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Poll: Dr. Stone Episode 11 Discussion

Sep 13, 8:58 PM
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Suika chan very kawawii, that was wholesome moment.
Sep 13, 9:03 PM

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Chrome said, "I'm not going to collect sand."

What Chrome doesn't appreciate is that sand is one of the most important materials in the modern world. To the point that there are actual real life sand bandits and smugglers that steal and transport sand on the black market. No, I'm not joking.
Sep 13, 9:07 PM
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Totally another masterful episode!

Senku made glasses for Suika, it was an heatwarming moment when she put the glasses, i almost cried watching her happyness!

That old man Kaseki was awesome, he from nothing turned into a old muscle macho, he he is a god at crafting for sure!

So Ginrou need a glasses too, but he dont let Kinrou tell Senkuu about that, i hope Senkuu made a glasses for him!

Kohaku using Senku's expression about "ten billion per cent" about Kinrou and Ginrou just wanting a gold and silver spear, best girl for sure!

The science kingdom explanation was really funny!

Curious for next episode to see where Senkuu will made Kinrou go!
Sep 13, 9:29 PM

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They finally made glass now. Nice. It's also neat seeing that old man now in the anime. I wonder how Senku is going to utilize silver now.
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Sep 13, 9:34 PM

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Do It For Suika...
Nyanpasu! ... [ Ara Ara ]

Sep 13, 10:31 PM

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Well, gotta work hard for that silver spear then, Ginrou.

And also damn, those first minutes dedicated to making "glasses" for Suika was super sweet. She's such a cutie and the scene in the sunflowers field was really heartwarming to see. Probably, my favorite moment from this series so far.

Another fun episode overall. Without a doubt, when this series leaves aside the issue regarding Tsukasa and focus more in the SoL aspect, it become way more entertaining. Gotta enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts.
Sep 13, 10:47 PM
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zsvx said:
ttcchen said:

Kinrou (black hair) is the one who's nearsighted. Ginrou (gold hair) is not. Just remember Ginrou and Gold both start with 'G'

@ttcchen but when i think of gold i think of the gold spear that kinro has and not ginros hair lol

I get confused by the two brothers' names too. Kinrou is Golden Wolf, and Ginrou is Silver Wolf. But, Ginrou is the one with the gold hair. The Science people need to equip them with their respective spears asap. lol
Sep 13, 10:52 PM
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I know we're more than 10 episodes in but this series is starting to remind me that during my childhood I wanted to be a scientist too.

I think most kids probably wants to be a scientist/astronaut more than being a doctor/lawyer when we're younger. Looking at those microscopes are nostalgic. This episode kind of gave me the thought that Science should not be taken for granted as well.
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Sep 13, 11:04 PM

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Cool now they obtained glass! Omg Suika looks so adorable without the helmet

Sep 13, 11:08 PM
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suika is so cute w/o that mask... hahaha... anyways new product has been made- glass... yeah
Sep 14, 12:00 AM

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Senku's plan as always as interesting!

Senku could make better glasses , why Suika still wearing a watermelon?
Maybe Suika just likes to wear a watermelon?
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Sep 14, 12:07 AM
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Did anyone notice the sound effect in this scene??
It got me
Sep 14, 12:36 AM

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So all the characters from the intro now identified.

Will we get a new opening after next episode?
Sep 14, 2:14 AM

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A great episode as usual. If only Kinro mentioned his poor eyesight to literally anyone

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Sep 14, 2:50 AM

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Suika must be protected at all costs, she’s too fucking adorable
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Sep 14, 3:28 AM
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their progress is really satisfying to watch

And the old crafter was really funny ^^

However it s impossible to make glasses like that XD
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Sep 14, 5:11 AM

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clearly declared this is the best anime of this season so far for me ...
Sep 14, 5:33 AM

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Kaseki puts Yuzuriha to same as a crafter haha And those muscles... one hell of an ojii-chan!

I love how close all the new characters have become so that now they're like a family!

Next weeks episode is going to be so good, i loved this part in the manga.
Sep 14, 6:24 AM

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This episode can be resumed in one sentence : GOD BLESS THE MEGANE !
Sep 14, 6:37 AM
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As long as theres not the original cast of the giant oaf and his annoying crush as well as the almighty and all powerful Tsukasa, I am actually enjoying the show and all the discoveries.

