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Poll: Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II Episode 10 Discussion

Sep 14, 7:09 PM

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Freya's revenge! And damn! That was one of the best bitch slaps I've seen in a long time lol
Sep 14, 7:16 PM

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I don't know why i forgot this but danMachi is just a massive Harem

i mean Freya obsession is the most appealing part to me doubt it'd happen but a bad ending where he chooses her would be something to witness, she just carried this whole raid and ended it in a slap all in the name of love

still i guess S1 the best action focused episode personally ,this one was decent
Sep 14, 9:01 PM

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welll that was a good watch..too bad it was not all that...I guess I want to see the dungeon more
Sep 14, 11:19 PM

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Yukikaze_sama said:
I don't remember S1 that well... do we even know why Freya is so interested in Bell?

The reason she gave Loki in S01E02 was actually the truth. The anime left this out but Freya is if I remember correctly one of the gods which judges souls after death. So she can literally see souls. And Bell's soul apparently is so beautiful she wants it more than anything. (She even talks about colors during her conversation with Loki)

In Bell's fight against the Minotaur she shows that reaction because Bell's soul shines more and calls the soul beautiful.

Also left out in the anime: Freya doesn't care if Bell dies she tells (Ottarl I think or maybe it was a monologue) that if Bell should die she will temporarily go back to Tenkai and take his soul.
Sep 15, 3:46 AM

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Rest in pepperoni Ishtar. you wont be missed.
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Sep 15, 5:44 AM

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Man that look of despair on Ishtar's face was a sight to watch. Also that slap from Freya really felt great. Finally Haruhime is free and the Ishtar familia is no more.
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Sep 15, 6:12 AM

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@Piromysl you're not the only one.

Freya and her insanely strong Familia finally showed up for the life of us. Can't say a lot about how much we've waited for her to be in action after Season 1, to mainly trash Ishtar and her Familia for causing so much trouble this episode.

Well well, for the life of me, this episode harkens back to the reason why Bell wanted to be a hero, not just for Lili and Goddess Hestia in Season 1, but now for Haruhime this season. Already being Argonaut once, do we really need ANOTHER emphasis (reminder) again? If there is a legit answer for people who read the LN far ahead and before, please tell me.

The greatest moment is the battle of the thots, between Freya and Ishtar, dat bitch slap felt satisfying. Oh, plus that Bell defeated Aisha (which was bare-bones to say the least).

Finally, are we done? Freya isn't done with her business with Bell, that's for sure. All I know, is that this arc, heralded from being the most anticipated, to being disappointing in one fell swoop, part Haruhime, part Bell. All that substance from Season 1 is non-existent.

Maybe it is me grumbling too much at the changes in comparing both seasons, but at least Season 1 set up a good chunk of information for Season 2 to follow, but knowing the people over at J.C.Staff nowadays, it has become the new Pierrot IMO.
Sep 15, 6:44 AM
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SoraSenpai said:
Freya > Ishtar any day. My goddess!!! I knew when they zoomed in on her she was going to hit us with the classic "Character says something that the viewer doesn't know" moment. I screamed "I KNEW IT" so upsetting lol. WTF DID SHE SAY TO BELL?!?!?

According to lightnovell Freya said "I Love You" to Bell.
Sep 15, 9:49 AM

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This arc reached a pretty decent conclusion in all honesty, with Freya's intervention proving far more violent than anyone could have anticipated and with Bell going all-in on being a hero once again. But now what? There's two episodes still to go, so is it just going to be filler or what? There's certainly not time to jump into another arc now.
Sep 15, 11:08 AM
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Mich666 said:
Lynxt said:
bell is adopted... he is no demi god

Yeah, that's what we are meant to think for sake of big twist later. So until ruled out explicitly, I'm still believing in this shit. I mean, Zeus and adoption? Nah, he's not that kind of god in the first place. Although that makes me wonder why exactly he called him his GRANDfather (as that would mean he would be actually the son of one of his children).

And even if proved wrong, I think there are numerous hints that Bell has at least some sort of godlike origin. Maybe someone who fell to the Earth and lost his memory. As far as we know he can be pretty much deconstruction of Heracles.

Also, let's not forget Hestia is actually the sister of Zeus, I mean, she is the highest ranking one there, no matter her low power. There should be reason why she is his guardian.

at the end of season 1 hermes says this "Rejoice Zues , your grandson is the last hero your familia left behind" which gives off hints that he was a child of one of zues members and he just raised him after being ran out of the city , you dont have to be related to call someone grandfather you can be adopted and still can some that ,

all the gods in the series don't have related ties like in real mythology
Sep 15, 11:23 AM
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amf85 said:
K, some thoughts:

We know a single level difference matters a lot. That's why Aisha beat Bell handily in their first fight and lost when he fought her level 3 to level 3. Plus we've seen them talk about how big the difference is when Bell levels up. So...

