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What is the best app/website/videogame to talk to strangers with.

Sep 13, 7:30 AM

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One of the main reasons I like to be on this site is the variety of people on it, however, sometimes I like to have conversations with random strangers just to meet or learn about someone else's experiences.

I would say Omegle, however, it has been destroyed by the horny men who just want to get a chick's 'instagram' or 'snapchat'. So there is practically no positive conversation anymore. On-the-other-hand, I have spoken with people from all around the world with it, from India to Germany, learning about their life stories (regardless of if they are real).

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Sep 13, 2:54 PM
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i heard discord is the most popular chatting place right now and its full of young people and gamers like you
Sep 14, 3:23 AM

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I'd say it's probably something like an MMORPG. If you get yourself into a group in Final Fantasy XIV or something then you're actually doing something with these strangers other than just talkin' to 'em. That probably strengthens the friendship a lot more than just arguin' some shite social media
Sep 16, 11:16 PM

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my favorite site is r/braincels to talk to people

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Sep 17, 1:39 AM

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Discord. Try joining a server of youtuber that you liked or just the one with game theme on it
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