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Sep 11, 6:26 PM
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Everything was brought together perfectly through an emotional twist. This episode was truely amazing, and I STILL FEEL LIKE THIS ANIME IS OVERSHADOWED...

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Sep 11, 6:40 PM

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You know there's an episode discussion for this up already, right? Lol. But I agree.
Sep 11, 6:57 PM
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Dude, I feel it too, the scene who Kanata go to save Charce, another plot twist, this anime is simply awesome

Sep 12, 3:08 AM
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The WORST episode of the entire series. Terrible script, dialogues with overused clichés (the power of love overcomes everything), mediocre direction.

And this sh*t is being overpraised by fanboys...
Sep 12, 3:18 AM

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I almost want to give 10 for the anime just for this ep. Maybe i will after the finale, I will see.