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Poll: Enen no Shouboutai Episode 10 Discussion

Oct 19, 12:33 PM

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Posts: 7171 anyone actually shocked that his brother is still alive? Shonen 101. At least they didn't drag it out.
Oct 20, 8:37 PM

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At the Holy Sol Temple, someone summoned all captains. Obi and Hibana assisted to the meeting, taking Shinra and Tamaki with them, there were the other captains, Burns from the 1st company, Gustav Honda from the 2nd company, Dr. Giovanni from the 3rd company, Soichiro Hague from the 4th company, Kayoko Huang from the 6th company, Benimaru Shinmon from the 7th company and Raffles III, the imperial king of Tokyo; the meeting started, Raffles started to talk and Shinmon decided to leave, then they focused in the pursuit of the Evangelist and the importance of Shinra’s flame (Joker was outside). The meeting ended and Shinra decided to take a look at Amaterasu (energy generator) when Joker appeared, he told him that his brother Sho is not dead, he works as a commander with the Evangelist. In the headquarters, Obi gave the team the job to look for clues in the files, during dinner Shinra revealed them his encounter with Joker and what he knows about Sho.

So, Arthur just appeared, I thought that it would be something much more important. Lot of characters introduced, I like that guy, Shinmon, to have a relevant role and background. So, Joker just appeared for that, to reveal information about Sho, could be guiding Shinra to be where he wants him. Confirmed, I think, the white hair guy is Sho.
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Yesterday, 10:42 AM
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So what was Arthur doing at the end of last episode.

And I bet shinra's brother has a hateful mindset towards him and was raised by the cult and wants to kill his brother due to assuming he killed thier mother ,

Which will probably be explained later on that he didn't. .
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