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Poll: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 24 Discussion

Sep 15, 1:33 AM

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Nice episode. Good to know more about Shinobu.
"Ara, Ara. Sayonara" best line so far.
Sep 15, 1:43 AM
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It was a pretty good laid back episode, apart from the freaking screaming which was more annoying than funny. That aside, I found the comedy of Zenitsu getting "tortured" by the lesbo-trio quite funny, those are the type of funny moments that I like. We need more of that stuff and less of that fucking screaming. As much as I hate that fucking screaming there was a part of the screaming that actually made me giggle a bit, it was when he jumped while screaming and started spinning around before starting his training.

Shinobu is quite an interesting character and I'm liking her a lot, I also like Kanao so I'm glad the next episode will be focusing on her, she needs more screen time. The lesbians from the mansion were quite likable as well. Too bad this anime is ending, we need to wait a year or two or more... if we are unlucky for a 2nd season.

Fuck that, I'm reading the manga once the anime is over. There's no way I will wait years for the next season, I don't have that type of patience.
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Sep 15, 2:09 AM

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Yea we need this things to make Tanjirou more op.
Sep 15, 2:35 AM
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Shinobu is the best character in the series
Zenitsu annoyed me in the first 5 mins but then it became funny with the girls
Depressed inosuke kinda ruins him for me but it's still kinda funny at times
Tanjirou becomes more and more of a great mc...his kindness is great
Hope tanjirou will not master breathing would make sense for him to struggle since he said he was struggling even when using for a few moments
Sep 15, 2:43 AM
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I rarely rate this low and wouldn’t understand why people would give such low scores for episodes. For this episode, I completely understand.

Father’s (who is an active KnY watcher) impression for this episode: waste of time, no action, boring, time filler, annoying yellow head... no action.

Still, I like the butterfly girls in this show and the talk near the end was rewarding for such an episode. So... 2/5 and not 1/5.
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Sep 15, 2:47 AM

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And again Zenitsu is whining and crying all the fucking time!!! Half of the episode was about him bitching complaining or don't wanna take hes fucking medicine !!!!!!!! God that character piss me off

New rule anime only for your stupid ass!!!! Every time this anime version of Jar Jar Binks complains whine or pissing me off i going to pull points!!!! So fucking sick of him!!!!!!!!

The strong beautiful females are the biggest redeeming factor in this mess ,they are complex and interesting characters that brings something to this anime,, While the males runs around in circles chasing each other and screaming!!!!!!!!!!! It's a shame to see them dragging this show down into the dirt!!! You had 5/10 you now have 4/10 It would be less if it wasn't for the lovely strong butterfly girls!!!!! The butterfly lesbians are awesome!!!,,YES!!!!!!

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Sep 15, 2:52 AM

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Damn, Zenitsu spittin' facts here bois
I love him
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Sep 15, 4:35 AM

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Zenitsu gone mad about girls. ;p
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Sep 15, 4:44 AM

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Man this was hell of a funny episode ๐Ÿ˜‚

Funniest one I've seen in a while
I don't know why many don't the like comedy in this anime, I think it's great

I guess the last 2 episodes will be similar to recent ones, it's gonna be chill, so they are leaving the best parts for season 2
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Sep 15, 6:01 AM
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Master shinobu and Tanjiro moment in the roof is nice. Love their conversation.

And that TRAINING BY THE TRIO IS ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.. AT first we have the 3 cute loli's then the last one is Master shinobu. Hahaha
Sep 15, 6:09 AM
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Otorez said:
Nieznajomy43 said:

Wait, What!? xD

Lmao, I did not even notice : TITLE*.

It was low quality bait, my friend ;)

Sep 15, 6:28 AM

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The training arcs of this anime is a breathe of fresh air to me. Maybe I'm engrossed with such beautiful graphics during the fight scenes. I haven't enjoyed training arcs in a shounen for such a long time (it was HxH heaven's arena and GI arc the last time I saw entertaining training arcs).

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Sep 15, 8:15 AM

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Yasss! One of my favorite parts of the Functional Recovery arc was Tanjirou and Shinobu's talk at the roof. I'm so happy to see it animated because I love Shinobu so much.

