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Poll: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 24 Discussion

Sep 19, 3:51 PM

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Zenitsu's level of horniness is off the fucking charts lmaoooo
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Sep 20, 3:19 PM
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Shinobu always caught me eyes due to her rather charming design and cool personality, I m glad to see her getting that development right there.
Tanjiro is improving alot in a shortwhile, also I do feel this needs some romance, so I m just gonna ship Tanjiro and Kanao right away, cuz we both know that she will fall over him soon enough, and I m perfectly fine with such a cliche, she is a cutie and I wanna see more development on her.

TheFreycook said:
Zenitsu's level of horniness is off the fucking charts lmaoooo

That bro was loving having his ass done by those girls, not that I dont understand but damm.
Sep 20, 7:35 PM
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Zenitsu is always funny ahhahah! Shinobou's story was really sad :(
Sep 21, 10:38 AM

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OMG Zenitsu....please you need to just stop...

And I didn't see that coming with Shinobu, is this a new romance I see?
Sep 23, 12:13 PM
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"Take your medicine right this second!"
Zenitsu: "Noooo"

Okay, then please take this cup of deadly poison instead. I made sure it tastes really good too so you won't feel it.

Why oh why is that annoying guy still alive. Should have turned into a spider.

Aside from the idiot, the rest of the episode was quite nice. Kanao mopping the floor with the boys was the highlight. Though most would say it's Shinobu's stealthy advance towards Tanjiro..
Sep 23, 6:02 PM

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Zenitsu is always annoying!!! He's such a flirt too.. as long as it's a girl, he will love it lol (he will be a perfect MC in harem) such a kid! I like Inosuke more, he's annoying too but not as annoying as Zenitsu.
I really love Tanjirou! Very determined and very kind, the best protagonist in shonen :)

I love that all girls here is OP ❤
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Sep 23, 8:32 PM
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Pretty good for the last few episodes in season one so far. I didn't think I'd ship Tanjiro x Shinobu, but now I kinda do. Shipping sure is a dangerous game.

Ok, Zenitsu moment made me laugh in this episode. Harem protagonists should be less 'omg our hands touched, sorry -runs away-' and more 'this girl's stretching out my limbs? Lenny Face.' Even then I might get tired of watching harem anime, but w/e heh.
Sep 25, 7:20 AM

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AivanK said:
-Stray said:

Ah I knew someone would come in and say this.

Yes yes and yes!!!
Best ship ever!

Just read the manga so you can get destroyed your stupid shippingshit.
Sep 25, 7:03 PM

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wtf Zenitsu hahahaha. He really likes to train with girls.

Not much happened in this episode except that we learn more about Shinobu.
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Sep 30, 4:37 PM

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Zenitsu losing his shit over the other guys beeing depressed getting beaten by the girls was amusing

weird flex but alright
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Oct 1, 5:34 AM

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Probably the looooongest episode ever. The jokes are still a hit or miss.
Oct 1, 11:38 AM
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Tbh I'm on a roller coaster of emotions towards Shinobu.Now I kind of like her (again).Tanjiro training harder than those two again.He really wish to turn Nezuko in a human,even tho she will be way weaker.
Also,that Zenitsu rage xdd
Come on man,where is that Noragami season 3 masterpiece.We want it, Bones!

Oct 2, 6:13 AM

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Zenitsu too funny!
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Oct 2, 11:13 AM
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Uhh, I hate how characters in this show are so loud and obnoxious, it's just hard to watch.

The conversation at the end was interesting and sweet though.
Oct 4, 5:39 PM

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this episode felt the longest in the entire anime even thought it's the same usual 24 minutes lol
Oct 9, 5:21 PM

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PrimeX said:
Probably the looooongest episode ever. The jokes are still a hit or miss.

The end of this series is going to feel so anti climactic...
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