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Poll: Dr. Stone Episode 11 Discussion

Sep 15, 8:08 AM

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The main girls in this anime are drawn weirdly with their eyes set very far apart. They look the way QUALITY looks like in other series. For some reason this doesn't extend to the female side characters.
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Sep 15, 2:10 PM

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Ah, so that’s why suika has that headpiece on. And even kinjo has the same eyesight problem.
Sep 15, 4:28 PM
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PaleBlue said:
Chrome said, "I'm not going to collect sand."

What Chrome doesn't appreciate is that sand is one of the most important materials in the modern world. To the point that there are actual real life sand bandits and smugglers that steal and transport sand on the black market. No, I'm not joking.

Imagine having "Sand Bandit" as your job title...
Sep 15, 6:42 PM
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damn bRo suika can seee, as person with bad vision i feel so touched

also just me or is senkuu is kinda h̶o̶t̶ cute? im sorry this episode got me
Sep 15, 6:59 PM
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I hope they don't create plastic, the world doesn't need plastic again.
Sep 15, 9:02 PM

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Another fantastic episode, and the glasses bit was damn beautiful.
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Sep 15, 9:41 PM

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"The fuzziness disease", Suika looks so cute without the mask. And the glasses scene was the best part, such a heartwarming scene.

Kohaku is slowly learning some new words xD

Love the approach of the writer.
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Sep 16, 1:26 AM

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I really liked how Suika used the watermelon mask to see better. I'm nearsighted myself but I never knew that watching through smaller slits would help with your vision.

Looks like Kinro also has the same problem but is too proud to admit it. Man, I wish he could just tell them - he's a character who's on the verge of being very badass but so far fails miserably.
Sep 16, 3:54 AM

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First part of Suika getting glasses made me tear up in both the manga and the Anime. Suika is one of my favorite characters and so is Kaseki. Honestly, I like everyone in Senku's team. Senku, Chrome, Kohaku, Kaseki, Suika, Kinrou, etc. except for Ginrou. Ginrou... I don't even know where to begin.
There is no such thing as an Anime elitist. You watch Anime, therefore, you are trash by society's standards.
Sep 16, 10:04 PM

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Touching moment with Suika, loved that as someone who needs glasses as well.
Sep 18, 2:30 AM

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Really nice that Suika got her vision corrected with glasses finally.
We also finally see Kaseki. He is awesome.
Sep 19, 6:12 AM

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What a heart warming episode ! Loved Suika getting her glasses and the old man showing his crafting skills
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Sep 19, 7:47 AM

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another great episode. this one felt healing. Suika can finally see and it was a wonderful moment. I'm looking forward to the next episode.
Sep 19, 1:32 PM
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Chibi Watermelon > Down Syndrome Gorilla
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Sep 19, 1:41 PM

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Yesss they made glasses for Suika , was so sweet
Sep 22, 12:55 AM

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aaaaaaaagggggggghhhhh suikkaaaaa you're just tooooo cuuuteeeeeeeeee
Sep 24, 9:21 PM

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Senku revealed Chrome that they need to invent the glass in order to progress, suddenly, Senku took Suika’s mask out, just to discover that through the small holes of the mask she sees better due to myopia. Senku’s team went to collect quartz sand, they returned and used it to crate two thin lenses, which improved Suika’s vision. Kinro and Ginro were talking about Kinro’s lack of visibility. Senku and Chrome started to create laboratory instruments made of glass, but their lack of talent crafting cornered them to invite the village craftsman, Kaseki. Ginro asked Senku for a silver spear, he agreed.

Glass is an incredibly important material. The inclusion of the muscular grandpa was funny. It’s incredible how exact the instruments are, is just ridiculous, they could even be graduated.
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Sep 25, 5:20 AM

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A good episode, Suika seeing clearly for the first time was a beautiful moment. That old man artisan is also a good addition to the crew, I wonder where they will explore for silver in the next episode.
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Sep 28, 9:10 PM

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I love how Kaseki broke out of the ropes lol

Suika’s face is surprisingly adorable.

Kinro not so secret love of his gold spear is still hilarious.
Oct 7, 11:56 AM

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Senkuu making glasses for Suika nearly had me in tears from how joyously heartwarming it was! ;-;

I'm enjoying this slice-of-life science-building anime, but I feel deprived of the opposite equation. I'd like if it spent time building Tsukasa's perspective, especially with the Spy Kids (TM) in his entourage. He seemed like he could've been an awesome character, and the show suddenly dropped the ball with him by turning him into Generic Antagonist with a team of Mindless Bad Dudes and no screen time.

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Oct 13, 5:32 PM
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Glass acquired! Pretty adorable episode, nothing serious happened. The ending, hmm...
12 hours ago

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What an absolutely stellar and heartwarming episode. Dr. Stone is a constant and honest reminder of things we take for granted today. The moment when Suika is able to see the world clearly was captured beautifully. For those of us with glasses, we all had that moment. For me, seeing leaves on the trees passing by while driving home with my family was actually a mind-blowing experience to my younger self.
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