The old man being able to craft the glass is within the shows logic that the anime originally set and wants you to believe in this animated world, it's a good way to resolve the problem in good time. Everyone wasn't a dumb jackass, people had commendable skills in all ages and it's good that they take use as part of the narrative.
As compared to Tsukasa surviving a gunpowder EXPLOSION, taking down a pack of LIONS, running for 30miles STRAIGHT, catching an ARROW MID-FLIGHT.
Sep 14, 7:19 AM

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The squad is slowly but surely coming together, Ginro is probably gonna get fucked up in next weeks episode lmao
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Sep 14, 7:27 AM

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Damn the feel from Suica first time seeing everythng clearly was just great.
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Sep 14, 7:41 AM
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I wonder how many years people commenting on this have to the point of overlooking such a weak script...
Sep 14, 8:24 AM

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First I was thinking why this show about who we know what will have 24 episodes and if I really feel like putting so much time into this, but now I am getting used to some interesting trivia science show once a week. I am gonna miss it.
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Sep 14, 8:49 AM

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Pretty good episode. Finally old man kaseki appears, that background music when he was molding the glass was cool. The artwork seem to be inconsistent this episode. It looked good and almost beautiful in some shots but in others it reminded me of One piece quality ...... at least the action scenes in this episode were better than the last ones so props to that
Sep 14, 9:03 AM
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ghtyujkkpkohkjb said:
I'm really glad to see the studio didn't continue on "Tsukasa War" arc. Why can't the series be a simple slice of life/comedy version of Minecraft or something like that?

The studio is following the manga and they will get back to Tsukasa soon after Senku obtaining the trust of the village and completing all the preparation for war.
Sep 14, 9:34 AM
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They got glass and a laboratory, Senku was so happy that he felt like crying. Also some glasses for the beautiful Suika, and a new assistant, the craftsman Kaseki. Gradually the scientific kingdom is growing, and they are one step closer to medicine 😁.
Ps: Why do I feel that in the next episode they will enter Tsukasa territory 😅.
Sep 14, 11:36 AM

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No Senku cola this episode ):
At least we got Suika without helmet, she cute
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Sep 14, 1:17 PM

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I'm enjoying the series enough to keep watching, but the speed at which all this is happening is kinda ridiculous for a show that's so grounded in science. Two minutes prior the old man didn't even know smelting and glass was a thing, but after witnessing two people fail at it once he suddenly becomes a master glass smith who can make perfect boiling flasks and beakers without initial training. Maybe it's that the show doesn't really indicate the passage of time, but everything seems too easy for the cast so far.

At least we found something that Senku isn't somehow a master of--glass smithing.

Overall I am enjoying the show, which is why I keep tuning in.
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Sep 14, 3:41 PM

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Suika. My. Angel.

Suika was so incredibly cute. The whole process of making glass was fascinating, but the best part was giving Suika glasses. I loved that Senku told her she wasn't broken or sick, and that with science they could help her. Seeing the human ingenuity at work and giving Suika a chance to see was very powerful I think.

Old man Kaseki was a badass, despite it being a little unrealistic that right out of the gate he knew how to handle glass. I know he has 50 years of experience with crafting, but this still was a brand new concept to him, and I feel as though it should've taken him longer to understand it. It was awesome that he was able to make all the chemistry bottles Senku needed though.

I think this episode was especially good for Senku, not only from Suika's glasses, but also that look when he saw all they had accomplished to finally achieve a lab.

A great, great episode this week.
Sep 14, 4:10 PM

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Pretty cute episode, the Suika's and glass part was a cute one. They introduced old man Kaseki as probably the craftsman of Kingdom of Science which is nice, the episode is all about glass. I didn't expect that the medicine will take longer than I expected, and there is no scene for Tsukasa's land along with Gen.
Sep 14, 4:46 PM

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Benphyre said:
Although this episode focus isn't on Kohaku, we are blessed with a few of her best screenshots of the series! I can't decide which of her (♥ ∀ ♥ ) face is my favorite also that young smiling Kohaku!