Shinobu confirmed as an "ara ara onee-san"

Next episode the flag will be set on the ship!

I really love all the additional scenes ufotable put in the anime. You can tell they're really working well with Gotouge because I feel like she would have also liked to put those scenes in the adaptation.

I also have the strongest gut feeling, they're gonna announce season 2 at the end of episode 26. The Functional Recovery arc is basically a setup for Demon Train arc and ending the season with a training arc is pretty underwhelming. I can't wait to see the next arc animated.
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Sep 15, 8:56 AM
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Zenitsu at times is irritating, and by others it is funny. When he started training with the girls, it was very funny "I won the fight, but I lost the war" ๐Ÿ˜‚.
Now we know the secret of the great power of the pillars, the breath of total concentration at all times of the day.
I already knew there was something strange about Kochou's smile, and to think that she had also lost a loved one. It was a sad and moving scene when she entrusted his dream to Tanjiro. This will only make what comes next sadder :(. Damn spoilers!
Sep 15, 9:20 AM

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I expected Zenitsu to spend a good part of the episode panicking and screaming, and I was right. However, what I wasn't expecting him to do was to lose his temper, starts shouting in anger, punches Inosuke in the face and even shakes poor Tanjiro like a ragdoll. After that, he became very happy and rosy, like nothing had ever happened.

Saying that he snapped and lost his mind would be an understatement. XD

Still, Zenitsu's moments in this episode were pretty funny as he, Tanjiro and Inosuke went through the tough rehabilitation training to get them back to full fitness. The trio of loli girls were kind enough to encourage Tanjiro during his rehabilitation and also mentioned about how Kanao uses her total concentration breathing technique all day and night, something that Tanjiro hasn't been able to do for a long period of time yet.

The talk between Tanjiro and Shinobu was really good. I think this is the first time we see Shinobu getting caught completely off-guard when Tanjiro mentioned to her that she had anger welling up inside of her. The flashback showing how her older sister died was sad, though. =(

Overall, this was another great episode. Inosuke's starting to get better, in terms of his throat and his normal personality as well, so I hope he keeps improving like this. =3
Sep 15, 9:25 AM

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Zenitsu reminds me too much of myself.

Shinobu is the kind of girl I'd go for. She'd probably ruin my life too, but leave me with no regrets.

Excited to learn more about the mysterious Kanao. I can't decide if I want to marry her or Shinobu.

I hope Inosuke gets over his depression and existential crisis. I'm worried about his mental health.
Sep 15, 9:30 AM

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hahaha what an episode! zenitsu is hands down funniest character and that punch he gave inosuke.. bruhh he even used his breathing technique. looks like kanao is on a whole different level than tanjirou, no wonder she is a tsuguko and i don't know but could she maybe be blind?! also learning of kocho's past and her sister makes her more relatable, i mean obviously all of the hashiras hate the demons for a reason, but i have to admit i really couldn't stand her at first.
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Sep 15, 11:00 AM

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It is simple enough for me by now. I see Zenitsou or boar head, I hit the skip button as many times as necessary until the character is no longer shown. That said, I skipped most of the episode because it was close to unwatchable. I hate the humour of the show. I hope we will get a normal episode again with the next one.

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Sep 15, 11:04 AM

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Comedy is way better than it was in first episodes. Zenitsu definitely was in the center of attention, haha. :D

Murata is back! I'm glad He survived and was able to recover so fast. Maybe he will join Tanjiro and his friends in the future?

Shinobu experienced a tragedy in the past, like most or even all of those who eventually became demon hunters. Now we know why she trips to be smiling constantly.

I liked the training. It was fun to watch and Shinobu's apprentice is really powerful. Tanjiro have to practice like crazy to master using the breathing technique 24 hours per day.

Ehh two episodes left. :(
Sep 15, 12:24 PM

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Nice episode. I enjoyed Zenitsu and the humour he brings. Training montages are also very good in this show.
Sep 15, 1:28 PM

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I've to admit that Zenitsu was pretty funny in this episode, different thing from the previous episodes where he was really annoying. Too much comedy in my opinion, I didn’t like it, it feels forced to me and generally isn’t funny. However, two episodes left.
Sep 15, 1:30 PM

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Great comedy in the beginning and I find it quite interesting how they managed to turn it around 180° and end the episode on a serious note.

