said:
AmeliaNeston2003 said:

Well Natsu vs Zeref's part 2 was pretty much the tenrou tree powers that beat him
not defeat :P as Natsu left and he leaved that to Mavis to do the rest

That glow mark is the same glow mark he got in Hades fight when their magic was returning to FT members
Hiro wanted the viewers to figure it out instead of him giving explaination, that time it wasn't a power boost just help from the Tenrou tree itself

If that tree was destroyed there would had been 0% chance of victory for Natsu
in the Zeref's fight part 2 , and Hades

Well not all of Erza's fight was friendship wins
Erza & Bisca vs Ajeel was reasonable
and Neinhart was fine

But the other fights in pretimeskip Yep there was Power of Friendship in her fights except the very early arcs of Fairy Tail

Hard to remember that far back when I watch this weekly, but you may have a good point there. I also agree that this anime had quality in the first arcs. Amazing how an mangaka can ruin his story that bad. Usually it's the animation studio (ehm...ehm...Tokyo Ghoul:Re).

Yep this arc got rushed because of Eden's Zero T-T Hiro wanted to create a new manga so badly he rushed Alvarez Empire and destroyed E.N.D storyline

At least the sequel manga is given care he said to people he wants to show a new Appeal and side of FT , So far it's much better compared to this arc
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