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Poll: Machikado Mazoku Episode 10 Discussion

Sep 12, 10:05 AM

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Lol, Shion has a weird personality even among the main cast this episode. No wonder Momo is kinda scared of her.

Cute episode I guess with the addition of that mini girl.
Sep 12, 11:44 AM

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This was the best episode by far, the dancing Lilith doll was so cute.
Sep 12, 11:56 AM

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I loved this episode so much

Sep 12, 11:57 AM

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Lmao Lilith was amazing when her statue got limbs lool. The body that Momo made was pretty cute too.
Sep 12, 1:21 PM

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Mini Lilith was so adorable haha xd.
and so is Ryo

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Sep 12, 2:58 PM

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Hahahahaha, Lilith was too adorable.

Also can't enough of okaasan in housewife mode.

And I loved the segment with the imouto too. Rolemodel onee-san Shamiko 😎
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Sep 12, 2:59 PM

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Great episode, chemistry between Momo and Shamiko was as to be expected, but love that Mikan is also right up there now.

Lilith with limbs was pretty fun, then moving into that doll. I can definitely see her being released from that relic one day.

Love how the explanation about Momo to Ryo went so south XD how to create a bigger misunderstanding. They even dragged Mikan in it as well, poor girl.

The end was pretty great with that surprise photo, I love her battle attire!
Sep 12, 4:09 PM
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Show is getting better and better.
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Sep 12, 4:51 PM

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Ryo steals the show every time she appears.

At the risk of being called a speedwatcher, why are they introducing glasses girl like we've never seen her before?
Sep 12, 5:36 PM

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Wash, rinse, repeat. But
MrAwesome2018 said:

is real!

What is happening this episode...OMG I can't...HAHA!!!

Wow, er, we know Momo is obsessed with Shamiko, but not to an insane degree like this...

And glasses-girl Ogura always tries to take the limelight whenever she shows up. And so, Ancestor Lilith is sacrificed for the greater good. And there she is, growing limbs! But rather than that, Momo making a temporary body for her to control. How sweet, until she can control it too.

We've haven't seen much of Shamiko's younger sis Ryo, so now it'll be a good time. Oh, and don't use your wand to cook food! OH LORD, Ryo bought Momo's lies to a T, and what's worse is Mikan being tortured to believe the lie. HAHA I love it xD

The thing is, Shamiko has a behemoth task about Momo, but Ryo is 5 steps ahead of her in planning, but also 5 steps ahead in Momo tormenting her daily life.

Funniest episode ever had, and it's sad that TGIFs are gonna go away.
Sep 12, 7:57 PM
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What a funny episode. Lilith looked like a kind of mutant doll, hahaha. The second design was much better.
How pretty Ryo is, admires Shamiko a lot. As Momo said, there are smiles in the world that we must protect 😁.

"Who suffers the most is the person who keeps his loved ones secret." From time to time, this anime gives good messages.

Ps: I love the sound effects of this anime, they make the scenes more fun πŸ˜‚.
Sep 12, 8:49 PM

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This was very creepy, probably will give you nightmares for days!

But this wiped all those thoughts away!!!

nice episode.
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Sep 12, 11:43 PM
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Great episode πŸ‘
Laugh so hard. πŸ˜‚
So the glowing drink from previous episode is her homemade protein shake.

Should be good if the dumbell scene inserting Machio's muscle shout (from Dumbell nan kiro moteru)

But this wiped all those thoughts away!!!

nice episode.[/quote]

Unfortunately it was just temporary to see Lilith new body 😒
Sep 13, 2:41 AM

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10/10 for episode 10. This one was just too damn cute and funny!
Sep 13, 4:12 AM

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Momo wants Shamiko to come over and cook food for her. Their relationship becoming even better. :)
Sep 13, 10:53 AM

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Momo is right, if you look at it from the right angle what Ryo said is almost the truth.

With this episode we've seen everything the OP and ED show minus the frog, macho cat and demons, so I'm guessing they shows up next week(in the pv we see the macho cat).

And I guess Momo found a smile worth protecting, but who could blame her.
Sep 13, 11:05 AM

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I need more Smol Lilith and Ryo. Going to need this show to go on forever.
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Sep 13, 11:33 AM

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Damn Lilith doll is cute
Momo send Ryo a picture of Shamiko's transformation and of course Ryo wants too see it too
So i guess the other Lilith? doll seen in the outro is Mikan's version
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Sep 14, 4:14 AM

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Another great episode ! This anime is such a good stress reliever..

Chibi Ancestor is so adorable LOL

Hopefully nothing happens to Momo, still concerned about the talk about magical girls dematerializing if they lose their magic .
Sep 14, 5:04 AM

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Adding limbs to the ancestor statue looked hilarious lol
And Lilith's other temporary body is cute :D

Dawww Momo wasn't able to resist Ryo's smile.
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Sep 14, 5:23 AM

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Is this the old cola shake meme lol...

Sep 14, 11:39 PM

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Lol even Shamiko gave into Ryoukos smile, must protect little imoutos smile. Also chibi Lilith was so cute, I hope she uses that body again.
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Sep 15, 3:42 PM

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MrAwesome2018 said:


This was the best episode by far, the dancing Lilith doll was so cute.

lol this one is super funny
it kinda reminds me of the special attack of Viska from King's Raid game :v
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Sep 16, 3:19 PM

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Metazz said:
Is this the old cola shake meme lol...

I laughed hard at this too.


___ ___ ___

Also, Lilith Doll is super cute. I want one in RL....

The entire Succubus family are extremely cute.
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Sep 16, 11:18 PM

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Metazz said:
Is this the old cola shake meme lol...

Omg I completely forgot the cola shake meme...thanks for this nostalgia trip lol.
Oct 1, 11:50 AM

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I actually really like music that is played during Yuuko's transformation, by the way.. Reminds me old games.. ;p
And again Momo bullying Yuuko's family.. This time it's Lilith.. I don't really like that Momo does this, and why she does this, really..
Ah, so these things they break in half at beginning with umbrella.. It was ice-cream, then?..
I wonder, if Yuuko could build her own legion for real, if Ryuoko would support her, lol.. ;p
Em.. And Momo hints that Yuuko kinda rules over Momo, hm?.. Momo did mention something like this in previous episode as well.. I wonder, if Yuuko indeed has some kind of powers over Momo now.. I'd wish they would get revealed, but I hope it won't be too late to just bully Yuuko again..
Yes, Momo is indeed keeping many secrets..