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Sep 11, 8:49 PM

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so what do you think about it? do you like it or not?

Sep 12, 12:38 AM

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I kinda like it, but I haven't seen that many anime that do it. Maybe just Joshiraku and clips from Gintama
Sep 12, 12:49 AM
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It's fine in moderation. It needs to fit the genre though.
Sep 12, 1:42 AM

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Meta and self-aware characters that aren't afraid to casually break the 4th wall are reasons why I love Kitakubu/Neptunia/Tesagure so much. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but man does it work on me.
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Sep 12, 1:51 AM

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Only when it's unpredictable... which is every time
Sep 12, 1:52 AM
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best thing ever man, it actually fits a purpose to make the characters seem more real too (especially when they are talking about how they don't have enough of a budget for this episode, looking at you Gintama)
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Sep 12, 1:54 AM
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If it's not too often i like it. In an anime like Bakabon 2018 it just went too far. if i remember right, pretty much every episode was just 4th wall breaking, granted that was the point of the show.

I think breaking the 4th wall is funnier if it's just done a couple of times at most. They leave more impact that way.
Sep 12, 1:54 AM

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it only works in a meta show like kusuo saiki's
Sep 12, 2:02 AM

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Totally depends on the situation and in what anime it's being used. If the scene is comedic it might fit, won't work in serious action scenes of course.
Sep 12, 3:14 AM

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I usually like it. Only seen it on Gintama though. They use a lot of it and gosh they use it a lot lol. And it fit perfectly well too.
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Sep 12, 3:16 AM

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If it's Precure only since Deadpool is kinda mainstream atm.
Sep 12, 10:51 AM

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I used to like it, but nowadays it's become such a fad I just groan whenever I see it in any medium. Most times it's just a nudge nudge we're self-aware and not something really interesting or creative.

Some instances of it are still really good, of course. This scene from Chowder comes to mind. Not anime, yeah, but the only one I can think of is Monogatari and I guess everyone remembers that scene lol
Sep 12, 10:58 AM

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I'm okay with it as long as it's a comedy anime. :p
Sep 12, 11:18 AM

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It all depends how it's done. I watched Cat Planet Cuties recently and the way they give a wink and nod to the audience (referencing Star Trek/Red Dwarf & sci fi jokes) is done really well and completely made the show for me.
Sep 17, 9:06 PM

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Prefer it to be in a comedy anime than in a serious anime...
Sep 18, 12:42 AM

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I would say it depends on its vibe or genre. Maybe i've only watched a few anime who break the 4th wall which are entertaining, like Gintama, Mix, and others, but i'm sure that not all break-the-4th-wall anime is entertaining.

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Sep 18, 12:51 AM
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Only time I liked it was in Bakemonogatari, usually when I don't expect it to happen is when it works.
Sep 18, 12:52 AM

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Anime doesn't seem to break the fourth wall often (can't remember a single time it happened tbh), but I guess it could be funny if used correctly.
Sep 18, 1:00 AM

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It is the worst, it should never be done.
Sep 18, 5:31 AM

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The technique of breaking the 4th wall is nearly a century old, and it's nowadays a stylistic vehicle like any other. It may have been raising eyebrows in Berthold Brecht's era, but not in 2019. Or look at live action movies by Peter Handke, another master of breaking the 4th wall (e.g. in Funny Games).

As with any highly specialized stylistic vehicle, I like it when it is used smartly and artistically. Examples of that include the Monogatari Series and Princess Tutu. The latter not merely breaks it, the 4th wall is pretty much the heart of the plot and dealt with in a genius way.

Please note the 4th wall is very different from the "Offending the Audience" technique as in "haha, you are a weeb because you watch this" jokes. That stylistic technique is much cheaper and more often used badly.

Breaking the 4th wall "properly" usually manages to create moments of "omg, they know I'm enjoying a guilty pleasure", or "hey, they do know they are playing with stereotypes and tropes" for the watcher. But as said, the mere intention to do that is not sufficient, it has to be executed well. It's art, baby.

Sep 18, 8:24 AM

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I like it but somehow I don't think it's funny. I don't really know how to describe it other than that it's interesting to see.
Sep 18, 3:19 PM
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It makes me nervous but I find it funny at the same time lol
Sep 18, 3:29 PM

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Don't mind. Is like the characters figure i'm there with them sometimes.
Sep 18, 5:31 PM

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I like it when it is creative, when it's a generic "Oh wow it looks like we are in an anime!!!" joke I even cringe a little.
Sep 18, 5:42 PM

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I remember seeing it just a couple of times but I like it as long as it is in a comedy show or moment.
Sep 18, 5:44 PM

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Yes , I love it , I like that characters are self-aware
Sep 18, 5:48 PM

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So generally I love good 4th wall breaks, but the key is good. For the most part I've enjoyed it when anime does it like in Saiki Kusuo or even more surreal moments like the end of Revue Starlight, but I think part of why I like it is that it's not overused.
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Sep 18, 6:26 PM

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Most usages of breaking the fourth wall i have seen is just the character acknowledging that it is in an anime and narrating certain events in a snarky manner while giving themselves a pat on back for how clever they are with their meta-humor and self awareness... so more often then not i think that type of humor tends to fall flat and becomes just one-noted.

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Sep 18, 6:28 PM
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depends if they do it in a funny way thats cool but i hate it on Medaka Box manga though even though that manga and anime have comedy as genre too
Sep 23, 8:47 AM

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One of my favourites things ever made.
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Sep 23, 8:51 PM

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it is my absolute weakness when it comes to comedy or as a surprise factor
Oct 8, 9:13 PM

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Two words: Yuuga Aoyama. MHA keeps it real "subtle," but I love it.
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Oct 8, 9:50 PM
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It's fine if it's subtle. The latest season of Attack on Titan did it with Gross from the Marleyan Army before he was about to chuck Grisha off the wall.
Oct 9, 10:23 AM

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Gythia said:
Only when it's unpredictable... which is every time
Are you saying Erased is unpredictable?
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Oct 9, 10:29 AM

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It needs to be executed properly. I've seen enough attempts that looked really bad and out of place
Oct 9, 10:37 AM

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I tend to like it when it's the staff being self-deprecating, like jokes about how the anime isn't selling or the drawing quality is going downhill.
Oct 9, 10:40 AM

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I don't like it when anything breaks the 4th wall. Especially reality tv.
Oct 9, 10:44 AM

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I claim breaking the 4th wall is a form of censorship, it censors fiction of it's traumatic core.
Oct 9, 11:37 AM
still right here

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One of the best things about the original Arslan Senki OVA was Gieve casually talking to the audience as a form of poetic narration.

But, there is a time and place. Comedies are usually a good place to do it; thrillers and serious dramas are usually not.

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Oct 9, 11:38 AM

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In my opinion, it's good only in comedy series.