Also quite suprised about Shinobu. I really thought she was hoovering in her god-like hashira state above all them mortals.
Sep 15, 5:12 PM

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Ranting to your friend and healer doesn't make things easier, and that's the case for Zenitsu. And absolute trashing for the low-level demon slayers as told by Murata from the Hashira's POV, wow haha.

Onwards to Rehabilitation then. And I think that this episode is one of the better ones with Zenitsu's comedy working so well. A man of culture xD
Not to mentíon that Shinobu's protege of a child Kanao is as capable as the Master herself.

The 3 child servants were more comedic in wanting to see Tanjirou's moves, in part of his ideal to get better.

And OOH, looks like through Shinobu's backstory, she has the same dream as Tanjirou, her backstory telling a similar story to his, but with the intention not letting them go like he did. She's tired of treating humans and demons the same, but seeing Tanjirou gave her a new sense of hope, one that he could only bear to weight upon his shoulders. Nevertheless we pray his journey well.

Chill healing arc for now that could set-up the ending and probably for a future season 2, coz this badly needs one.
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Sep 15, 5:41 PM

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Tanjirou is still diligent as ever with his training. Those traits makes his character so loveable though.

Liked the conversation between Shinobu and Tanjirou.

Sep 15, 7:52 PM

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what if Tanjirou -> water breath + Hinokami = Steam Pillar! :D
Sep 15, 9:04 PM

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My history with Jojo and Boku no Hero made me wonder about breathing perfectly, constantly, for long periods of time, until one can breath perfectly forever. It is the key to ultimate power.
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Sep 15, 9:41 PM

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So glad to see my boy Murata back safe and sound. If there's a second season at some point in the future, I really hope I can see more of him...

Nice episode as always. It was quite funny and although I missed Nezuko a bit, the interactions between Tanjirou, Zenitsu, Inosuke and the rest were still quite entertaining to watch and definitely helped making up for her absence.

It was also nice to receive more background for Shinobu’s character. I have found her quite intriguing so more info about her is always welcome. That first approach tho... quite seductive if I must say.

Just two more episodes to go :(

P.S.: By the way, those three little girls supporting Tanjirou during the whole episode were super cute >.<
Sep 15, 9:57 PM
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I didn't think Zenitsu could get any more exaggerated but here we are..

The funniest episode by far, Zenitsu kills me!
Sep 15, 10:18 PM

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Really tempted to make a certain joke, but it'd be too obvious a spoiler.
Sep 15, 10:28 PM

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Zenitsu once again changing the dynamics of the show.

I love the ideological exploration towards the end. I'm gonna miss this in two weeks.

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Sep 15, 10:47 PM

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JESUS, 800 votes? Episode 19 has really made these threads blow up here and on reddit. I really miss the days when it was a niche not talked about series. It's good it's getting attention, but I don't want it to become too memed like Jojo.
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Sep 16, 12:24 AM
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Zenitsu was particularly annoying this episode. I am sick of him.
Sep 16, 1:18 AM

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Aaand, Zenitsu is back to being annoying :(

Seriously, just when I think he's going to tone it down, he relapses. It's amazing, when he sleeps, he is the most badass character in the show and the rest of the time he is the most annoying. I wish he could be asleep all the time.

Other than that not so much happened this episode, except some nice character development for Shinobu, I guess. That's to be expected though, since it is a training arc. Also I was really disappointed that Zenitsu and Inosuke just quit in the middle of training like that. I hope they did that to do some training on their own, otherwise it would suck.