Anyway, here is the collage for this week

And also a bonus because I couldn't help it :)

ah yes this is exactly why I wanted to check discussions for!
Sep 14, 6:59 PM

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Ooh man, the eventual reveal of Suika's face, that was once pretty but turned fuzzy, due to blurry vision, nearsightedness. Seems that we need glass this time around to make a "Clear World"!

The soap makes a return in helping the process of making glass. And with that, Suika has acquired "spectacles" for her headband. And whaddya know, Kinro suffers from the same issue too. Plus, Senku's comedic effects for Suika being a "labour potential" is just too uncannily funny.

The introduction to geezer craftsman Kaseki is another nice addition, looks like you can tame anyone with the power of science, no matter their experience. Plus a lab, there's something for everyone's efforts and contribution.

Good stuff!
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Sep 14, 8:59 PM

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finally glass..getto.... the joy in this anime...really enjoying the episodes
Sep 14, 9:57 PM

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I am really loving these past episodes. Idk it just has something comfy about it watching senku and his friends create things thanks to science.
Sep 15, 12:57 AM
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Does anybody know the rap that comes when the old guy starts glassblowing?

Also, Suika is too adorable that she cured my depression and gave me diabetes
Sep 15, 1:09 AM

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I teared-up and almost cried when Suika finally can see clearly because of the glass lens that Senkuu made for her!
Sep 15, 1:58 AM

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Poor Kinro didn't get any specs. At least he won't look like a damn nerd.
And sunflowers survived somehow.
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Sep 15, 7:00 AM
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I'm so glad Dr. Stone got animated, seeing Suika get her glasses made me teary eyed just like it did in the manga, it's a very relateable moment t me since without glasses a lot of stuff is fuzzy, but with them it's 10 billion times more clear and beautiful.

Old man Kiseki appearing was also amazing! I really liked the rap music playing as he made the flask and stuff with the glass, so hyped for whats coming next!
Sep 15, 7:18 AM
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Suika's reaction when she first saw the world clearly, reminded me of when I first wore my glasses
Sep 15, 8:08 AM

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The main girls in this anime are drawn weirdly with their eyes set very far apart. They look the way QUALITY looks like in other series. For some reason this doesn't extend to the female side characters.
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Sep 15, 2:10 PM

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Ah, so that’s why suika has that headpiece on. And even kinjo has the same eyesight problem.
Sep 15, 4:28 PM
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PaleBlue said:
Chrome said, "I'm not going to collect sand."

What Chrome doesn't appreciate is that sand is one of the most important materials in the modern world. To the point that there are actual real life sand bandits and smugglers that steal and transport sand on the black market. No, I'm not joking.

Imagine having "Sand Bandit" as your job title...
Sep 15, 6:42 PM
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damn bRo suika can seee, as person with bad vision i feel so touched

also just me or is senkuu is kinda h̶o̶t̶ cute? im sorry this episode got me
Sep 15, 6:59 PM
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I hope they don't create plastic, the world doesn't need plastic again.
Sep 15, 9:02 PM

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Another fantastic episode, and the glasses bit was damn beautiful.
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Sep 15, 9:41 PM

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"The fuzziness disease", Suika looks so cute without the mask. And the glasses scene was the best part, such a heartwarming scene.

Kohaku is slowly learning some new words xD

Love the approach of the writer.
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Sep 16, 1:26 AM

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I really liked how Suika used the watermelon mask to see better. I'm nearsighted myself but I never knew that watching through smaller slits would help with your vision.

Looks like Kinro also has the same problem but is too proud to admit it. Man, I wish he could just tell them - he's a character who's on the verge of being very badass but so far fails miserably.
Sep 16, 3:54 AM

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First part of Suika getting glasses made me tear up in both the manga and the Anime. Suika is one of my favorite characters and so is Kaseki. Honestly, I like everyone in Senku's team. Senku, Chrome, Kohaku, Kaseki, Suika, Kinrou, etc. except for Ginrou. Ginrou... I don't even know where to begin.
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Sep 16, 10:04 PM

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Touching moment with Suika, loved that as someone who needs glasses as well.
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