1. Why did did Phryne bother demanding Haruhime boost her to level 6 (except as an obvious plot device to allow her to boost Bell instead)? At level 5 vs 3, she should have had no problem crushing Bell.
2. At level 5 vs 4, why did Phryne not STILL destroy Bell (unless Bell used Argonaut, which I didn't see happen). Especially since he was a dagger user who lost his daggers.

3. Also, charm is clearly not simply an effect of beauty, but rather a magical ability whose power is modified by the Goddess' beauty. Their eyes glow purple and the person they're looking at is instantly charmed. So now we've seen Freya use two difference magical abilities (scrying in S1 and charm in S2). Either she's blatantly breaking the rules, or the rules regarding divine power are so narrowly tailored that they're ASKING to be abused.

I would be interested in finding out if Ishtar returned to heaven to avoid falling to her death or returned to heaven because that's what happens to Gods after they take otherwise fatal damage. The first one could imply they can die permanently if they're not careful, and that would be kinda huge, plot-wise.

point 3 , charms are allowed as they seem to be like inherent due to them being Goddesses of Beauty it , freaya can just use is differently then Ishtar

what do you mean by this scrying to you mean spying then all the gods can are allowed to do it after all the main reason they are in the lower world is entertainment and ishtar got sent back to heaven due to her Arcanum activating kinda like a self deference mechanism
Sep 15, 11:31 AM
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DedPanda said:
Debating on whether to give this shit a read after the anime ends or just take it for what it is and forget it exists entirely after this run ends. I feel myself dying inside with the great amount of disappointment this season has relinquished.

that depends if your going to read from the beginning or not
Sep 15, 11:58 AM

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Awesome episode that's for sure!
damn Freya is too OP with her charm powers!
Ishtar Familia has fallen.
Sep 15, 3:14 PM

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Things like this episode remind us Freya is Norse ;)
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Sep 15, 4:09 PM

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Mattinator95 said:
DedPanda said:
Debating on whether to give this shit a read after the anime ends or just take it for what it is and forget it exists entirely after this run ends. I feel myself dying inside with the great amount of disappointment this season has relinquished.

that depends if your going to read from the beginning or not

from the very beginning most likely
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Sep 16, 1:19 AM

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Bacontroll said:
mcNosurge said:

Aisha reveals the state of Haruhime's chastity, about how many men she has slept with.

Oh for fucks sake. Way to chicken out. It makes no sense though - why does she still act like she was gangbanged by a water polo team?

Soooo - two godesses went to war and burnt an entier city district... over a guy.
Yeah okay - brilliant. I think I'm done now.
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Sep 16, 5:01 AM
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Werchiel said:
Bacontroll said:

Oh for fucks sake. Way to chicken out. It makes no sense though - why does she still act like she was gangbanged by a water polo team?

Soooo - two godesses went to war and burnt an entier city district... over a guy.
Yeah okay - brilliant. I think I'm done now.

It was pretty obvious from the fainting . But her mind warped into thinking she was not pure.

And no they didn't go to war over a guy well Ishtar didn't anyway she was going to use bell to start the war . Ishtar had that whole plan to go to war with Freya to begin with but Freya acted first as Freya was aware that she was up to something as Hermes told her and Ishtar taking bell was the last straw Freya would have went after any god who took bell or had Interest in taking in him . she would have destroyed Apollo . And she would have also attacked Hermes if he didn't ask her for permission to approach him ..

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Sep 16, 7:34 AM

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What an intense episode! So Freya is his Bell's next big enemy...
But with Haruhime's powers and his own skil, i think he will lvl up even faster now xD

Hope that monkey girl who was lvl5 is done for good xD
And damn! I never thought there were heroes who were lvl 6!!! I can't even imagine how strong they are.
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Sep 16, 8:15 AM
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Wow so they are adapting volume 8 into two episodes ... Going form the title of epiosde 11 but a certain god didn't get a voice actor .
Sep 16, 1:28 PM
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This season was really rushed and skipped a lot of worldbuilding and motivations.
What bothers me more, is that they are going to ruin very nice, though filler, vol.8, that I liked a lot, that gives us a very precious introspection to Welf+His Relatives, Take+Mikoto, Lilly+Finn, Welf+Hephaistos, Eina+Bell, Syr+Bell, Ais+Bell+Hestia.
I suppose they are gonna pluck only Ais+Bell+Hestia or Welf+His Relatives out of this smorgasbord.
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Sep 16, 1:32 PM

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Have mixed feeling regarding this episode. On one hand it had a lot of action, some cool scenes and was overall a nice conclusion to this arc, but the dialogue on the other hand, in particular for Bell and Haruhime felt just extremely uninspired and lacked impact. Aisha playing the nympho was corny too.