Disappointing episode overall after a long series of great ones :(
Sep 16, 5:42 AM

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Zenitsu is such a nice guy her personality makes me laugh, why are people annoying him? because he screamed?
But Tanjirou Shinobou's part scene was an attractive and beautiful (เน‘หƒแด—ห‚)๏ปญ
Sep 16, 10:22 AM

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Rengoku kinda reminds me of Mirio from HeroAca lol

Sep 16, 11:35 AM
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This show could easily be a 9.5 if they'd just delete Zenitsu. He completely destroys the atmosphere and the tone of the show.
Sep 16, 12:49 PM

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Tanjiro and Shinobu talking at the end just makes me think something really bad is about to happen...
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Sep 16, 2:02 PM

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Did the end-preview-small-talk scene of Tanjiro "sniffing emotion" between Tanjiro and Shinobu just suggested Shinobu might have "affection" for Tanjiro? (since Tanjiro blushed...)

BTW, the 3 assistant girls are so cute, they're pretty much the most helpful out of everyone else.
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Sep 16, 6:44 PM

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amlg said:
Did the end-preview-small-talk scene of Tanjiro "sniffing emotion" between Tanjiro and Shinobu just suggested Shinobu might have "affection" for Tanjiro? (since Tanjiro blushed...)

BTW, the 3 assistant girls are so cute, they're pretty much the most helpful out of everyone else.

Nope. Shinobu isn't interested in Tanjiro that way.
Sep 16, 7:59 PM

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Zenitsu's parts weren't the best, as always xD
After a pretty long time skip Tanjiro is almost recovered, can't wait to see him fighting again, he's even stronger now!

And btw Tanjiro x Shinobu is 200% ship! She is so cute! The rooftop scene, so good!
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Sep 16, 8:00 PM

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-Stray said:
MariusMan said:
Is this the start for Tanjiro and Shinobu ship???

Ah I knew someone would come in and say this.

Yes yes and yes!!!
Best ship ever!
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Sep 16, 8:26 PM

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God i hated Zenitsu so much with his rant that i had to pause it for a while and come back, him enjoying the training with the girls was funny enough but his screaming is the worse, this episode reached new levels on annoying.

At least this episode had some nice Tanjiro interactions with Shinobu and his training too.
Sep 16, 10:01 PM

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I loved this episode, from the training to Zenitsu's screams and the last part with Shinobu I wish I could see the day when Tanjiro gets strong enough to protect her.
Sep 16, 10:18 PM
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It's sad very sad ๐Ÿ˜”
Sep 16, 10:30 PM

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i can't with zenitsu... my liking for zenitsu and inosuke has changed drastically since their first formal introductions, i initially hated inosuke and didn't see how i would ever come to getting past his personality but surprisingly him and tanjiro are my a+ bros while zenitsu can go yell at a cloud for all i care
now, shinobu's older sister was beautiful but shinobu herself... ya'll hyping nothing

and oh my god can ya'll stop recapping his family's death like fo real i ain't asking for emotions rn

all i can think about is how there's only TWO more episodes ffssssss i love this anime so much, this is gold, i can't deal with it ending...
i know there will probably be more seasons but who knows
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Sep 16, 11:22 PM

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Their training has begun! I wonder why the apprentice of Kocho doesn't speak. Things are going bad for Zenitsu and Inosuke. Kocho is really cute damn

Sep 17, 10:13 PM

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Maybe I was expecting for something more in this episode but
I guees it's pretty normal to them to start again with the training and the matter about them becoming much more strong than before.
I'am waiting to see how they are gonna end this anime.
I hope to see an a traping end for the public.

Sep 18, 1:55 PM

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I hate skirt-chaser characters but like with Sanji from One Piece, if they have an interesting background and development, I can't help but like them even while I roll my eyes at certain times...

I really like Shinobu, her whole vibe is totally my thing.

I did read ahead in the manga a little but when this season ends I may not be able to resist continuing, I see too much Genya on my dash to not want to.
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Sep 18, 3:59 PM
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Oh so much more makes sense about Shinobu's prior demon interactions. I feel bad for the poor poison butterfly girl. Tanjiro working overtime this episode.
Sep 18, 6:49 PM

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great episode. it never disappoints. Zenitsu was fun while training with the girls yet other that, i still find him annoying. i like Shinobu's voice. i can't explain it. it's calm and haunting at the same time. glad to learn about her dream. maybe Tanjiro takes the first step in making it happen. speaking of Tanjiro, he most probably got trolled by those little girls . 2 episodes left. i'm so looking forward to them.
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