Aside from that it was solid and I definitely enjoyed this more than season one( take that with a grain of salt since I forgot most of it xD)

And lol, that toad shouldn't compare herself with Freya. She literally begged for asskicking.
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Sep 16, 1:38 PM

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This episode was nice, nothing special but nice. To be honest that’s the first episode of I can say I've liked from the start of this second season.
Sep 17, 8:01 PM
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SoraSenpai said:
Freya > Ishtar any day. My goddess!!! I knew when they zoomed in on her she was going to hit us with the classic "Character says something that the viewer doesn't know" moment. I screamed "I KNEW IT" so upsetting lol. WTF DID SHE SAY TO BELL?!?!?!
Gorochu said:
What did Freya says at the end? Nice bitch slap from Freya.
had a hunch that it was 'aishiteru' - I love you, aaand I was right. A light novel reader confirmed it in previous comment
Sep 19, 4:35 AM

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Felt good when big mouth got smashed her face in. Wtf Ishtar was actually that weak and powerless?

Sep 19, 11:43 AM

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New unknown has been mentioned I'm curious to see who was this Zeus they talk about.

crappy season if you ask me, wished for something like S1 and I think I now know why the studios avoided adapting more after S1.
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Sep 19, 6:19 PM

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I swear it's pretty much a drinking game with how many times Haruhime has to remind that she's a prostitute
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Sep 21, 12:37 PM

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Sweet another harem member.
Sep 22, 3:05 AM

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this was surprisingly good. Felt like a final episode, yet there is still more.

I kinda expected the prostitution thing to be fake, since this is a PG13 show. But it played out nice.
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Sep 24, 8:06 AM

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What the? I'm actually surprised I was right as I whimsically said last episode that the war Ishtar wanted with Freya is coming at her doorstep anyway. It really turned into a warzone out there.

Eh? Why did she have to mention she's a match to Freya, blasphemous toad! LOL

Freya dishing out one goddess burn at a time! XD

...and that's another Familia dissolved! This Danmachi season is very cruel and unforgiving to Familias wishing ill to Hestia Familia.
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Sep 26, 8:44 AM

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That was good. Freya was so pissed she went to Ishtar familia personally to crush them. Good 1v1 fight between Bell and Aisha. Glad that toad-bitch got punched hard.

And that Freya just slowly walking straight to Ishtar and no one can stop her, then finally bitch slapping Ishtar is one of the best satisfying to see. It was nice of Ottarl to heal Mikoto back then. Bell finally saved Haruhime. They look so good to each other.
Sep 27, 10:22 PM

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Fox-chan has been added to the harem!


Of course no one cared about what Mikoto did as long as Bell is the one defeating the bosses hehe

Oh, nth against Bell-kun, just saying xD
Sep 28, 3:36 PM
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Freya scares me, she's so creepy... sexy creepy type...

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Sep 30, 9:22 PM

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Damn that ending! Really great development! Looking really forwards to see what happens next.
Oct 4, 10:16 PM

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So basically, the moral of this arc is: "Don't ever mess with Freya's toy."

And in the end, they didn't reveal the fact that Haruhime was virgin all along. Fine by me I guess... I mean, imagine having an entire arc focused on a character who doesn't want to be saved because she (somehow) thinks she's impure due to having slept with lots of men just to later discover no man has ever lay a finger on her because she always fainted at the sight of a naked one... talking about ways to kill the tension/impact of said arc in the most ridiculous way possible but whatever. It's DanMachi after all.
Oct 7, 3:15 AM

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Don't mess with Freya!

Bell and his final battle with Aisha was pretty badass.
Oct 12, 9:17 PM

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Yes! That toad lady got what she deserved!
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Oct 14, 4:03 AM

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Don't tell me Bell is Zeus' son or some shit?
Oct 17, 4:37 AM
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Honestly though... This season blows.

Its barely scraping a 5 for me at this point.

Bell vs Dungeon: Interesting concept. Cool fights.

Bell vs People: Irresponsible as fuck. Mostly bad guys who are bad for the sake of being bad for the moral high ground.

If they were going to get into the whole guild vs guild dynamics, they should have fleshed it out more rather than BSing their way through it as it happened.
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